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Smallville Reviews

Sneeze photo of Lois and barn door

"Sneeze" By Chad

Segue: to make a transition from one thing to another smoothly and without interruption.

That is what this episode ultimately is. It shows the aftermath of the premiere and introduces several plots that will run its course throughout the next several episodes. Now that doesn’t mean its all bad, because the episode was quite entertaining. Let’s start by taking a look at the good.

For those who don’t want to be spoiled, here’s your warning, for there are spoilers in them thar hills.

“Clark’s got the sniffles”

First off is the highlight of the episode. Clark gains a power that many have been waiting to finally see; Super Breath! While I’m glad he finally gained this ability, the way he gained it was pretty silly. I don’t necessarily buy that he gained a cold from being de-powered in the Phantom Zone. When he was released just last week, there were no signs of any strain or problems with Clark; especially when he got pummeled by Zod.

That being said, the effects of his new power were quite neat to see. Seeing him suck in the air in slow motion was pretty neat. This episode was played off as more humorous, almost sit-com like than most episodes from this series. The ability was played more for laughs, whether or not it made sense or not.

First we had Clark sneeze off his barn door, and the door almost landed on top of Lois. Lois didn’t recognize that it was the Kent’s barn door until later when she saw the hole in the barn. (Real perceptive there Lois.)

Next we have Clark sneeze in the Daily Planet building, blowing papers around and even causing a girl’s skirt to fly up all Marilyn Monroe like. I’m sure some of the more perceptive reporters in the room would have noticed where that came from. He then proceeds to pretend it was going to happen again to scare Chloe.

Then we had many hyuck comments from Chloe this episode, more than usual. Then it’s all topped off with Clark parting the rain clouds with a blow, which even made my father’s eyes roll.

The whole introduction of the power is made up for by the scene when Clark from the shadows, blew out a fire that was about to consume Lex and Lana. It was a very Superman action, and he tried to make sure others didn’t see him, which if the ending is any indication, didn’t completely work out. On a whole, you can’t beat the introduction of a new power; I just wish it was taken a little more seriously.

“A new hero cometh”

The other big happening of this episode is the introduction of Oliver Queen, AKA the Green Arrow. It turns out he was behind the abduction of Lex in this episode, but lost control of the goons he hired. I can see this as plausible, since Queen is supposed to be on a mission to find super powered beings this season. He wants to see whether Lex would be a good fit for a hero or a threat. You would think he could afford better help though….oh well.

Justin Hartley does an ok job as Queen this episode. He hasn’t convinced me yet though. I am not overly familiar with his acting ability, since I have yet to see his “Aquaman” pilot. He was a little choppy and stiff during his scene with John Glover. I’m hoping that it was just his first appearance, and that he’ll prove me wrong in later episodes.

One thing though, him shooting the Daily Planet globe was outright awesome. I hope we get to see more of his archery prowess. Many are fuming over his use of a compound bow, but I don’t mind it.

“That Blows!”

Now we get to the worst part of the episode, the abductors. The main villain was played by Lochlyn Monro, and I can’t stand him as an actor; so I may be a little biased. The whole Lex is kidnapped and tortured plot has been overdone on this show TO DEATH. To top off the story, Lex is shot again, which seems to happen now every third episode or so.

It was just a plain blah B story, and I wish they had come up with something better. The villains were clichéd henchman, Lex is kidnapped for the umpteenth time, Lana is used as a hostage against Lex again…you see where I’m going with this….it’s time to use a new plot here.

On the plus side, at least Lex being Zod is followed up on, and there are repercussions to the premiere. I thought their naming it “Dark Thursday” was good and hopefully it will be mentioned more than once throughout the season. Personally I would have thought that if someone were going to go after Lex for attacking the Pentagon, it would be…oh I don’t know…the GOVERNMENT.

“In Conclusion”

New Power = Good
Lex Kidnapped = Bad
Green Arrow = Good thus far
Sit-com style antics = Bad

All in all, not a horrible episode, for it does give us several plots to look forward too, plus there is fallout from the premiere. Not an episode to “sneeze” at by any means….don’t worry, you’ll laugh at my bad pun later. I give this episode a 3 out of 5. ~ Chad

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