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Bones Cast List Page

Who plays who!


Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan - Emily Deschanel
Special Agent Seeley Booth - David Boreanaz
Angela Montenegro - Michaela Conlin
Dr. Jack Hodgins - T.J. Thyne
Dr. Camille Saroyan - Tamara Taylor
Dr. Lance Sweets - John Francis Daley
Caroline Julian - Patricia Belcher
Wendell Bray - Michael Grant Terry
Dr. Clark Edison - Eugene Byrd
Daisy Wick - Carla Gallo
Colin Fisher - Joel David Moore
Max Keenan - Ryan O'Neal
Arastoo Vaziri - Pej Vahdat
Christine Angela Booth - Sunni Pelant
Finn Abernathy - Luke Kleintank
Michelle Welton - Tiffany Hines

Zack Addy - Eric Millegan
Dr. Daniel Goodman - Jonathan Adams
Christine Angela Booth - Susanne Allan Hartman and Ali Louise Hartman (through 2013)
Parker Booth - Ty Panitz
Vincent Nigel-Murray - Ryan Cartwright
FBI Forensic Tech Marcus Geier - David Greenman
FBI Agent Charlie Burns - Nathan Dean
Christopher Pelant - Andrew Leeds
Hannah Burley - Katheryn Winnick
Angela's Dad - Billy Gibbons
Dr. Gordon Wyatt - Stephen Fry
Jared Booth - Brendan Fehr
Russ Brennan - Loren Dean
FBI Special Agent Hayes Flynn - Reed Diamond
FBI Agent Sanders - Adam Lieberman

Most of this Info from Internet Movie Database

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