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American Gothic News

"American Gothic" News!

American Gothic is not currently airing, but buy it on DVD or watch it online at Fancast!

There's a new show with the same name but nothing to do with the 1995 show!

VOTE for Sarah Paulson for Favorite Sci-fi Fantasy TV Actress in the People's Choice Awards!

Sarah Paulson is nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie for her role in "American Horror Story: Asylum". The Emmys air September 22 2013 at 5:00pm on CBS.

Michael R. Perry, who used to write for American Gothic, has created the new horror show "The River" on ABC Tuesdays.

Paige Turco is to co star two new projects,  a new series on ABC, Big Shots alongside Dillon McDermot, and a movie, Taking Lives alongside Kevin Bacon.

Gary Cole will star in new HBO series Twelve Miles of Bad Road.  The series revolves around a wealthy Texas family and their successful real estate business.  The show is due to premier in June 2007.

Rhinoceros Eyes, starring Paige Turco, has been released on DVD.

Mozard The Whale, starring Gary Cole, will be released on DVD on December 12th 2006.

American Gothic will be aired again in the UK on October 11th 2006, at 10pm on ITV4.

Gary Cole has signed up for the movies Forever Strong and American Pastime, due to be completed in 2007.

Paige Turco will begin filming for a new movie in the next few months called The Game Plan, Paige was spotted at the premier of her latest movie Invincible accompanied by her husband Jason O'Mara.

Paige Turco has landed a role in Rescue Me.

Paige plays a sexy school teacher who is sleeping with her student.  Keep an eye out for Paige in episodes titled Devil, Torture, Sparks, and Chlamydia.


Lucas Black plays lead role in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drifts.

Lucas Black lands the lead in Tokyo Drift. The film has a few bad reviews, but Lucas Black is well spoke of for his acting. To read a review of The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drifts from click here


American Gothic Complete DVD box set out now!!

Universal released a box set of the complete series of American Gothic.  For some reason Universal put the episodes in the wrong order.  For those who don't know the correct viewing order is:

1. The Pilot  2. A Tree Grows In Trinity  3. Eye Of The Beholder  4.Damned If You Don't 

5. Dead To The World  6. Potato Boy  7. Meet The Beetles  8. Strong Arm Of The Law   

9. To Hell And Back  10. The Beast Within  11. Rebirth  12. Ring Of Fire  13. Resurrector  14. Inhumanitas

15. Plague Sower  16. Doctor Death Takes A Holiday  17. Learning To Crawl 

18. Echo Of Your Last Goodbye  19. Triangle  20. Strangler  21. The Buck Stops Here  22. Requiem


Gary Cole's series ' WANTED' has been cancelled

' WANTED', a cutting edge series about an elite unit hired to capture L.A's 100 most wanted criminals, has unfortunately been cancelled after only one series.  Fans of the show are very disappointed.  A petition has been drawn up to try and save the show, click here to sign.


American Gothic - Cult Favorite Coming This October
From Posted by Gord Lacey
Reader Christine Berni, the woman responsible for the American Gothic DVD petition, wrote in with some good news from Comicon.  Shaun Cassidy (creator/executive producer) told attendees to his panel that the show would be out in October. We placed some calls to our retail friends and kept hearing a single date, October 25. Keep in mind that date hasn't come from Universal, and isn't set in stone, but it sounds as though that's the date they have in mind.

Gary Cole In New Series

TNT have picked up a new series starring Gary Cole, the series will air in the 2005-2006 season.

Summary- A story about the formation of an elite team to fight urban
crime. In the late 1960s, in response to out-of-control urban crime, the LAPD created SWAT, which became the model for high-intensity urban law enforcement across the nation. Thirty-five years later, as street criminals have begun to ramp up their activities having become better organized and with use of automatic weapons, the LAPD determined it had to take SWAT to and even higher level. This series is about the creation of that new unit and its war on urban street crime.


