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Smallville Reviews

Smallville Reviews - Delete
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"Delete" By Mercedes

Everyone seems to be out for Chloe’s blood in this riveting hour of Smallville. To be honest I really enjoyed it. Not that I got a kick out of seeing Chloe getting over exceedingly amounts of karma (okay maybe just a little) but this episode was good story telling by the writers. Thumbs up to Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson. Those fight scenes between Lana and Chloe were just ... wow! Need I say more? Clark has yet to have a fight equally as interesting. I wish every episode was this good. It is time for writers of past episodes to step up to the plate and make future shows like this one and dare I say even better.

Lately in scenes we have been seeing more of Metropolis and the Daily Planet building is exquisite to say the least. I hope the series last to the point where we see Clark actually living there. The mention of Lois Lane as Chloe’s cousin in the conversation between her and her boss while she vacated her columnist job was another ingenious introduction. Hopefully we will see Lois in season four because Clark really needs a new love interest. Actually one that will endure if they are keeping up with the Superman Mythology. At what point in the comics does Clark end up with Lois exactly?

Speaking of love interest, what happened to Lex’s love life? It has been non existent this season. I thought Molly could have been the perfect candidate until she turned out to be a “Computer programming, Brain Washing Psycho.” I also thought it was neat that even the man of steel in training wasn’t even immune to her trickery.

The dialogue between Clark and Adam when they finally meet was great. It was hilarious how they each got jabs in at one another. What did you think about the scene where Lana told Adam it was over between her and Clark? I know what I thought....LIAR!!!

What will happen if Dr. Garner is successful in helping Lex get his memory back?

Before I go I have one more question to ask . Do you remember near the end of Delete when Clark discovered that Molly had sent Martha an annihilate Chloe email? How was it possible that Jonathan got a hold of it too? Hmm.......just asking.

Till next Ep.
Mercedes C.


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Updated 05/27/04


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