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American Gothic Relationships

Who's with who on "American Gothic"

by Kerry

Lucas And Gail

Lucas And Selena

Gail And Matt new

Selena And Billy (coming soon)


Lucas And Gail

From the first time Lucas and Gail were introduced to each other it was obvious that there was a connection between them. Their love/hate relationship was an underlining plot to the show. In The Pilot, when Lucas first saw Gail, he looked stunned, as if he had seen her somewhere before and was shocked that she was back. In the script for The Pilot, two scenes were cut out; one was in the attic of the Temple house when Lucas first sees Gail.  Lucas just stares at Gail when she comes through the attic door and seems shocked, but he manages to get out, "'ve come back". Gail is oblivious to this and Matt shakes Lucas out of his reverie.  The other scene was a clip of an eighteenth century painting of Lucas and Gail in wedding clothes, pointing to the fact that they were married in a past life, but both scenes were cut out at the last minute.

From A Tree Grows In Trinity onwards Lucas tried to charm Gail, and Gail even flirted with Lucas a bit, most noticeably in Eye Of The Beholder and Damned If You Don't.

Lucas: I'll walk you up. Gail: No, it's alright...I'm sure you have other duty's. Lucas sarcastic: Ma'am? Gail smiling: Give it up.  

Lucas: Are you hiding something from me,  Gail sarcastic: What could I possibly be hiding from you? Lucas: Your true feeling perhaps? Gail, smiling and giving a fake thinking look: Ummm.

No matter how much Lucas tried to charm her, Gail didn't give in.  She was attracted to him, but in her mind he killed her parents, so she couldn't give in.  But Lucas didn't let that stop him. In Dead To The World, Lucas manipulated Gail into a tricky situation where her face was only inches away from his lips, and before Gail knew what was happening, Lucas kissed her. This was the couple's first kiss, but Gail pulled away quickly, confused, and went on with her life like nothing had happened.

In Strong Arm Of The Law, when Earl tried to rape Gail, Lucas was there with a shovel to protect her.  Gail, however, had already punched Earl in the privates and was about to get away without needing Lucas' help, but Gail couldn't always get out of situations without help.  For instance, in Meet The Beetles, Lucas stops Ossie from attacking Gail, and in The Beast Within, Lucas is the one to find the key to the handcuffs and gets Caleb and Gail out of harm's way.

The big change for Gail and Lucas was in Ring Of Fire.  Gail had exhausted all of her options trying to find the truth about her parents' deaths, she was  left with only one option: go to Lucas for help. Over a candlelight dinner in a posh restaurant, Lucas offers Gail a deal.

Gail: then what, you own my soul? Lucas: I don't want your soul. Gail: I decided what I give, and when.

The deal had been made; Lucas showed Gail the truth about her family and her past.  Gage Temple had killed her parents, not Lucas.  At the end of the episode, Gail wasn't ready, but Lucas didn't mind.

Lucas: I'll wait.

Lucas' time finally came in Plague Sower. Gail walks up to Lucas' house and enters the garden. She walks towards the house, then suddenly stops.  Lucas stands a little distance behind her.

Gail: Wait! but it's not about anything else, Lucas: No heart, no soul, that's the way you want it? Gail: That's the way I want it.

Lucas takes Gail's face in his hands and looks deep into her eyes.  Gail closes her hand around his wrist and they kiss passionately. Lucas lifts her up and carries her to a bench shaded by a tree; he puts her on it and slides his hand beneath her skirt;  Gail slowly moves down, ripping his shirt open.  They kiss fiercely; he then lays her down on the ground and they make love.

From Plague Sower onwards, we see Lucas and Gail as a couple.  We even see them in bed together in Echo Of Your Last Goodbye, where Gail playfully badmouths Lucas in front of him, speaking into her tape recorder. When she climbs into bed and switches the recorder off, Lucas cuts in,

Lucas: Better leave that thing running, you might want to refer back to it later, Gail sarcastic: Which part? Lucas: Oh we ain't got there yet.

