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"Vortex" By Erin

Finally, after waiting all summer long, the aftermath of the Smallville Twisters is revealed! The thing that struck me most about this episode was, it wasn't what I thought that it would be. I was a little disappointed. After waiting all summer long to see if anything dramatic was going to be revealed... I was upset to learn that Lana and the others had not learned Clark's secret at all. Except for one. It still seems we were back to where the questions started. But, more characters had more questions!

I wondered will this lead to the realization of some character eventually? Who will smarten up first? Pete? Chloe? Lana? Lex? It really gets on my nerves, when it seems that a day in Smallville is a year in real time! I suggest that they hurry it up! I'm not gettin' any younger! When we get so close, it still seems that we are yet so far away.

I really felt sympathetic to Lex in his situation. His dad has treated him like he was a second class citizen for most of his life. Then when a situation arises where Lionel needs help and Lex is the only one who could help him, Lionel views it as a sign of weakness that Lex rescued his father. I mean, Lex saved his father's life and all Lionel can think about is the whole meaning behind it. I wanted to scream at the television, but it upsets my cat. Been there done that, scared the living daylights out of her. I wanted to tell Lionel if it wasn't for Lex, you would be laying in a very expensive coffin in an Armani suit! Lionel needs to appreciate life and stop dwelling on what can make him even more rich or powerful!

Season premier night is always exciting. So who wants to be disappointed? I did love the way it seemed that all Smallville citizens worked together after the storm. I think that real life is the same way. Those that are in battle together have a special bond. Yeah whatever... I'm getting a little too sticky sweet for my own good. But remember, it's only my opinion. I can't speak for you!



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