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Smallville Reviews

"Season 4 in Review: Lois Lane" By Cindy K. Green Written March 2006

Writing reviews of Season 4 episodes after they have aired over a season ago has its perks. Reviewing in hindsight can be great because we know where these stories are going and if they really worked. We also get a feel of how the fans have taken everything for a whole season. With that said, lets look at one of the new and interesting additions to season 4, Lois Lane.

Lois Lane in Smallville, huh? The idea if it received much attention, some was with great acclaim and anticipation while others were deeply critical. Being a Superman fanatic, I was skeptical. And being a fan of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, I didn’t quite like Erica Durance as Lois. I loved Terri Hatcher too much. But now I have to say that I don’t know why I felt that way - I love Erica’s Lois. Let’s just say that I now understand where she is coming from when I watch these earlier episodes than I did before - I get it. But still the idea lurks that Lois Lane doesn’t belong in Smallville before Clark Kent becomes Superman. It is true and problematic, but it’s a great story arc and it got fans to watch the show.

So, TPTB got Lois Lane on Smallville, now what? They had a great opportunity. We can see the relationship between Lois and Clark develop from the get-go as teenagers. Great! So, first episode, Crusade, Lois meets Clark and he is, well, naked and not quite acting like himself. She has an interesting first encounter with the future Man of Steel. But what we see here is a Lois that has issues. She tries to put on the tough girl act even to the point of butting heads with Lionel Luthor, but hidden inside she is soft and caring for those in her life. This comes out in her search for Chloe and later with her sister Lucy. And the episode ends with the beginning of the famous Lois and Clark banter. Lois: I'm glad to see we've moved beyond the clothing optional stage of our relationship. I'm surprised you even remember who I am. Clark: Chloe's cousin. Nicorette addiction, can't stand uncomfortable silences. Lois: I guess this means your synapses are all firing again. Clark: Look, I can't explain my actions over the past few days. But Chloe was my best friend. You're not the only one who misses her. Lois: I'm just the only one doing something about it. Clark: I get the feeling you like to do things yourself. Lois: My dad raised me to be independent and self-sufficient. Clark: That would be one way to describe you. It was a great beginning. Bravo writers!

They followed this up with three more episodes in a row that included Lois in the cast: Gone, Façade, and Devoted. Here was the moment. This started it all. The Lois and Clark that we love to watch. How was it handled? Well, it started well. That I can say. In Gone, Lois and Clark have to work together to find Chloe and of course eventually they do, accompanied by their abrasive remarks. It was good. Façade was the pinnacle of the Lois and Clark relationship in Smallville during season 4. The reason for this was the way they ended the episode. Yes, we see Lois becoming a reporter for the Torch and going head on for her investigative story. That was great. But the end. It was awesome. Clark is in the dunk tank. Lois is going to dunk him. She does. She runs over and ruffles his wet hair. He splashes her. She turns around and they share huge smiles. Chloe sees the obvious sparks between them and in the background we hear, Avril Lavigne’s “So, Much for my Happy Ending” playing. It was perfect. It foreshadowed so much. To date, this is my favorite Lois and Clark Smallville moment.

The question then becomes, what happened? Did they do too much too soon? Sure we have other foreshadowing moments, but the momentum started in this episode just dissipates in subsequent scenes between these two characters. It is a shame; they had something and they blew it. We still get the banter between Lois and Clark and the magnetism is still there, just not as obvious. They even learn to like each other. But the whole point of bringing Lois on the show seems to be lost. What was the point?? If they aren’t going to continue with Lois and Clark together to show the beginning of that all too famous relationship then for goodness sakes show how Lois becomes the great investigative reporter, Mad Dog Lane. But they didn’t. She leaves Smallville for Met U and her reporting endeavors cease. My words fail me in trying to figure this one out. I know this show is famous for loop holes and just holes in general but please…they had a chance to do something great and they passed it up.  I for one am still glad that Lois was brought onto the show. She added to a season that was really doomed to failure with story arcs about witches, Lana in love with a real loser, and Clark still not living up to his destiny. Don’t get me wrong, there were some good episodes but over all this season could have been much better. It is no wonder that many viewers moved over to “Lost”. Thank goodness Season 5 has made amends for their failures, but then again…well, Season 5 is another story. I’ll dismantle that one at a later date. But for now, this is my Season 4 review of Lois Lane. 

© Cindy Green 2006


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Updated 4/20/06


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