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Photo from Whisper
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"Whisper" By Mercedes

Clark losing his eyesight in a botched robbery attempt was kind of baffling. I don’t see how such a little piece of Kryptonite located in an earring could do so much damage but that’s television. All in all it was an ingenious way to introduce Clark’s super hearing. After he got injured, I thought this would be one of those loving “Lana-n-Clark” episodes and all I saw was more of their rejecting each other. FOOLED AGAIN!

Too bad about Chloe though, the secret pact she made with the devil (Lionel Luthor) is out now. I didn’t agree with Chloe actions however when confronted by Clark, she made a good defense for herself. In the statement “making a stupid decision in a moment of weakness” speaks volumes in fantasy and reality alike. Clark out of all people should understand. Inadvertently he hurt Chloe by repeating that phone conversation between her and Lionel to Lex. Now the “Old Pitched Forked One” is out for Chloe’s immortal soul.

Even though parts of Lex’s memory are missing, he seems to be back to his old self. It looked like something underlying was going on in that scene between him and Lana. EWW! I know Lex is supposed to be in his early twenties but anything possibly brewing between them is just........EWW! Hey writers she isn’t even eighteen yet. Or is she? Either way, a relationship other than friendship would not be cool.

Where’s Adam? And what happened to Pete? Has his onscreen time been reduced to only that of a kidnapping victim? By the way the Freak of the Week was just that, WEAK! He learned a valuable lesson though. Beware of making ear shrieking sound waves in a junkyard.  You could anger a few old cars.

I really enjoyed Tom Welling’s (Clark) acting in this episode. It was so believable, his pretense of being blind. Hey, if I was Lana, I would have moved heaven and earth to take care of him. I guess at the show’s ending after she blabbed to Clark about Adam, she won’t be caring for him anytime soon.

See ya next episode,
Mercedes C.


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Updated 05/07/04


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