From this it's safe to assume they have a pretty steamy relationship.  Things seem to be going fine until Gail finds out Lucas raped her Aunt Judith and is in fact Caleb's real father. Gail argues with Lucas and is disgusted by him,

Gail: So you raped her? Lucas shrugs: The Illusion of Free Will, Gail: You son of a bitch, yes or no...(shouts) yes or no, Lucas! Lucas pins Gail to his desk, Lucas: You really wanna know? Gail: Yes! I know what you are, in my soul I know what you are! Lucas: And would you change me if you could? Gail: No, get off... so tell me the truth (referring to Judith's suicide) for once! Lucas lying and faking sincerity: Ok, I will...I didn't do it.

The fact that Lucas lied to Gail proves that he cares for her and doesn't want to lose her.The relationship seems to carry on into Triangle.  Gail walks into Lucas' office,

 Lucas smiles: So you couldn't wait? Gail: No, this cant wait, Lucas taking off Gail's jacket and smiling: I know the feeling.

Gail quickly rejects Lucas and tells him she's leaving town. Lucas gets forceful and grabs her arm.

Lucas: Why? Gail: I'm in over my head, I thought I could just keep it...  Lucas: What? strictly physical?  Gail: Don't flatter yourself, I've had a temporary case of insanity...and now I'm outta here.  Lucas sarcastic: Oh you are breaking my heart.  Gail: You don't have a're not even human.  Lucas: Some women would consider that a positive, not a negative.  Gail: Not me...not anymore.

Gail informs Lucas that she's taking Caleb with her,

Gail: So if you wanna say goodbye I'd do it soon.  Lucas: You think its that easy?  Gail, standing her ground: Yes! Its that easy.

At that moment, Gail turns to leave, but collapses on the floor, holding her stomach. Gail, at the hospital, has discovered she is pregnant.  She puts the ultrasound scanner over her stomach when the doctor isn't looking.  She is horrified to see that the face of the baby isn't normal.  When the baby smiles evilly and points at her, saying, 'Momma', Gail realises this baby is evil and panicks.

Gail tries to leave Trinity but Lucas appears in the middle of the road. Gail slams on the breaks but still hits him. When the car comes to a halt, Gail jumps out and calls for Lucas, but no answer comes. Gail turns around to see someone sitting in her driver's seat. When she approaches the figure turns towards her, Gail is horrified to see she is staring into her own face, only different; this Gail has blood red lips and a pale white skin.  When the evil Gail smiles wickedly at her, Gail backs away straight into Lucas.

Lucas: There's no running from me, you know that. We were meant to be together.  Gail: No! None of this was meant to happen.  Lucas: Of course it was. I need a son now more than ever.  Gail: Why? what happened to Caleb?  Lucas: He's a great kid but he can go either way, for me, or against me, but this son, (Smiles and puts his hand on Gail's stomach) this is all me, guaranteed.

We find out more about what Gail feels about being pregnant when she's in her home.  Gail is drowning her sorrows with alcohol and looks a mess. She is having a dream when the doorbell rings; she puts the chain on the door and open it to see Lucas standing there.

Lucas: Morning sickness, darning?  Gail: (slamming the door) Go away!  Lucas breaks the chain on the door with little effort and invites himself in, Lucas: Taking your vitamin supplements sweetheart?  Gail: If I were the first thing I'd do is bash your face in.  Lucas: Oh now that's just the hormones talking.  Gail: you know what pregnancy is? It's an uncontrollable tumor that's growing inside of you, it zaps all your strength, has its own agenda, and after nine months it goes in remission and your body rejects it! Lucas: Don't talk like that,  Gail: there's something wrong with him. This baby is not normal, I can feel it.  Lucas: You should talk to a doctor.  Gail: I should talk to an abortionist, it's me against it, and if I don't do something soon it's gonna destroy me from the inside out, I can feel it.