Paige Turco filming new independent film in New Jersey
-'Waltzing Anna'-

Long Branch native Doug Bollinger is back behind a camera: Bollinger shot his first feature, "Just Lovers" in and around Monmouth County in 2001. He's now filming "Waltzing Anna," a comedy about doctor caught scamming senior citizens. Area locations included Marlboro Psychiatric Hospital, an estate in Rumson, and Monmouth Pulmonary Consultants in Eatontown. Major filming also is taking place in Jersey City and at Lake Hopatcong.

Another Long Branch native, Jason Webb, will handle post-production chores on Bollinger's film, out of his Evolving Productions company in Monmouth County. "Waltzing Anna" is independently financed with a budget in the mid six figures, Bollinger said. Some major performers are in the cast, including Pat Hingle and Besty Palmer, who was in Rumson for filming in September. Other performers include Paige Turco, Casey Siemaszko and George Morfogen.

Bollinger, who co-wrote the screenplay and is directing, said the "project has been a dream. Being able to work with such an amazing cast and crew has reminded me of why I've spent my summers selling Italian ice at Strollos in Point Pleasant Beach," he said.

From Asbury Park Press

Former Angel and Buffy writer Marti Noxon created the supernatural soap opera "Point Pleasant", now airing on FOX Wednesday nights.  It has a very creepy feel, similar to American Gothic.  Check it out!

American Gothic Feature Film News


Buckin' Hell

One of the finest series ever cancelled after only a season, American Gothic, is to be given a new lease of life on the big screen. The series appeared in 1995 and swiftly won itself a cult fan base although not quite swiftly enough to prevent its demise. A film version has now been given the go-ahead after some protracted legal wrangling but the really good news is that Gary Cole is to return to his role as the demonic Sheriff Lucas Buck.

American Gothic told the story of Caleb, who goes to live with his cousin after a tragedy tears his family apart. The Sheriff in town takes an almost obsessive interest in the boy, and since events often mysteriously, almost magically, go his way, it seems that nothing will keep the boy out of his clutches. The film will be a re-telling of the original story, so we aren't going to give away anything more in case you don't already know.

The godlike Gary Cole is currently appearing in cinemas in Win A Date With Tad Hamilton and has been keeping busy with roles in everything from One Hour Photo and The Brady Bunch to The West Wing. Later this year he will be appearing with Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn in Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story.

Despite his busy schedule, he signed up to reprise his role as Sheriff Buck as soon as he heard that the film version had been given the green light. Sam Raimi, who produced the series, is apparently considering directing the movie, while other original cast members Brenda Bakke, Nick Searcy and Jake Weber have also climbed aboard. Unfortunately Lucas Black, who played Caleb, is now too old for the part, so much of the success of the film will depend on finding an equally talented, and thickly accented, teenage replacement.

If Raimi does direct, this will probably be his break from Spider-Man, between this year's release of the first sequel, and the beginning of production on the second for a 2007 release, so we can hope to see this late next year or early in 2006. For fans of ghostly-horror-suspense, the countdown starts here.


The Agency Second Series Starts In The UK ON 18th Feb on Hallmark Channel

The Agency

Multi Award winning Beau Bridges stars in the second series of this suspense filled drama about the high stakes, inner-workings of the Central Intelligence Agency and its global network of operatives.

American Gothic Movie update (02/16/04)

This was posted by Fathom Motion Picture President Craig Marquardo on an American Gothic group.

I do not get to read what is posted here, but I have become aware of
a few rumors I would like to dispel.

- AG will be proceeding with the feature film and TV series rebirth,
but not until the sale is final between Universal and NBC.

- Gary Cole, Nick Searcy, Brenda Bakke and Jake Webber will be
reprising their roles. No others.

- Sean Cassidy will not be involved, although the premise, feel, and
ambiance of the movie will follow his original vision.

