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24 Cast List

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Who plays whom on 24?

Kiefer Sutherland .... Jack Bauer
Elisha Cuthbert .... Kimberly 'Kim' Bauer (2001-2004)
Sarah Clarke .... Nina Myers (2001-2003)
Dennis Haysbert .... Sen./President David Palmer (2001-2004)
Leslie Hope .... Teri Bauer (2001-2002)
Carlos Bernard .... Tony Almeida (2001-2004)
Xander Berkeley .... George Mason (2001-2003)
Penny Johnson .... Sherry Palmer (2001-2004) (as Penny Johnson Jerald)
Reiko Aylesworth .... Michelle Dessler Almeida (2002-2004)
Sarah Wynter .... Kate Warner (2002-2003)
James Badge Dale .... Chase Edmunds (2003-2004)
Kim Raver .... Audrey Heller (2005-)
Alberta Watson .... Erin Driscoll (2005-)
William Devane .... James Heller (2005-)


Shohreh Aghdashloo .... Dina Araz
Jonathan Ahdout .... Ravi Araz
Karina Arroyave .... Jamey Farrell
Daniel Bess .... Rick
Richard Burgi .... Alan York
Matthew Carey .... Dan
Mia Kirshner .... Mandy
Rudolf Martin .... Martin Belkin
Jacqui Maxwell .... Janet York
Devika Parikh .... Maureen Kingsley
Megalyn Echikunwoke .... Nicole Palmer
Michael Massee .... Ira Gaines
Michael O'Neill .... Richard Walsh
Vicellous Reon Shannon .... Keith Palmer (as Vicellous Shannon)
John Hawkes .... Greg Penticoff
Eric Balfour .... Milo Pressman
Silas Weir Mitchell .... Eli
Currie Graham .... Ted Cofell
Zeljko Ivanek .... Andre Drazen
Tamara Tunie .... Alberta Green
Misha Collins .... Alexis Drazen
Paul Schulze .... Ryan Chappelle
Kara Zediker .... Elizabeth Nash
Navi Rawat .... Melanie
Lou Diamond Phillips .... Mark DeSalvo
Dennis Hopper .... Victor Drazen
Anthony Azizi .... Mamud Rasheed Faheen
Billy Burke .... Gary Matheson
Michelle Forbes .... Lynne Kresge
Sara Gilbert .... Paula Schaeffer
Phillip Rhys .... Reza Naiyeer
Steven Culp .... Agent Ted Simmons
Kevin Dillon .... Lonnie McRae
Mary Lynn Rajskub .... Chloe O'Brian
Reiko Aylesworth .... Michelle Dessler

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