Gail feels strongly against having this child; she even tries to commit suicide. Lucas gets a call from Ben and rushes up to the roof of the building to find Gail on the ledge. Gail tells him to get away from her and he backs off and tells her to take it easy.

Gail: (Shouts) Take it easy? I have a freak inside of me, your freak!  Lucas: That's no reason to kill yourself.  Gail: No? you think for one minute I'm gonna bring this thing into the world, do you?!  Lucas sincere: What are you talking about, its a baby Gail: No its not, its the evil inside of me that I never wanted to face...well now I'm gonna face it, right now!

Lucas, by this time, has lost his hold on Gail and it's Caleb that talks her off the ledge. At the end of this episode, Gail is left holding a lot of resentment for Lucas.

In the last two episodes, Lucas and Gail's relationship changes again. Lucas dies, and Gail confesses her feelings to his open casket.

Gail: Is this real Lucas? are you really dead? Lucas lays dead in his casket Gail: I never believed you before, I guess I should now...( a tear rolls down Gail's cheek) you son of a bitch, how could you let this happen, ( Gail starts to cry) didn't you know...didn't you know how much I loved you?...I'm carrying your child.

In the last episode, Lucas has been buried. Gail is led to Lucas' house by Selena (Selena told Caleb that Gail was pregnant and Caleb asked Selena to bring her). Inside, Gail calls for Caleb; she thinks he's run away and is there to help him, but finds a broken doll covered in blood in a crib in the front room,

Caleb: You like the doll?  Gail: No!  Caleb: why not? isn't that what babies look like before they get all scrubbed up?

Caleb goes on to tell Gail that there can only be one Buck, every generation only one, and he intends to get rid of the one Gail is carrying. Caleb attacks Gail and chases her up the stairs into the bathroom.  Gail finally outsmarts Caleb and lures him away from the bathroom door.  When the coast is clear, Gail runs to the top of the stairs, but Lucas comes crashing through the front door.  Gail, stunned to see Lucas back from the dead, stops still.  She is so stunned she doesn't hear Caleb coming behind her,

Lucas: Gail! Look out!

but it's too late.  Caleb swings at Gail with a hot fire poker and she falls down the stairs. Lucas carries Gail, unconscious to the hospital. Gail is now in a coma,

 Lucas: What are the chances of...  Billy Peele: There's no baby Lucas...(emotionless) I'm sorry.  Lucas: Did she want it? Billy: Well, she said so.

 Lucas walks over to Gail's bedside and leans close to her.  He whispers in her ear,

Lucas: You're gonna get another chance.

What would be in store for Lucas and Gail next is anyone's guess. I personally think they would get back together.  There is something in each of them that makes them bound together.  I think there is more to Gail than the good-girl reporter exterior. Maybe if the show was given a chance, Gail would've turned to Lucas' side, like Selena, had her own power and been far more evil than anyone expected. In ten years' time ,I see Gail and Lucas married with their me a romantic. What's in store for these two, we'll never know.


Lucas And Selena

The Lucas and Selena relationship was first introduced in the pilot. Lucas had sent Selena to see if his deputy would spill the beans on him killing Merlyn Temple, but seemed annoyed when Selena seduced Ben to get him to talk. Lucas: I told you to test his loyalty, not his endurance, Selena: You work your way, and I'll work mine.

It becomes obvious early on that Lucas and Selena's relationship is different. Selena's reputation of being a man eater and seductress becomes known and Lucas' obvious un-hidden attraction for Gail shows Lucas isn't completely faithful to Selena. In Meet the Beetles Lucas accuses Selena of sleeping around.

Lucas: You sure do bring it out in men, Selena. Selena: As you've pointed out before, it's in my nature.  Lucas: And the way you turn heads I have to ask myself, Where can all this lead to?

