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One Life to Live DVD & Videotape Trading

We need more daytime recap/update writers, article writers, MS Frontpage and Web Expression users, graphics designers, and more, so please email us if you can help out!  More volunteers always needed!  Thanks!

Please let me know if you email any of these people and your email is returned! 

  • AmandaPup is looking for early episodes of "Passions" with Timmy, and all episodes of "Homefront".  She has more than three dozen DVDs of edits of "One Life to Live" material from 1978 to 1988, most of which is centered on Viki, first with Joe [Marco's death and trial, Joe's illness and death] and then Clint.  There are a few arcs of other stories, but the concentration in on Viki.

  • Angela is looking for videotapes about Marty's Rape.

  • Brian is looking for any and all Days of Our Lives episodes with Lawrence Alamain, Guiding Light episodes with Phillip Spaulding (played by Grant Alexander), Another World episodes with Jake McKinnon, and One Life to Live episodes with the first Todd Manning (played by Roger Howarth). He has these to trade: Another World 1989 (episode where Vicky gave birth); Days of Our Lives 1992 (this was a primetime episode that aired just before the soap opera awards that night); and "Roger Thorpe-The Scandal years" (This is a 1994 video hosted by Michael Zaslow and has tons of Roger footage/scenes).

  • is looking for episodes of OLTL with John and Evangeline from May to Sept. 2004.

  • Ellie  is looking for any tapes with Don Jeffcoat (ex-Joey). She would also like to find any recent photos or learn any insight or information about what he is doing now.

  • Ferdinand is looking for One Life to Live episodes with Marty's rape and Todd's trial.

  • Lauren is looking for old episodes with Megan Gordon, when she finds out she is Viki's daughter and afterwards. Please check out her page at Lauren's Tapes & DVDs

  • is looking for One Life To Live episodes with Jessica, Cristian, and Will..

  • Michael is looking for old episodes of OLTL from the early 90's with Sarah, Megan, Charlotte, and Gabrielle.

  • One Life to Live Edits

  • is looking for OLTL tapes of Mitch Laurence (eps from October 2002 up until July 2003)

  • is looking for the September, 1985 episode of OLTL where Peabo Bryson appeared, singing the show's theme.

  • Robert has many old soap DVD's from the 60's through 80's, including OLTL!

  • Sarah is looking for episodes with Will and Jessica.

  • Scott has selected episodes and storylines from One Life to Live from mid-80's to present and many classic primetime series like Knots Landing, Dallas, Dynasty, The Colby's, Beauty and the Beast, Flamingo Road, Falcon Crest, Savannah, Homefront, and many more.....

  • Shelley is looking for episodes that aired 9/8/05, 11/28/05 11/29/05, 1/23/06 and 1/24/06.

  • Stacey has a lot of One Life to Live and other soap stuff, plus other things, so check out her list for what she wants and what she has. She also runs a tape-trading newsletter for the soaps!  She has some amazing stuff and is a good trader.

  • wants to find tapes of Blair and the new Todd together.

  • Thane's Episodes Wanted

  • TNT Newsletter (about Todd and Téa) --don't know if this is still active

  • Tonya is looking for OLTL eps with Susan Misner (Grace), which aired in 1999.

  • Zandra has edited tapes of Todd, Todd & Blair, and Todd & Téa from over the years.

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