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American Gothic Cast Birthdays

Remember your favorite "American Gothic" Actors


Gary Cole- Sheriff Lucas Buck- 09/20/56

Paige Turco- Gail Emory- 05/17/65

Lucas Black- Caleb Temple- 11/29/89

Brenda Bakke- Selena Coombs- 05/15/63

Nick Searcy- Deputy Ben Healy- 03/07/59

Jake Weber- Dr Matt Crower- 03/12/64

Sarah Paulson-  Merlyn Temple- 12/17/75

John Mese- Dr Billy Peele- 11/04/63

Sonny Shroyer- Gage Temple- 08/2//35

Chris Fennell- Boone McKenzie- 11/02/83

Evan Rachel Wood-  Rose Russell- 11/07/87

Robin Mullins- Nurse Stacie- 01/15/58

Sara Lynn Moore- Mrs Russell- 03/06/58

Most of this Info from Internet Movie Database

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Updated 5/22/15


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