Lucas continues to insult Selena,

Lucas: Its no secret Hack Weller has a thing for you.  Selena: Well, so do you when the mood strikes.  Lucas: You should feel flattered.  Selena: I make the effort...So when some man doesn't come home to his little wife, he must've been with me. Is that it?  Lucas: In a world of possibilities, it's a short reach.  Selena: Well then, next time when the mood strikes, I suggest you reach for yourself.

Selena tries to make Lucas jealous throughout this episode by seducing Lt Drey in front of Lucas, but in the end they make up.

Throughout the series Lucas and Selena seem to have an on off relationship. Lucas pursues Gail, even cancelling a date with Selena at the last minute to answer Gail's questions. Selena takes this badly and goes to the restaurant where Lucas and Gail are, one can only assume to see if he had another date. When Lucas sees Selena he stares at her with what looks like no emotion.

 Lucas: Didn't you get my message?  Selena (hurt): Loud and clear, Sheriff...(picking up an appetiser from Lucas' plate) he has strange taste  doesn't he... (dropping the appetiser in Lucas' wine) Miss Emory?

It is obvious that Selena is jealous of Lucas' attraction to Gail, but after this scene Selena and Lucas seem to get back together.

In Inhumanitas Selena is shown as not only Lucas� lover, but also his friend. When Lucas is distressed about Merlyn, Selena comforts him and tells him he�s not scared, just congested. Throughout the series Lucas doesn�t confide in anyone except Selena, this must mean Lucas and Selena has known each other for a good few years. Gary Cole, who plays Lucas Buck, wanted Lucas and Selena to be brother and sister with a twisted relationship, but the creator and producers thought the idea too disturbing.

Lucas and Selena have an adventurous sex life. In Dead to the World it shows Selena on top of a naked Lucas, dripping hot wax onto his chest in her classroom. In Meet the Beetles Lucas refers to Selena�s love of handcuffs, and in Inhumanitas it is suggested that Lucas and Selena physically hurt each other for kicks.

 Lucas: I wanna hurt someone for this feeling, I wanna hurt you. (throwing Selena down onto a kitchen table)  Selena: Only if I get to hurt you back.

In Plague Sower the relationship seems to split. Lucas pairs up with Gail and Selena pairs up with Dr Billy Peele. Selena shows honest resentment for Lucas in the episodes that follow showing that she may have finally broke free of Lucas' hold on her; she even confesses that she is falling in love with Billy.

When Selena finds out Gail is pregnant she soils Lucas' house. When she is threatened by Lucas she tries to convince Billy to kill him. When Lucas dies, Billy goes to jail, even though he's innocent, and the Selena/Billy relationship seems to end.

In the last episode, Requiem, Selena convinces Caleb to kill Lucas and Gail's baby, ending up with Gail in a coma. When Lucas comes back from the dead he gets Ben to bring Selena to the sheriff�s station for one last confrontation.

Selena (shocked): Lucas, you're alive.  Lucas: Try to control your enthusiasm.  Selena reaches for Lucas.  Lucas: No!  Lucas sniffs Selena and grins, Lucas: You weren't alone Selena (pulling away): What do you care?  Lucas: I don't, just an observation really. See I know your scent.  Selena: I thought you wanted to talk.  Lucas: What were you doing in my house?  Selena: I wasn't.  Lucas slaps Selena. Lucas: Dead men are very impatient. I told you, I know your scent. Now you were in my house today!  Selena: I went looking for Caleb.  Lucas: What for?  Selena: He was missing, I was worried about him.  Lucas: Ben, you wanna slap her this time?  Selena: Alright. I went there for myself. I wanted to be with him.  Lucas: Why?  Selena: Because I care. I saw something in him this morning that reminded me of you.  Lucas (faking sincerity): I'm touched.  Selena: Oh go to hell!  Lucas: How did Gail end up there?  Selena (turns evil): I sent her.  Lucas: Did you know she was carrying my child? Selena (evilly): Was? (Sarcastically) I'm so sorry. 

