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Mork & Mindy Episode Guide

This "Mork & Mindy" Episode Guide is from Nickelodeon

0) Mork and Mindy Pilot Pt. 1 (first episode) 

1) Mork and Mindy Pilot Pt. 2 (second part of first episode)

1a) Mork moves (Mork moves in and makes Mindy's dad nervous)

2) To Tell the Truth (Mork brings the music store's landlord back to life)

3) Mork Runs Away (Mork meets Exidor)

4) Mork in Love (Mindy's father trades his Cadillac money for Mindy's college tuition; Mork falls in love with a dummy)

5) Mork Runs Down (Mork's birthday makes him sick) 

6) Mork's Seduction (Mindy's old high school friend, Susan, tries to seduce Mork)

7) Mork Goes Public (A reporter looks for an alien) 

8) A Mommy for Morky (Mork becomes a baby so Mindy can see what it's like to be a mother)

9) Mork the Gullible (Mork learns about lying when he trusts a thief)

10) Old Fears (Mork ages to keep Grandma company)

11) Mork's Greatest Hit (Mork has to fight a slob or be branded "coward")

12) Mork and the Immigrant (Mork learns about democracy when he meets a Russian immigrant)

13) Mork's First Christmas (Mork celebrates his first Christmas)

14) Mork the Tolerant (Mork meets Mr. Bickley, the grouchy neighbor)

15) Young Love (Mork learns about parent-child relationships)

16) Sky Flakes Keep Falling on My Head (Mork and Mindy learn about fear when they go camping)

17) Mork Goes Erk (Mork prepares to leave)

18) Yessir, That's My Baby (Mork buys a baby)

19) Mork's Mixed Emotions (Mork tries to close off his emotions)

20) In Mork We Trust (Mork turns into a chicken when Mr.Bickley steals their things)

21) Mork's Night Out (Mork and Mr. Bickley have a night on the town)

22) Mork's Best Friend (Mork learns about death and pets)

23) It's a Wonderful Mork (Mork finds out what life would be like for Mindy if he had never landed on Earth)

24) Invasion of the Mork Snatchers (Mork learns about advertising and self-control)

25) Clerical Error (Mork impersonates a priest)

26) Stark-Raving Mork (Mork learns about fighting and making up)

27) Mork Vs. Mindy (Mork meets Mindy's cousin, Nelson, and tries to keep a job)

28) Mork Gets Mindy-Itis (Mindy throws a party for Nelson and Mork thinks he's allergic to Mindy)

29) Dr. Morkenstein (Mork befriends a robot at the science exhibition)

30) Mork in Wonderland Part 1 (Mork gets small)

31) Mork in Wonderland Part 2 (Mork goes to a mini-world)

32) Mork Learns to See (Mr. Bickley's blind son comes to visit)

33) Mork's Baby Blues (A con woman tries to marry Mork for his woman)

34) A Morkyville Horror (Mindy's house is haunted) 

35) Mork's Health Hints (Mork saves Mindy from brain surgery when she supposed to get her tonsils out)

36) The Exidor Affair (Exidor falls in love)

37) Exidor's Wedding (Mork finds Exidor's mother)

38) The Mork Syndrome (Mork joins the air force and finds a nuclear spill)

39) The Night They Raided Mind-Ski's (Mork makes friends with racists)

40) Dial 'N' for Nelson (Nelson gets death threats) 

41) Mork Vs. the Necrotons Pt. 1 (Mork is kidnapped by beautiful alien women)

42) Mork Vs. the Necrotons Pt. 2 (Mork and Mindy are held captive)

43) Hold That Mork! (Mork tries out for the Denver Bronco Cheerleaders)

44) Mork's Vacation (Mork takes a vacation)

45) A Mommy for Mindy (Mindy's dad and new stepmom come home)

46) Jeanie Loves Mork (Mork tries to cheer up Gina by dating her)

47) The Way Mork Were (Mindy's dad asks for advice and gets flashbacks)

48) Little Orphan Morkie (Exidor adopts Mork)

49) Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies (Nelson has a kiddie show)

50) Putting the Ork Back in Mork Part 1 (Mork rejects his Orkan heritage)

51) Putting the Ork Back in Mork Part 2 (The Great Elder makes Mork an Orkan again)

52) Mork in Never Never Land (Mork meets his pen pal, Peter Pan)

53) Mork's New Look (Mindy's dad wants to get plastic surgery)

54) Dueling Skates (Mork races on rollerskates to save the day care center)

55) Mork, the Monkey's Uncle (Mork steals a chimp from the zoo)

56) There's a New Mork in Town (Mork is challenged by the powerful Orkan, Xerko)

57) Gunfight at the Mor-Kay Corral (Mork plays cowboy)

58) Mork the Prankster(Mork learns about practical jokes)

59) Alas, Poor Mork, We Knew Him Well (An insurance agent scares Mork into becoming a hermit)

60) Mindy Gets Her Job (Mindy is snowed in during her first job interview)

61) Twelve Angry Appliances (Mork puts a crooked repairman on "trial")

62) Mork and the Family Reunion (Jonathan Winters guests as Mindy's uptight uncle)

63) Mork and the Bum Rap (Ross Martin guests as a bum who learns about charity)

64) Mork Meets Robin Williams (Mork and Mindy meet Robin Williams)

65) Mindy, Mindy, Mindy (The Great Elder comes to visit and makes duplicate Mindy's)

66) Mork the Swinging Single (Mork and Mindy try dating other people)

67) Old Muggable Mork (Grandma comes to visit and gets mugged)

68) Mork and Mindy Meet Rick and Ruby (Mindy sticks up for a pregnant singer's rights)

69) I Heard It Through the Morkvine (Mork learns about gossip)

70) Reflections and Regrets (Mork and Mindy's friends share their regrets and they declare their love)

71) Mindy and Mork (Mork and Mindy trade places to see how the other feels)

72) Limited Engagement (Mork proposes to Mindy)

73) The Wedding (Mork and Mindy get married)

74) The Honeymoon (Mork and Mindy honeymoon on Ork) 

75) Three the Hard Way (Mork lays an egg)

76) Mama Mork, Papa Mindy (Mindy bonds with her baby) 

77) Rick Mork, Poor Mork (Mork invests their money in Exidor's boutique)

78) My Dad Can't Beat Up Anybody (Mork learns to defend his family)

79) Long Before We Met (Mork gets jealous at Mindy's high school reunion)

80) Alienation (Mearth finds out he's different)

81) P.S. 2001 (Mearth goes to school on Ork)

82) Pajama Game II (Mearth learns about sex)

83) Present Tense (With Mearth away, Mork and Mindy have nothing to talk about)

84) Metamorphosis-The TV Show (Mork and Mearth switch bodies)

85) Drive, She Said (Mork takes his driver's test) 

86) I Don't Remember Mama (Orson erases Mork's memory)

87) Midas Mork (Mindy dreams that Mork can make gold) 

88) Cheerleader in Chains (Mindy is jailed for refusing to reveal her source)

89) Mork, Mindy, Mearth Meet Milt (Mearth and Mork build a home computer that takes over)

90) Gotta Run Pt. 1 (Mork meets an alien from Neptune)

91) Gotta Run Pt. 2 (The alien chases Mork and family across the U.S.)

92) Gotta Run Pt. 3 (Mork reveals himself to the world and travels back in time)

93) The Mork Report (Mork's Orkan promotion depends on how well Orson receives his report)

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