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"Phoenix" By Erin

Last episode, I was so upset that they had left us hanging once again after we waited all summer long for the season premier. But then I thought about it....So many shows do that! All in all, I think this episode was worth waiting for. I have to say that one of my favorite parts would have to be the scenes between Clark and his parents. So many high school guys don't have a relationship at all with their parents. It's so refreshing to see a high school boy that has such a loving relationship with his parents. I think that part of that is because of Clark's secret. They have had to deal with the ups and downs of high school as well as keeping a crucial secret. What is so great is that it seems that this secret of Clark's has brought them closer together and not further apart. I commend the writers for writing such a great relationship between Clark and his parents. It's kind of like that old analysis that soldiers who go through battle together will forever have a connection.

As I watched the story line with Helen, I just seemed to look at her completely different than before. She seemed like such a wonderful doctor as well as wonderful person. She was always so kind to her patients. I mean, she kept Clark's secret for goodness sake. Or so it would seem. She also really seemed to have an effect on Lex. She really brought out his sensitive side that we all know that he has. But as I look at her now, she just seems to be showing her true colors. The color of Gold it would seem, as in GOLD DIGGER! I don't know if I have been really naive all along, but I truly believed that she was a really good person and that she really did love Lex. I think that I might have been partly right about that. It seemed throughout the scene at the end in the airplane that she was really torn up about thinking she had to kill Lex to keep her secret. In a way, I kind of felt sorry for her. But not enough that I would forgive her if she ever killed my bald headed beefcake ;)

I know that I am not the only one who is suspicious of Lex's newfound love for his father. I mean, come on, what am I stupid? There has to be some reason that he is trying to win over Lionel. For such a long time he has talked about how much he DID NOT want to be anything like his father. His biggest fear is that he would be like him. What's up with his change of heart?! He HAS to have some agenda behind it! If not, could this be the change in Lex that we have all anticipated? You know what I'm talking about, the change that would cause him to become Clark's enemy as he was originally created.

The scenes with Clark and Lana really broke my poor little heart. Here Clark has been waiting practically his whole life to be with her because he truly believed that they were destined to be together and now he has to tell her that he needs time to himself. And it was not just Clark's heart that I felt breaking, it was Lana's as well. She finally realizes her feelings for Clark and takes action only to have her heart broken in the end. The thing that bugged me so much is that we waited all last season for them to finally get together and then when they do, I think it was like a record breaking short relationship. But, in high school the longest I ever heard of relationship lasting was two months (I'm exaggerating a bit ;), so I guess it's typical. I know the writers feel that they can't keep them together for a long time or the viewers will get bored, but doesn't Clark have enough drama in his life!!! Well, I'm done rambling! Tune in for scenes from the next Erin's Smallville Smalltalk! But until then, happy Smallville viewing!



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Updated 11/12/03


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