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  • Elisabeth Moss is nominated for an Emmy for Best Actress in a Drama for her role in “The Handmaid’s Tale.” The Emmys will air Sunday, September 19, 2021 on CBS.


  • Jared Harris is nominated for an Emmy Award for Lead Actor in a Limited Series or a Television Movie in "Chernobyl." The 2019 Primetime Emmy Awards, honoring the best in TV programming, will be handed out Sunday, Sept. 22. The show will air live on Fox starting at 5 p.m. PT from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.
  • Kiernan Shipka (Sally) was nominated for a 2019 Teen Choice Award for Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actress for "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina."
  • Abigail Spencer (Suzanne) is nominated for a Teen Choice Award for Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actress (#ChoiceSciFiTVActress).  Vote Now! The show Airs Sunday, August 13, LIVE on FOX
  • Jon Hamm Helps Reveal the NHL’s Top 100 Players of All Time

    NEW YORK, DECEMBER 15, 2016 -- A new Smithsonian Channel four-part series provides an inside look into the men and women who re-invented the advertising industry from post-WWII America through the 1980s. Driven by memorable, classic ad campaigns, many of which are in the collections of the Smithsonian--s National Museum of American History, the series also features clips and interviews with the creators of the groundbreaking series Mad Men. THE REAL MAD MEN OF ADVERTISING premieres Sunday, January 8th at 9 p.m. ET/PT.
    In 2015, the National Museum of American History accepted a donation of artifacts, costumes and props from the series Mad Men against the backdrop of actual advertising history as displayed in its exhibition, American Enterprise. THE REAL MAD MEN OF ADVERTISING uses these museum objects to explore the fascinating commercials and ad campaigns of mid-century America. Ads from Howdy Doody to MTV reveal the impact of commercial culture, while clips and interviews with Mad Men cast and crew members offer a glimpse into the meticulously constructed world of the iconic series. Their stories are set alongside interviews with the real ad men and women of the 1950s through the 1980s -- from the top ad creators of the 1950s to Brooke Shields, who as a teen model was the centerpiece of a controversial early 1980s Calvin Klein ad campaign.
    Premieres Sunday, January 8th at 9 p.m. ET/PT
    In a post-war world, advertisers tantalized consumers with visions of futuristic homes and cars, shiny jewelry, and the newest home appliances. Advertising harnessed buying power that created an unprecedented consumer boom. Advertisers discovered an entirely new, fast-growing market -- children -- and began to market directly to them on shows like Howdy Doody. The decade saw the proliferation of the most powerful selling machine of all: television. What was previously shown in print advertisements and heard on radio ads was now seen and heard through the new and exciting medium of television - piped directly into living rooms. From --doctors-- hawking cigarettes, to the newest fins on Cadillacs, to --Does She Or Doesn--t She-- -- the ad men and women of the Fifties were re-inventing culture.
    Premieres Sunday, January 15th at 9 p.m. ET/PT
    Starting with a game-changing Volkswagen ad created by Doyle Dane Bernbach that used self-deprecating humor, the --creative revolution-- was born. Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner explains why he began his series with the launch of the Creative Revolution. Rejecting old-fashioned advertising gospel, these new mad men and women questioned everything that advertisers once held to be true. This change in tone was made possible by new voices in advertising, as diverse talent broke into the exclusive --white shoe-- agencies. The 60s were a time of unrest and change, with protests and riots in the street -- and Madison Avenue tried to capitalize on it. As the civil rights movement gained traction, advertising was called upon to integrate. At the same time, the mystique of the counter-culture challenged the consumerism that was being pushed upon them. Ruled by the almighty dollar, advertisers were forced to change.
    Premieres Sunday, January 22nd at 9 p.m. ET/PT
