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Smallville Reviews

Things I Wish to See on Smallville in Season Three - by Mercedes C.

After the initial fog of "Smallville Haze" began to wear off because I was so smitten with Tom Welling (Clark) and Michael Rosenbaum (Lex), I finally took back control of my senses and started to look at the cast plus the first two seasons as a whole. There were many things I loved but plenty of things I would change or could live without, Kryptonite for instance, I understand it had to be introduced as an element on the show but if someone isn't juiced up on the stuff they are mysteriously affected by it in some kind of way. Clark needs to battle more villains of the "Man Made Kind" similar to those in episodes "Insurgence" and "Suspect," with all the real "Wall of Weird News" generated by the world we live in, a writer can literally take a page from it and create some awesome scripts for Smallville.
Another problem I have is related to Clark always flinging his enemies around, for once I want him to be involved in an actual fight, lets see some punches and kicks thrown, How about something mirroring some scenes from another WB series Angel? But with Superman flair. (Remember Superman 2?). I'm sure a formidable opponent strong enough can be made to withstand a good ole fashioned "Can of Whoop Ass" from the man of steel in training that would be cool for some of us major Smallville fans.

Also I'd like to address "The Plight of Pete," Sam Jones his portrayer is an amazing actor and needs more of an active role aside from being one of the gate keepers of Clark's secret, perhaps he can assist in taking out an evil adversary or two, it is within the realm of possibility you know even Clark needs a "Robin" every now and then. In addition to that, why haven't we seen an actual member of Pete's family? (other characters have family counterparts who have clocked camera time), Why can't his gorgeous older sister come back to visit her little bro from college with a Smallvillesque secret of her own? Hey it's only mere suggestion.

The mind altering episodes have gotten on my last nerve, nobody remembers anything (except Clark) and why did the introduction of red kryptonite seemed to be used solely for the purpose of allowing Clark to diss Lana and to keep up the bogus Lana-Clark-Chloe triangle? Please leave the "sleaze" for the soaps besides no matter what anyone says there's zero chemistry between Clark and Chloe anyway although they do have great dynamic interaction as friends, oh and by the way I'm not too enthused with the Lana-Clark togetherness either there is something a bit contrived about that whole relationship, but if I must choose in the popular ongoing war amongst fans (I'd rather not) I see Clark and Lana being the better match.

Now lets talk about Lex baby, this man is definitely capable of some good lovin' - giving and receiving. We need a woman on the show he can give it to freely, basically someone who will love and accept him because of who his father is and the struggle he goes through with that. She may not agree with everything he does however it doesn't mean she won't stand by her man if need be and protect Lex because of the love they share, now that is what a good couple makes.

Smallville in all is a good captivating show, behavioral changes and mutants of the week aside, on a scale of 1-10 I'd give an 8 and the cast and crew and 10 particularly Tom Welling who plays Clark Kent so effortlessly, the portrayal of him being protective, kind and sweet oozes off the screen right into your heart, qualities Tom himself must posses in order to be so convincing I believe. And thumbs up to Michael Rosenbaum another superb actor even though I'm probably a little biased I've had a crush on him since he was Jack Cooper and the now defunct WB series Zoe, Duncan,  Jack and Jane... hmmmm... maybe my "Haze" hasn't worn off after all.........

We'll chat again soon


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Updated 05/11/04


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