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Photo from Legacy  Photo from Legacy
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"Legacy" By Stefan

The episode starts off with the special effects which were quite good but I'm getting tired of the same old effects that we have seen through this season, at the middle of Episode 3 the special effects suddenly improved, but then they didn't come up with anything new to it so I got kinda bored of it! Then again, this is Smallville, so I will have to overlook this!

Now onto the juicy stuff... It was awesome to see Dr. Swann again (Christopher Reeves), I had definitely missed him.

Later on, the "FBI" raids the Kent farm, a scene that I really enjoyed. I admit that, at first, when they started to go through all the Kent stuff I felt sorry for them, but then I thought it looked really cool the way they did it!

When Clark and Lana (Kristin Kreuk) were at the cafe, and Clark kissed Lana, I got really happy since I thought they were gonna get together again, but that went straight out the window, since little Lana had a change of heart... again! Call me a hopeless romantic, but I've still got hope for them so I'm just gonna keep my fingers crossed and see what happens!

When Clark is eavesdropping on Lex and hears that he is helping the FBI he got really mad at him. The way I see it, that was a definite step towards then becoming enemies... Come to think of it, there was a lot of fighting in this episode: Clark and Lex, then later Jonathan going berserk in the caves... Now that was really cool, i never thought that we would ever witness actual fist fighting between Lionel and Jonathan. I mean, yeah, they have had there differences, but let's face it, Lionel isn't really the fighting type!

Anyway, that's it from me... Till next time...



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Updated 05/17/04


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