Then Lucas discards her. Lucas (disgusted): Miss Coombs, I'd like to rip out your throat, but you don't deserve the satisfaction. Get outta here. Selena (sorry): Lucas?  Lucas: 'GET OUT!!!'

This seems to be the end for Lucas and Selena. Selena betrayed Lucas and helped kill his child. I don't think he would ever forgive her completely.


Gail and Matt

Gail Emory came to Trinity one late night after hearing on the news that her 10 year old cousin, Caleb Temple, had been taken to hospital after his father brutally killed his sister Merlyn with a shovel.

Matt Crower came to Trinity after a tragic accident killed his wife and daughter.  Matt, a doctor, had had several problems and was an alcoholic, he quit drinking and took residence in the Fulton County Hospital in Trinity.

Matt had no family, and Gail's only living relative was Caleb, so these two individual quickly found comfort in each other.  it seems from the first moment Gail and Matt met in The Pilot, they formed an allegiance against Lucas Buck.  Neither was fooled by Lucas's charm.  This allegiance, and their love for Caleb, brought them together as good friends and they formed a close bond with each other.

Gail and Matt disliked Lucas from the beginning. With Lucas's unnatural interest in Caleb, and his obvious attraction to Gail, Matt helped shield and support his friend so she didn't falsely trust Lucas like most people in Trinity did.

Although Gail and Matt had a close bond as friends they never became lovers. This couple had a close enough connection to become lovers, but didn't seem to share any raw passion for each other.  Matt, being a doctor, needed somebody to care for...he needed to be there for someone outside of his working life.  Gail was very much the independent woman in her professional life, she was confident, forceful and strong, but in her personal life she needed support.  Gail never liked to be seen as weak, or unsure of herself, and when she did come across this way Matt would give her as much support as she needed.

This strong friendship lasted throughout most of the series.  There never seemed to be a bad moment for Gail and Matt until Gail made the ultimate betrayal and made a deal with Lucas Buck.

Matt would joke about Lucas and Gail, but never believed she would actually rely on his help.  In Ring Of Fire Gail went to Lucas for help in finding the truth about how her parents died, even though she thought he was responsible.  Lucas offered to show her the truth in exchange for a deal, Lucas wanted Gail and this was his chance.  Gail accepted the deal and agreed to sleep with Lucas on her terms, she decides what she gives and when.  Lucas kept his side of the bargain and showed her the truth about her parents.  Gage Temple had killed her family, not Lucas.  When it came time for Gail to have sex with Lucas she wasn't ready, but Lucas said he'd wait.

Throughout Ring Of Fire Matt supported Gail when the strain of finding out the truth started to show on her.  It was obvious that when Gail turned to Lucas it bothered Matt, it bothered him enough to sleep with Selena Coombs, but after Ring Of Fire Matt severed his ties with Selena, and Gail severed her ties with Lucas until it was time for her to keep her end of the deal in The Plague Sower. 

The Plague Sower was the first episode that showed strain in this friendship.  Matt had gotten so involved in the deadly plague that hit Trinity that he got infected himself, and was put in a padded room in the hospital until he recovered.  Gail, finding it hard to resist Lucas's charm, finally gave in and had sex with Lucas, but got infected by the plague as well and was bed ridden in the hospital until she recovered too.

After Gail slept with Lucas her friendship with Matt went down hill fast.

In Doctor Death takes a holiday Matt is convinced to kill Lucas by an ex lover of Lucas's claiming to be his mother.  When Matt goes to Lucas's office and pulls a gun on him Gail runs in and tries to talk Matt out of this sinful act.  Matt: "One bullet has changed the course of history many times, this one frees Trinity".  Just as Matt pulls the trigger Gail pushes the gun away to protect Lucas and the bullet misses him barely.

In the end this strong friendship withers away quickly and Lucas has won.  Gail becomes Lucas's girlfriend and Matt has been taken to a psychiatric hospital.  The friendship bond was broken.




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