- Sam Raimi (and Rob Tapert) are attached as producers. Sam said that
once we are in a more forward position, he will consider directing,
but in no way has that agreement happened as yet.

- Lucas Black, although one of our favorite actors, and having made
the show, will not be participating in the film as Caleb. The age
difference is simply too great. And no, we will not change the entire
scope of the film to accomodate his now mature age. (Look for him in
a cameo role as another charater perhaps? An idea we are talking

While we are thrilled with the massive support and enthusiasm the
fans have for the show, it is very important for us at this very
tenuous stage to not allow unfounded rumors to be spread about.

I appreciate your love for great entertainment, and we hope to make
this hope of ours a reality as soon as possible. Bear with us.

Craig Marquardo
Fathom Motion Picture Company


Gary Cole Article (01/08/04)

ISU alum: Fame overrated; focus on skill development

By Michele Steinbacher

NORMAL -- Illinois State University theater alum Gary Cole returned
to the ISU stage Saturday, but this time in the role of mentor.
The Park Ridge native told hundreds of theater students at the ISU
Center for the Performing Arts that actors shouldn't worry about

"The focus to stay on is, 'How do I improve? How do I become a
better storyteller?'" he said.

The veteran actor has appeared in more than 50 films and television
shows, as well as numerous plays staged on both coasts and in

Currently, he's on the television drama "The West Wing" as Vice
President Robert "Bingo Bob" Russell. He's also in the soon-to-be
released film "Win a Date with Tad Hamiliton!"

Cole is no stranger to the Great Lakes Regional Kennedy Center
Acting Theater Festival -- sponsored last week by ISU and Eureka
College. He appeared in two of the Kennedy Center regional
productions while attending the Normal university in the 1970s.

"It really fills my tank to be here," Cole told the crowd about
seeing Friday's night performance of "Metamorphoses" in Braden

Watching the production conjured up memories of his early days in
theater, he said. "I was moved as I thought about the path in front
of those who were up there on stage."

After three years at ISU, he "jumped into the pool" and left for
Chicago to work in actor-run theater groups, he said. After a stint
with the famous Steppenwolf Theater, he eventually made his way to
Los Angeles.

The man who has played '60s family man Mike Brady in "Brady Bunch"
movies and gained cult status as mid-level menace Bill Lumbergh
in "Office Space" said of all his many roles, his favorite was
portraying the sheriff on the television thriller "American Gothic."

'So fired up'

About his role on "West Wing," Cole told the audience he loves
working with a group of "producers, actors, writers, directors that
are so fired up. ... It's not always on that level."

He described his intimidation during his first scene opposite Martin
Sheen, but his relief when Sheen made him feel comfortable. Since he
is playing a vice president, fans sometimes think Cole is political,
he said. But he admitted he's not.

"Of course Martin Sheen is, but nobody's as political as Martin
Sheen," he added.

On Saturday, Cole nonchalantly walked on stage wearing jeans, a long-
sleeve T-shirt and a hiking vest. The concert hall stage had only
two chairs -- one for Cole and the other for Don LaCasse, ISU School
of Theater director.

Students asked Cole questions about the paths to his success. What
techniques did he use to develop characters? Did he ever get
discouraged when he couldn't find work? Should actors work on stage
before they attempt screen roles? What about joining a union?

Fidgeting with a plastic litre of club soda and sometimes leaning
back in his chair, he answered each question with patient
explanation and occasional humor, speaking with students for more
than an hour.

Afterward, he reiterated his take on finding fame while he talked
among students in the center's lobby.

"Fame isn't a result you should focus on," he told them. "It's
gravy, and there's perks. But it's not tangible. ... Theater is the
same thing wherever you do it, whether in a big or small place. "

Cole lives in Los Angeles with his wife, actress Terri Siddall, and
their 9-year-old, Mary. In the Jan. 12 issue of People Magazine,
Cole talks about his family life, especially about how the family
has worked through his daughter's autism.

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