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American Gothic Character Descriptions

"American Gothic" Characters


Lucas Buck
Lucas Buck is Sheriff of Trinity. He controls all goings on in Trinity as well as the majority of his towns people. Very little people dare to cross Lucas and those who do end up dead, or in a world of trouble.

Lucas raped, impregnated and killed Caleb Temples mother, Judith Temple.  He decided to claim Caleb on his 10th birthday, killing Caleb's sister and blaming and convincing Judith's husband (who thought he was Caleb's father) to commit suicide in the process.

Lucas took a shine to Caleb's cousin, Gail, when she arrived in Trinity, he is strangely drawn to her and has dedicated his time to trying to win over Caleb and trying to seduce Gail.



Gail Emory
Gail was the daughter of Peter and Christine Emory, the editor and head reporter of the Trinity Guardian Newspaper. Gail left Trinity when she was eight years old after her parents were trapped in the Guardian building and set alight.

Gail went from foster home to foster home and gradually ended up in Charleston were she became a very successful criminal reporter, and came to Trinity after she heard about Caleb Temple on the news.

Gail is trying to be there for Caleb and trying to find out the truth behind her parents deaths, which she ultimately blames Lucas for. Gail is unnaturally drawn to Lucas and finds it extremely hard to resist.



Caleb Temple
Cousin of Gail Emory and son of Lucas Buck. On his 10th birthday Lucas murdered his sister and arrested Caleb's then-father Gage Temple for the crime, Gage, an alcoholic, believed he did the crime and was convinced to commit suicide by Lucas.

Caleb, after a visit by his dead sisters ghost, found out Lucas was his real father and he runs away, burning his home in the process to keep Lucas away from him. At his sisters funeral Caleb, lurking in the bushes sees his cousin Gail and later flags her car down on the road.

Gail and Doctor Crower, Caleb's new found friend, go up against Lucas Buck for custody of Caleb but neither gets it, custody goes to Loris Holt and Caleb moves into the Trinity Boarding House.



Doctor Matt Crower
Matt meets Caleb when he is brought into the hospital to be checked out on his birthday after his sisters death. Matt teams up with Gail to help find Caleb when he runs away from Lucas, and ends up moving in to the Boarding House with Caleb.

Matt and Gail become close friends and team up to beat Lucas.



Selena Coombs
Selena is Caleb's school teacher by day, Lucas' mistress/seductress by night.

Selena uses her sexuality to manipulate men into doing what Lucas pleases, she loves Lucas and gets extremely jealous when he begins to show interest in Gail Emory and discards her.

Selena and Gail clash throughout the series because of Selena's jealousy which later becomes fatal for Gail.



Ben Healy
A loyal deputy to Lucas Buck.

Ben Witnessed the murder of Merlyn Temple but is too loyal/scared to tell anyone. Ben has always been Lucas' right hand man since Lucas was the bailed him out of a jam and was best man at his wedding.

Bens conscience develops throughout the series and makes him stronger, making him question Lucas to his face.



Merlyn Temple
Ever since Merlyn witnessed Lucas Buck rape her mother when she was 5 she became distressed, and only repeated the sentence "Someone's at the door". When she is killed she comes back as a ghost to guide Caleb and try to destroy Lucas.



Billy Peele
Doctor Billy Peele, an epidemiologist from Atlanta, is called to Trinity to help fight against a deadly plague that has swept Trinity in The Plague Sower. 

Billy took a sudden dislike to Lucas, threatening him with a syringe to the neck. Billy quickly becomes wrapped up in the weirdness of Trinity, and has a steamy affair with Selena who he later falls in love with.

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