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Babylon 5 Episode Guide

First Season, Second Season, Third Season, Fourth Season, Fifth Season

FIRST SEASON "Signs and Portents"

The Gathering
(Pilot episode: The mysterious Vorlon delegate arrives and is attacked by a shape-changing Minbari)

Midnight on the Firing Line
(An attack on a peaceful colony fuels hatred between the Narn and Centauri races)

Soul Hunter
(An alien that collects Minbari souls comes to the station )

Born to the Purple
(Londo becomes involved with a spy)

(An old colleague of Stephen's brings a dangerous alien on board)

Parliament of Dreams
(G'Kar's life is threatened and the Commander's old girlfriend appears)

(2 psi corps officers hunt a powerful kinetic telepath on the station)

The War Prayer
(racists attack aliens on the station, led by Ivanova's ex-boyfriend)

And the Sky Full of Stars
(The commander is kidnapped and interrogated about his war experiences)

(A war criminal seeks refuge at the station in exchange for an immortality formula)

(Aliens refuse surgery for their dying child)

(Garibaldi is framed for sabotage of a ship)

By Any Means Necessary
(A shuttle bay accident leads to striking dockworkers)

Signs and Portents
(Londo vies with a group of ruthless thieves to get a priceless Centauri artifact)

(Garibaldi tries to deter a friend from competing in a deadly martial-arts match and Ivanova is visited by her Rabbi)

(A holy man comes to B5 seeking the Grail while a crook uses an alien creature to wipe the minds of his enemies)

(Sinclair becomes the target of a witch hunt headed by a resentful Colonel and a telepath)

(The body of a deceased Minbari leader disappears and a telepath must decide where to go)

A Voice in the Wilderness
(War breaks out on Mars as the Station crew finds life on the nearby planet)

A Voice in the Wilderness Part 2
(Aliens and an Earthforce ship threaten each other above the station while Sinclair and his team try to save the planet)

Babylon Squared
(Babylon 4, long thought to be lost, appears)

The Quality of Mercy
(The doctor searches for an amateur healer, while Talia has to read the mind of a serial killer sentenced to be mind-wiped)

(The president of Earth is killed and the Commander proposes to his girlfriend)

SECOND SEASON "The Coming of Shadows"

Points of Departure
(The new commander is appointed as a renegade Minbari ship appears)

(Dr. Franklin brings Garabaldi out of his coma and Ambassador Delenn emerges from her chrysalis)

Geometry of Shadows
(Techno-mages visit the station while Ivanova plays diplomat)

A Distant Star
(Sheridan's old friend Capt. Maynard visits, bringing news from the rim; Sheridan gets annoyed by the petty concerns of the station; and Franklin puts the officers on strict nutritional diets.)

The Long Dark
(An old ship drifts into the station with 2 frozen humans; a Lurker warns that judgement day is coming)

Spider in the Web
(A Mars colony businessman is murdered while a "dead" assassin is loose on the station)

Soul Mates
(Londo's wives and Talia's ex-husband visit the station)

A Race Through Dark Places
(Psi corps comes back to the station to search for renegade telepaths)

The Coming of Shadows
(The arrival of the Centauri emperor sets G'kar and Londo on different paths; Garibaldi gets a message from Sinclair)

(25,000 troops, commanded by Dr. Franklin's father, visit the station on their way to a dangerous mission)

All Alone in the Night
(Sheridan is taken prisoner and held aboard an alien ship; Delenn is removed from the Grey Council)

Acts of Sacrifice
(G'Kar asks Sheridan to intervene militarily on behalf of the Narn; Ivanova tries to open friendly negotiations with a visiting alien)

Hunter, Prey
(The government searches for a fugitive doctor on B5, who has information on the President's assassination; Sheridan determines to learn from Kosh)

There All the Honor Lies
(Sheridan is framed for the murder of a Minbari youth)

And Now for a Word
(The war, and its effect on the station, is seen through the eyes of a reporter)

In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum
(Sheridan discovers that Morden was on the same ship that disappeared with his wife on it, so he interrogates him.)

(Londo's old friend visits to ask his help; Sheridan investigates a spooky part of the ship and then sees visions.)

Confessions and Lamentations
(A mysterious plague kills aliens and threatens the harmony of the ship as prejudice and fear abound)

Divided Loyalties
(Evidence is brought to the station by Lyta Alexander that one of the command crew is a traitor)

The Long, Twilight Struggle
(Londo is told that the war is about to end; Delenn takes Sheridan down to the planet to visit Draal and asks Sheridan to join the Rangers.)

Comes the Inquisitor
(G'Kar tries to rally the Narn on Babylon 5; Kosh tests Delenn's allegiance by summoning an ancient inquisitor, but Sheridan interferes when he sees the torture being inflicted on her)

The Fall of Night
(As the Centauri war escalates, a Narn warcruiser seeks help from Babylon 5; Earth takes a position in the war. Keffer makes a terrifying discovery about the Nightwatch; Kosh saves Sheridan's life.)

