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"Visage" By Erin

Whitney returns home! I have to admit, being the Clark and Lana fan that I am; I was not pleased to see Whitney return. But, I knew that he wasn’t staying for long. I could tell something wasn’t right when there was an explosion and then all the sudden Whitney appears in his uniform reunited with Lana. I thought, unless Whitney stitched all of his body parts back together, there was no way that was really him.

Didn’t Tina seem to have somewhat of a psycho crush on Lana? Even though I am sure that Tina meant well, it just seemed like she was acting like somewhat of an overzealous rock star fan. But you know what... I’m not going to tip-toe around it anymore. Tina WAS a nut job transformer. That really was, in every sense, C-R-A-Z-Y!! Sweet Clark tried to help her, but in the end she was just too much of a wacko with an obsession. She belonged in the macadamia ranch with Michael Jackson if you ask me! She also needs a session or two with my therapist. But that’s my business not yours so...

I really was glad to see Lana finally get a backbone and tell Whitney about her feelings for Clark. Even though at first I wasn’t sure she was going to go through with it. I only wish we had gotten to see the footage of the tape that she sent Whitney. To me, that would have put some closure to this whole “does Lana love Clark” thing.
It crushes me to see Chloe’s heart getting torn in two. Even though I’m a Clark and Lana fan as a couple, I love Chloe’s character. She just seems so real. I guess I sort of identify with her a little. Chloe is in every sense a sweet home girl with big dreams. That’s what I like about Smallville... Every character seems to have its own individual personality. Well, my time is up readers!

Thanks for reading!!!


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Updated 11/08/03


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