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Bones Character Descriptions Page

Character Profiles

Dr. BrennanDr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan

Dr. Brennan is a brilliant scientist, anthropologist and novelist, but she sometimes lacks empathy or tact. Head of the Jeffersonian Institute in Washington, DC, she was raised in foster homes and has little experience with people or pop culture. She strives for perfection and believes everyone around her should do the same. She is an atheist but enjoys shooting guns and helping her husband, Seeley, take down the bad guys.

Seeley BoothSpecial Agent Seeley Booth

Booth is a former Army sniper and is now an FBI agent. He's divorced but has a son, Parker, whom he doesn't get to see too often. He and Brennan were married and have a baby, Christine. Booth is Catholic and very religious. He and Brennan like to argue but work very well together. He had a drunken and abusive father, and his mother left home, but he had a great Grandpa who raised him.

AngelaAngela Montenegro

Angela is not as much of a nerd as the other "Squints" that work in the Jeffersonian, but she is both an artist and a computer expert. She's able to use her special program to figure out how victims looked when they were still alive. She's got other special computer skills as well. She's married to Hodgins, and they also have a baby, Michael. A "wild child", her dad is a rock singer and part of a motorcycle gang.

Jack HodginsDr. Jack Hodgins

Jack comes from a wealthy family, but he likes to hide that fact. He's a bit of a paranoid conspiracy theorist. He's an expert on insects and plants. He's a bit of a geek but married Angela after dating her for quite a while, and they had a son. Jack lost his fortune, but he and Finn have gone into business together, making Finn's family's hot sauce.

Dr. Cam SaroyanDr. Camille Saroyan

Cam is the head of the Jeffersonian. She has an adopted daughter, Michelle.  She has a good relationship with all of the scientists (she's one herself) and often acts as a mother figure with them. She used to date Booth, but now she's dating Arastoo. An old friend stole her identity, causing her to have massive financial problems for awhile.

Dr. Lance SweetsDr. Lance Sweets

He's the psychologist that helps Brennan and Booth with cases. Although they didn't like his help at first, now they are all great friends and respect each other's work. He dated Daisy for a while, and they even moved in together briefly. Like Brennan, he was in foster homes, and also his parents worked in a circus.  Like Booth, he was beaten as a child.

Judge Caroline JulianCaroline Julian

Caroline is a federal prosecutor at the U.S. Attorney's office who's helped out Booth and Brennan on many occasions. She's from Louisiana and has a bit of a cajun accent. She calls people she likes "Chere". She can be very bossy but also very sweet.

WendellWendell Bray

Wendell is one of the revolving interns that came on the show after Zack left. He grew up very poor, but since he's a great scientist, they've helped him stay on with the Smithsonian by funding his scholarship. Wendall has cancer but is in remission. He used to date Angela.

ClarkDr. Clark Edison

Clark was another one of the interns in the show. He was the most prim and proper of all of the interns, and the one that least wanted to talk about personal things in the lab. He and Dr. Brennan have a friendly rivalry.

DaisyDaisy Wick

Daisy was another intern and the most annoying of all of them because she talks a lot and has very bad social skills. She's also brilliant and worships Brennan.  She dated Dr. Sweets for a while.

Dr. Colin FisherColin Fisher

Another one of the interns, Fisher, is a pessimist and very depressing. He goes to therapy for some help with his dark moods. Despite his outlook, he gets a lot of women. He's also a big scifi geek.

MaxMax Keenan

Max is Brennan's dad. He and her mom went on the run when Brenann was little because they had been criminals and gotten in trouble with the mob. They left Brennan and her brother, Russ. Later, Max comes out of hiding but kills a corrupt FBI agent who's out to kill Russ, and he goes to prison. Later, he gets out and has helped Booth and Brennan a few times. He and Brennan have had a rocky relationship, but it's better now, and he spends time with their daughter.

ArastooArastoo Vaziri

When intern Arastoo first joined the team, he spoke with a thick accent. Later, they found out that he was American. He'd put on the accent in order to forestall questions about his Muslim religion practices. He and Cam are dating.

ChristineChristine nowChristine Angela Booth

She's Booth and Brennan's daughter, a normal little girl.

FinnFinn Abernathy

Finn is one of the lab assistants. He's only 18 when he joins the Squints; he's from the South and has a past. He was arrested for stabbing his step-father, who abused his mother.  He dated Cam's daughter, Michelle, until she broke up with him. He and Hodgins have started a successful business selling his grandmother's hot sauce.

MichelleMichelle Welton

Michelle is Cam's adopted daughter. Cam used to live with Michelle's father, but they broke up, and later he was found dead. She took Michelle in when she was a teen. Cam had to deal with the many teenage girl problems. Michelle dated Finn for a while, but now she's awat in college.

ZackZack Addy

Zack was part of the original Jeffersonian team for the first 3 seasons of the show, but then he was found to have helped a murderer and went to a psychiatric prison.  Zack is very smart and quite a geek. He was also very good friends with Hodgins.


Vincent Nigel-MurrayVincent Nigel-Murray

Mr. Nigel-Murray was British and was one of the interns for a long while until he was murdered by sniper Broadsky. He liked to recite interesting facts (trivia) during cases. He once won a million dollars on "Jeopardy!" and then used it to travel around the world.

PelantChristopher Pelant

Pelant was a villain in seasons 7-9. He was a brilliant hacker and serial killer. After the team put him away, he went after each of them, trying to destroy their lives. He framed Brennan for murder, so she had to go on the run with Christine.  Eventually, they caught him and killed him.

Hannah BurleyHannah Burley

She was Booth's girlfriend in season 6. She was a journalist that he had met in Afghanistan. After she moves to DC, Booth proposes to her, but she turns him down, since she doesn't believe in marriage. He's relieved, since he still has feelings for Brennan.


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