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30 Rock Cast List

Who Plays whom?

  • Jack Donaghy - Alec Baldwin
    Tracy Jordan - Tracy Morgan
    Liz Lemon - Tina Fey
    Jenna Maroney - Jane Krakowski
    Kenneth Parcell - Jack McBrayer
    Pete Hornberger - Scott Adsit
    Cerie - Katrina Bowden
    Dot Com - Kevin Brown
    Grizz - Grizz Chapman
    J.D. Lutz - John Lutz
    Frank Rossitano - Judah Friedlander
    Toofer - Keith Powell

  • Past Cast Members

    Jonathan - Maulik Pancholy
    Josh Girard - Lonny Ross
    Sue - Sue Galloway
    Dr. Leo Spaceman - Chris Parnell
    Greta Johanssen - Rachel Dratch
    Avery Jessup - Elizabeth Banks
    Floyd - Jason Sudeikis
    Dennis Duffy - Dean Winters
    Kathy Geiss - Marceline Hugot
    Angie Jordan - Sherri Shepherd
    Danny Baker - Cheyenne Jackson
    Stage Manager - Teddy Coluca
    Devon Banks - Will Arnett
    Paul - Will Forte
    Subhas - Subhas Ramsaywack
    Colleen Donaghy - Elaine Stritch
    Don Geiss - Rip Torn
    Bum - Hannibal Buress
    Dr. Drew Baird - Jon Hamm
    Elisa Padriera - Salma Hayek
    Himself - Brian Williams
    Lenny Wosniak - Steve Buscemi

Most of this Info from Internet Movie Database

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