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Smallville Reviews

Photo from Asylum
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"Asylum" By Mercedes

Poor Lex and Clark is all I can say about this Smallville episode. Lex Luthor a newly enrolled patient to the Metropolis loony bin, courtesy of his father, and Clark feels partly to blame. I always knew Lionel Luthor was this devil but this hour of Smallville confirms it. I also think it proves that maybe he really did kill his parents. I have to admit though Lionel’s antics make the show more enjoyable. John Glover (Lionel’s portrayer) is a show asset. Lex hasn’t become bad to the bone yet exactly so his father makes up for it.

We had some return freaks of the week this time, Eric Summers (Shawn Ashmore) from season one episode “Leech”, Ian Randall (J.T.T. or Jonathan Taylor Thomas) from season Two episode “Dichotic” and Van Mcnulty ( the handsome Jesse Metcalfe) from season three episode “Extinction”. It was almost like closure to see where some of the freaks ended up.

What I didn’t really care for in this show was the introduction of Adam. Not as much as the character played by the cute Ian Somerhalder, but we all know where this is leading. He and Lana will be sweet on each other for five minutes or less and with a few turn of events and the passing of some shows he will turn out to be some lunatic who will probably end up being admitted to the asylum himself. Come on writers! Give something we can get into! It doesn’t have to be about Lana and Clark either. Just let them have normal relationships with other people for maybe just ten minutes.

See ya next episode,
Mercedes C.


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Updated 05/07/04


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