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"Ryan" By Erin

This episode took a twist that I didnít expect. I didnít really think that Ryan was going to die. I thought Clark would save him like he does everyone else. But, I guess not everything works out the way you plan it. Speaking of plans, Lana was very brave to stay in Smallville by herself with no guardian at the age of 16. But, I guess if I had lived in the same town my whole life, I wouldnít want to leave either.

Lexís attitude really surprised me. I guess he sort of identified with the Clark and Ryanís situation, because of the death of his mother. His advice to Clark seemed very heartfelt, as if he really did understand. I loved that they showed Lexís softer side in this episode. It proves that Lex has a side that his father doesnít really display. The apple may not fall far from the tree in some things, but Lex really proved himself this time. There was a sense of regret in this episode on Lexís part. Smallville has never really gotten into Mrs. Luthorís death but some issues were brought up that had not been addressed before.

Lana really seemed to grow a backbone in this episode that I have not seen very often, at least not so early on in the seasons. She really stood up and decided what she wanted for her life. Girl Power! It probably would have been more difficult for her to leave the place that she has known as her home for her entire life, than to live without Nell. Iím not sure I had the maturity that she does at 16. But doesnít it seem that Lanaís life gets more complicated as each season goes on. Like her parents die, then Whitney leaves, then Nell leaves. I mean, who else is going to leave this girl in her lifetime!! Poor thing! She really doesnít seem to get a break!

Ryanís view of death was really inspiring to me. He knew he was dying the whole time and the way he handled it brought tears to my eyes. He wanted to make sure that everyone that he cared about knew that it was his time to go when he died. It seemed as though he wanted to comfort them from the grave. His last scene with Clark in the hot air balloon was breathtaking. They seemed to have the type of bond that a younger/ older brother would have. But what was really intriguing to me, is Ryan seemed to take the role of the older brother in the relationship. At the end of the episode when Clark was gathering Ryanís things, Clark had a look in his eyes that showed slight grief but mostly understanding of what Lex had said to him about spending time with Ryan.

I really did try to find the comedy in this episode but the comedy part of my brain seemed to be out of juice today. Plus the subject of death is nothing to joke about. Unless itís about the hideous makeup they put on the corpses! When planning my burial, Iím going to see if Bobbi Brown can do my makeup! Well, my TV tubers, thanks for tuning in!



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