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"Red" By Erin

Is Red Clark, red hot or what? Our gorgeous farm boy was definitely smokin' in this episode! As much as I love regular Clark, red Clark is absolutely delicious! To me, that ring on his finger just made him even more edible! That kiss . . .  I think Lana needed oxygen after that one.

Apparently Red Clark has no limits! Just when you think that it's gonna go one way, he stuns you by doing what you least expect! Lana's reaction to Clark's new 'tude was priceless! I guess all women secretly like to have a little bad boy in their man!

I would have thought that the public would have made a bigger deal after Clark’s display of talent.   Do these people just not care that there is a guy how can set things on fire and has super strength?

Another thing, you would have thought that they would have sent the new girl home to change her clothes at least! I mean, she looked like a hooker! I guess that Jessie's post was locker 33B! Thank goodness, the other girls of Smallville, i.e.: Chloe and Lana have some class! But, of course, as always, the guy ends up with the girl with the trashiest outerwear!

It seems that Clark always seems to get himself out of trouble very easily. First, the people at the bar see Clark's powers, then the man looking for the disk, gets an eyeful! Does that boy have a death wish or something? I guess it was out of his control. Maybe he should be a tad more careful! Next time Clark buys jewelry he needs to make sure it is not some knock off. I mean I know that they town of Smallville is not rich, but they could have done better than a gum ball machine look alike! But remember, it's only my opinion. I can't speak for you!



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Updated 11/08/03


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