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"Facade" By Mercedes

It gave me quite the thrill to see Whitney Fordman in the episode’s opening although my heart belongs exclusively to Clark, but then again I have always had a gravitational pull toward blondes. Enough with the banter let’s get down to my review.

I’ll start with the “Kryp-Tuck” machine. It looked quite painful but Abby’s transformation had all the Smallville boys talking including Clark. Could the “Boy of Steel” finally be realizing that there are other fish in the sea? The makers of Smallville are sure pushing sex this season. Lets hope Clark’s first time (if we get to see one) won’t be dealt with as vicariously as the scene between Brett and Abby that was just LUST pure and simple and her sick need to be accepted by the person who ridiculed her the most. It’s sad but true even in today’s society just about everyone will do whatever it takes to belong. Oh and by the way I’m not even discussing that Abby and the blindfolded Lana scene. Tell me what you think about it and we will leave it at that.

However, I do want to discuss Lex. I wonder what he will do now that he’s discovered the relationship between Jason and Lana. Not to mention I like Jason more and more with each passing episode. He’s a great guy but oh boy when Clark finds out! It seems Smallville has its own quadrangle Clark/Lana, Lana/Jason, Lana/Lex, Clark/Lois. Where does Chloe fit into all of this? Hmm Lana/Chloe ha ha I’m just kidding!

Before I go, I must talk some more about Clark. While he’s handsome as ever in flannel, him in a football uniform, YUM! Enough said. As for Lois she is keeping me in stitches. Did you see those moves she put on Abby’s Mom toward the end? “Yaaahhh BITCH!” Oooooooo!

And one more thing, I feel sorry for poor Chloe. How horrified she must have been seeing the burgeoning sparks between Lois and Clark. There was so much to be said was in the song by Avril Lavigne “So much for her happy ending”.

See ya next week
Mercedes C.   


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Updated 10/11/04


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