THIRD SEASON "Point of No Return"

Matters of Honor
(An Earth official investigates the Shadows; Sheridan gets a ship, brings Garibaldi and the others in on the Shadows secrets, and meets a Ranger; Londo tries to break ties with Morden)

(A psycho holds the station hostage with explosives; a religious order comes to live on the station.)

A Day in the Strife
(G'kar is ordered home; Sheridan and Ivanova try to deal with irate pilots; Franklin uses too many stimulants; an alien probe makes first contact)

Passing Through Gethsemane
(One of the religious brothers starts seeing weird visions that may be real; Lyta Alexander returns from the Vorlon homeworld.)

Voices of Authority
(A political advisor joins the station; G'kar snoops around about the Rangers; Ivanova meets Draal, finds important evidence, and makes contact with the First Ones.)

Dust to Dust
(Bester returns to the station to find out who's selling a drug to aliens, and find Sheridan and the others cooperate with him as little as possible; G'kar uses the drug to get telepathic powers.)

(Marcus enlists Stephen's help in finding out what happened to an old friend and the two end up being taken prisoner by body-snatching aliens.)

Messages from Earth
(An archaeologist on the run fills Sheridan and crew in on more Shadows news, causing Sheridan and Delenn to go on a dangerous mission with the White Star.)

Point of No Return
(Lady Morella visits Londo and predicts the future; with Earth under martial law, the NightWatch tries to take over and Zack's loyalties are tested.)

Severed Dreams
(The Alexander flees to the station, bringing Earth forces hot on its tail, forcing Sheridan and the rest to take a stand; and Delenn goes to Minbar to force them into the conflict.)

Ceremonies of Light and Dark
(Delenn and Lanier try to get everyone to take part in a Minbari rebirth ceremony, not realizing that she and Sheridan have been made targets by Nightwatch assassins.)

Sic Transit Vir
(Vir meets his future wife, who turns out to have hideous sentiments when it comes to Narns; and Vir's own machinations involving Narn refugees is discovered.)

A Late Delivery from Avalon
(A man claiming to be King Arthur arrives on the station, causing Stephen and Marcus to investigate; Sheridan and Ivanova negotiate with the non-alligned worlds)

Ship of Tears
(Bester and G'Kar join the fight against the Shadows)

Interludes and Examinations
(Londo asks Morden for help against Refa; Sheridan tries to get other races
(and Kosh) to join the alliance against the Shadows)

War Without End, Part One
(Sinclair arrives at the station to get Sheridan and crew to help him take Babylon 4 to the far past)

War Without End, Part Two
(While Sheridan travels through time, Sinclair and the rest struggle to carry out their destinies.)

(Sheridan and crew attack the Shadows while Franklin walks around the ship to find himself)

Grey 17 Is Missing
(Garibaldi is trapped on a strange part of the ship with some weird people and a monster; Delenn is initiated as the new leader of the rangers)

And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place
(Londo works with G'Kar to get Refa)

Shadow Dancing
(Sheridan and crew engage the Shadows in a battle; Stephen finds himself after being stabbed)

(Anna, John's wife, shows up and asks him to come to the Shadow homeworld with her)

FOURTH SEASON "No Surrender, No Retreat"

The Hour of the Wolf
(Londo goes back to Centauri and plots to kill the emperor; with the news of John's death, Susan has trouble keeping the other worlds from abandoning the fight; she and Delenn travel to Z'ha'dum to look for Sheridan)

Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?
(Sheridan talks to Lorien, one of the old ones; Delenn convinces the rangers to attack Z'ha'dum; G'kar searches for Garibaldi and is captured by the Centauri)

The Summoning
(The emperor tortures G'Kar; Zack finds Garibaldi; Sheridan returns and unites the alliance)

Falling Toward Apotheosis
(Lorien tells John and Delenn that John won't live to be that old because of his "death" but he asks her to marry him; Epsilon 3 is set up to treat wounded refugees; Londo finds out the emperor's plans for their planet; Sheridan and Garibaldi get rid of Kosh, with the help of Lorien and the old Kosh)

The Long Night
(Disgusted by the emperor, Londo and Vir plot to get rid of him; Ivanova and Lorien go looking for more First Ones; Sheridan finds out that the Shadows have a new weapon.)

Into the Fire
(Londo figures out what Morden really is and works on destroying him and the Shadows on Centauri; The "Army of Light" has its final battle with the Shadows.)

(Bester becomes a temporary ally while Garibaldi resigns.)

The Illusion of Truth
(ISN does a slanted news story about the station.)

(Delenn is called back home to defend her relationship with Sheridan; Franklin and Marcus are sent to Mars.)

Racing Mars
(Marcus and Stephen head to Mars to talk to the rebels; Sheridan confronts Garibaldi.)

Lines of Communication
(Marcus and Stephen must convince the rebels to help unseat Clark; Delenn investigates attacks on Minbar's allies while her planet goes toward civil war.)

Conflicts of Interests
(Garibaldi helps some people; Sheridan and Susan broadcast their own counter-propaganda while helping out the non-alligned worlds from Shadow allies.)

Rumors, Bargains and Lies
(Sheridan tricks the League of Non-Aligned Worlds into accepting his proposed defense pact; Delenn tries to work with an old rival to defuse a brewing Minbari civil war.)

