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Jack Bauer icon On the Day: The 24 Fanlisting
Kim Bauer icon Fading Truth: 24 Season One Fanlisting
24 icon Time Is Running Out - The Official Fanlisting for the 2nd Season
Jack icon The Darkest Hour-Day 2-2:00am-3:00am Fanlisting
Jack and Nina icon Day 3 Dirty Games 10-11pm Fanlisting
24 icon You'll Know Soon Enough- Day 3 7-8pm Fanlisting
24 icon On The Edge: 24 Season Three Fanlisting
Jack Bauer icon Hero! - The Jack Bauer Fanlisting
Kiefer icon Gorgeous! Kiefer Sutherland Fanlisting
Jack and Tony icon Brothers in Arms: The Official Jack and Tony Fanlisting
Jack and Chase icon Partners: The Jack Bauer and Chase Edmunds Fanlisting
Jack and David icon Compatriots: The Official Jack Bauer/David Palmer Fanlisting
Jack and Kim icon The Long Road Home - The Official Jack & Kim Bauer Fanlisting
Elisha icon Insomniac Dreams-Elisha Cuthbert Fanlisting
24 icon This Isn't Over Yet.: The Official Jack/Nina Fanlisting.
Jack, Nina and Tony icon Holy Trinity - The Official Jack/Nina/Tony Relationship Fanlisting
Tony icon Smouldering: The Tony Almeida Fanlisting
Carlos Bernard icon Caliente! The Official Carlos Bernard Fanlisting
Nina and Tony icon Incisive- The Official Nina Myers/Tony Almeida Fanlisting
Tony and Kim icon True Faith--The Official Tony Almeida/Kim Bauer Fanlisting
David Palmer icon Presidential: The Official David Palmer Fanlisting
Sherry Palmer icon Woman Scorned-The Sherry Palmer Fanlisting
Tony and Michelle icon Tomorrow--The Official Fanlisting for the relationship between Michelle and Tony
Nina Myers icon Devil's Advocate - The Nina Myers Fanlisting
Sarah Clarke icon Sarah Clarke Official Fanlisting
Yusuf icon Courage Under Fire: The Official Yusuf Auda Fanlisting
Michelle icon Loyal Tears: Michelle Dessler Fanlisting
George Mason icon Sarcasmic - The George Mason Fanlisting
Reiko Aylesworth icon Beautiful Angel: The Reiko Aylesworth Fanlisting
Sarah Wynter icon Wynter Breeze: The Sarah Wynter Fanlisting
Chase Edmunds icon Apprentice-The Chase Edmunds Fanlisting
James Badge Dale icon Badge-The Fanlisting (James Badge Dale)
Kim Raver icon The Perfect Girl - The Kim Raver Fanlisting
Alberta Watson icon The Official Alberta Watson Fanlisting
Lou Diamond Phillips icon Diamond-a Lou Diamond Philips Fanlisting
Ira Gaines icon Good Luck--The Official Ira Gaines Fanlisting
Eric Balfour icon Unpredictable Charisma - The Official Eric Balfour Fanlisting
Ryan Chappelle icon Blind Ambition - The Official Ryan Chappelle Fanlisting
Milo Pressman icon Foothill94022-The Official Milo Pressman Fanlisting
Fakeyork icon A Fight With Your Wife -- The Official Fakeyork Fanlisting
Mike Novick icon Palace Coup-The Official Mike Novick Fanlisting
Aaron Pierce icon Nothing to be sorry for - the Aaron Pierce Fanlisting
Mandy icon Danger Slut: The Official Mandy Fanlisting
Lynn KResge icon Heels of Steel: The Lynn Kresge Fanlisting
Kim and Rick icon Remain...The Official Kim/Rick Fanlisting
Rick icon Crisis of Conscience: Rick Fanlisting
Keith Palmer icon Prodigal Son; The Keith Palmer Fanlisting
Adam Kaufman icon Dataphile...The Adam Kaufman Fanlisting
David and Sherry icon Politics of Love--The Official David/Sherry Fanlisting
Tony and Ryan icon Power Plays -- The Official Tony Almeida/Ryan Chappelle Fanlisting
Keifer Sutherland icon Enigmatic - Keifer Sutherland Fanlisting
D.B. Woodside icon D.B. Woodside Fanlisting
Elisha Cuthbert icon Girl Next Door - Elisha Cuthbert Fanlisting
Janeane Garafolo icon Acerbic Wit - Janeane Garofalo Fanlisting
Kim Raver Dashing - Kim Raver Fanlisting
Paul Wesley icon Captivating - Paul Wesley Fanlisting
Alluring - Annie Wersching Fanlisting

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