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American Gothic Favorite Quotes

Our favorite "American Gothic" quotes!

by Kerry

Merlyn Temple: There's someone at the door

Deputy Ben Healy: I'm sick of keepin' secrets, Lucas.
Sheriff Lucas Buck: Then leave that one alone, Ben. 'Cause the next time you go back there, you'll be stinkin' up the place yourself.

Caleb Temple: I don't like trains and I hate apple pie!

Deputy Ben Healy: What's going on here?
Sheriff Lucas Buck: Oh, all kinds of fun. Matter of fact...things are just getting good.

Merlyn Temple: Do you know what happens to dogs when they die, Caleb?
Caleb Temple: What happens to them?
Merlyn Temple: They get to run free all day long, and at the night times, they get to rest at the feet of their masters.

Sheriff Lucas Buck: Selena, honey... this was not safe sex.

Sheriff Lucas Buck: Do you know what a mentor is?
Caleb Temple: Half-man, half-beast?
Sheriff Lucas Buck: That's a Minotaur.

Gail Emory: You're Dreamin'
Lucas Buck:
It seems you're the one troubled by dreams

Selena Coombs: If you're gonna scream you may as well come into the bedroom.

Matt Crower: Maybe I should take a look at you sheriff, check out that acylis heel of yours.

Sheriff Lucas Buck: Only two roads in this world. And if you're listening to anyone but me, you're on the wrong one.

Sheriff Lucas Buck: Well, won't that be cosy. Just the two of intensive care.

Gail Emory: This son of a bitch is not to be trusted...still                                                                              
Lucas Buck: Can't beat his charm.

Sheriff Lucas Buck: WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP, TRINITY! I always wanted to do that.

Selena Coombs: I like to tell the little lambs before the slaughter.

Selena Coombs: Lucas wrote the book on keeping women in the palm of his hand.                                           
Gail Emory:
What page are you on?                                                                                                        
Selena Coombs: Lucas keeps me in an entirely different library.                                                                                                      
Gail Emory:
The public?

Ben: Why do you think they call them southern belles?                                                                                 
Lucas Buck:
That's French Ben, it means 'Southern Belles'
It should be alarm bells
You've been single too long, friend.                                                                                                                        
Merlyn Temple:
I've come for you, Lucas!

Caleb Temple: My sister needs me!                                                                                                              
Lucas Buck:
Your sister might just eat you alive

Gail Emory: I'm gonna get you Lucas, unless you kill me.

Caleb Temple: The Buck starts here.

Ben Healy: Ok, so the guy owed Lucas some money, fine, I shot him...if you don't leave me alone I might just shoot you too.

Lucas Buck: Did you think, even for one second you could threaten me?                                                             
I came to you for help.                                                                                                                        
Step into my parlour said the spider to the fly

Brian: What about Bertie?                                                                                                                          
Lucas Buck:
Well you could always dismember him and bury him in the basement.

Mrs Gardener: The secret of the south is hidden in blood,

Gail Emory: You killed my parents.
Lucas Buck:
and you thought you'd find a smoking gun?
You didn't give me enough of a chance

Matt Crower: Those who seek the truth run the risk of being consumed by heavenly fire.                                     
Gail Emory:
I don't think we're talking about heaven here

Matt Crower: You're using him as some sort of a psychic tour guide?                                                             
Gail Emory: I know what I'm doing.

Selena: He won't say a word.                                                                                                                 Lucas: Why what did you do, bite off his tongue in a fit of passion?

Loris Holt: The devils greatest ploy was to convince you he doesn't exist.

Lucas Buck: Your bugging he bugging you? (to Lt Drey who is being eaten alive by beetles)

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Updated 1/21/18


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