Moments of Transition
(On Minbar, Delenn must surrender to the warrior cast; meanwhile on the station, Lyta looks for employment and Bester visits to make her an offer.)

No Surrender, No Retreat
(The Resistance liberates Proxima 3; Londo tries to make peace with G'Kar.)

The Exercise of Vital Powers
(Garibaldi goes to meet his boss and gets more than he bargained for; Lyta helps Franklin try to revive the frozen telepaths.)

The Face of the Enemy
(Garibaldi convinces Sheridan to meet him by helping the enemy find his father)

Intersections in Real Time
(Sheridan is tortured by Clark's people)

Between the Darkness and the Light
(Sheridan is rescued by Garibaldi and the Mars Resistance. Clark's forces attack the fleet, critically injuring Ivanova.)

(Sheridan uses the telepaths to defeat the Earth forces; President Clark commits suicide; Marcus uses the healing machine to heal a dying Ivanova, killing himself.)

Rising Star
(Sheridan is made President of the Alliance; he and Delenn marry.)

The Deconstruction of Falling Stars
(The future of the Earth Alliance and how it is seen by future generations is shown through vidclips from the far-flung future at Earth's death.)

SEASON FIVE "Wheel of Fire"

No Compromises
(Captain Elizabeth Lochley arrives to run the station; a group of telepaths is given a place to live and saves Sheridan's life at his swearing-in ceremony)

The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari
(Londo has a heart attack and must make his peace with G'kar in order to survive; Lennier bids goodbye to Delenn as he prepares to become a Ranger.)

The Paragon of Animals
(Garibaldi gets Sheridan to agree to use the telepaths to act as spies for them; Byron starts to sway Lyta to his side; G'Kar writes the Alliance's Book of Principles.)

A View from the Gallery
(The action is seen from the viewpoint of two lowly crewmen, Mack and Bo, as aliens attack the station.)

Learning Curve
(Two young Minbari training to be Rangers arrive at the station with their mentor; a criminal tries to run Down Below his way, including kidnapping Garibaldi and holding him for ransom.)

Strange Relations
(Garibaldi finds out Lockley's secret; Bester tries to take the telepaths off the station;  G'kar becomes Londo's bodyguard; Lyta joins Byron's cause.)

Secrets of the Soul
(I haven't seen this one yet, sorry)

Day of the Dead
(Because of a cultural misunderstanding, Lockley sells part of the station to the Brakiri, who celebrate their "Day of the Dead"; this causes some of the B5 regulars to meet dead friends and acquaintances.)

In the Kingdom of the Blind
(While visiting Centauri Prime, G'kar and Londo suspect that all is not right with the Emperor and his court; Centauri ships are secretly attacking the Alliance; the telepaths get in hot water with some members of the Alliance and demand their own homeland.)

A Tragedy of Telepaths
(Some of the telepaths take hostages and ignore Byron's words; Bester and his people are called in to get rid of the telepaths after violence erupts;  G'kar and Londo find N'toth in one of the Centauri dungeons but it's not easy getting her out.)

Phoenix Rising
(Bester and Byron have their showdown, despite Garibaldi, Lyta, and Sheridan's attempts to bring the fighting to a peaceful solution; Garibaldi discovers that he can't kill Bester so he turns to the bottle.)

The Ragged Edge
(Garibaldi goes to the Drazi homeworld to find out who's been attacking Alliance ships, but he barely gets out alive and his friend gets killed, because of his irresponsible drinking; G'kar learns he is now highly regarded among his people because of his book; Stephen leaves the station to become head of xenobiological research back on Earth.)

The Corps is Mother, The Corps is Father
(We gain insight into what makes Bester tick as he and two new Psi Corps trainees search for a rogue telepath killer on B5; not a pretty sight!)

Meditations on the Abyss
(Although Lennier is supposed to be training with the Rangers, he is on a secret mission that Delenn sent him on, to find out who's raiding Alliance ships.  Londo chooses Vir to be the new Ambassador.  Garibaldi continues to drink.)

Darkness Ascending
(Lennier is shocked by what he sees while on his mission and barely makes it back alive.   Lise visits Garibaldi but they have trouble getting along due to his drinking.   Lyta tries to make a deal with G'kar to help the telepaths.  The Alliance meets to hear the evidence and decide what to do with the Centauri. )

And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder
(The Alliance declares war on the Centauri.  Londo and G'Kar are arrested on Centauri.  Zack finds out about Garibaldi's drinking but says he'll let him work it out on his own.)

Movements of Fire and Shadow
(Because of Garibaldi's drinking, things escalate and  both the Narn and the Drazi go to destroy the Centauri homeworld.  Sheridan's forces move to stop them. On their way to deliver an important message to Minbar, Delenn and Lennier have been attacked by Centauri warships. Their White Star was left crippled and drifting in hyperspace. Londo finds out from the dying emperor that all of the planet's defense forces were sent away. Londo gets out but he's too late.)

The Fall of Centauri Prime

Objects in Motion

Objects at Rest

Wheel of Fire

Sleeping in Light

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