    The Regulation Revolution of the 1970s was a time when consumers got hip, government got involved, and advertisers got scared into action. The name of the game for Madison Avenue was --trust-- -- both losing it and reclaiming it. Kicked off by the banning of cigarette television commercials, it--s a decade when consumers got smart and angry, and advertisers employed the tools of the creative revolution to try and win them back with plain talk and honesty. This episode tells the story of the rise of the consumer movement, championed by Ralph Nader and his --Nader--s Raiders.-- If the 1960s promised a better world, the 70s faced the reality of delivering it. Progress is a bumpy road, but one ad -- and Mad Men finale centerpiece -- fills airwaves with a song of diversity, peace and optimism. The commercial featuring --I--d like to buy the world a Coke-- may be considered the greatest ad of all time. It certainly looked and felt the way America wanted things to be.
    Premieres Sunday, January 29th at 9 p.m. ET/PT
    The 1980s were a time when greed was good, 24-hour sponsored programming was legal, and advertising became entertainment. Out of the economic hardship of the 1970s, the election of Ronald Reagan offered a welcome brand of optimism. A Madison Avenue dream team delivered a Reagan campaign commercial that put his candidacy over the top -- promising --Morning in America.-- Political confidence fueled an era of heavy consumption and new categories of designer products. Fifteen-year-old model Brooke Shields starred in the most controversial campaign of the decade, for Calvin Klein jeans -- a steamy ad that was later pulled from major networks. Calvin Klein went on to make men--s underwear a fashion statement - setting the bar for the sexy, well-groomed 1980s man. Hispanic-Americans found representation that they were so dearly lacking in the advertising industry. A 1984 Super Bowl commercial, directed by Ridley Scott, introduced the Apple Macintosh that promised to revolutionize the world. At the same time, cable television exploded and MTV became a network that spoke to teens in a way no one had before. With this first generation of music videos, content and commercial became indistinguishable.
    THE REAL MAD MEN OF ADVERTISING is produced by Biscuit Century for Smithsonian Channel. Executive producers for Biscuit Century are Molly Herman and Rob Lyall. Tim Evans and David Royle serve as executive producers for Smithsonian Channel.
    Smithsonian Channel?, owned by Smithsonian Networks?, a joint venture between Showtime Networks Inc. and the Smithsonian Institution, is where curiosity lives, inspiration strikes and wonders never cease. This is the place for awe-inspiring stories, powerful documentaries and amazing entertainment across multiple platforms. Smithsonian Channel combines the storytelling prowess of SHOWTIME® with the unmatched resources and rich traditions of the Smithsonian, to create award-winning programming that shines new light on popular genres such as air and space, history, science, nature, and pop culture. Among the network--s offerings are series including Aerial America, Million Dollar American Princesses, Polar Bear Town, The Weapon Hunter, The Lost Tapes, Mighty Ships, Mighty Planes and Air Disasters, as well as critically-acclaimed specials that include Building Star Trek; The Unknown Flag Raiser of Iwo Jima; MLK: The Assassination Tapes and The Day Kennedy Died. Smithsonian Networks also operates Smithsonian Earth?, through SN Digital LLC., a new subscription video streaming service delivering spectacular original nature and wildlife content. To learn more, go to, or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Watch the entire show from the beginning!

  • Late Night with Seth Meyers Jan. 18
    Rob Corddry on Working with Jon Hamm Jon Hamm is the best guest star ever on Children's Hospital.  
  • Congratulations to Jon Hamm, who won a Golden Globe Award last night for "Mad Men" for Best performance by an actor in a television series, drama!
  • "Mad Men: The Final Season, Part 2 [Blu-ray + Digital HD]" DVD Review
  • Consulting producer Marti Noxon created the great new show "Unreal" on Lifetime about life behind the scenes at a "Bachelor"-like show.
  • From tvshowsondvd: Mad Men - Package Art for 'The Complete Collection' on DVD, Blu-ray
    Coming in mid-October along with 'The Final Season, Part 2'
    Two weeks ago we passed along word that (the Canadian branch of the e-tailer) had added pre-order listings for an October 13th street date of both Mad Men - The Final Season, Part 2 (DVD and Blu-ray, CA$39.98 SRP) and Mad Men - The Complete Collection as well (DVD and Blu-ray, CA$209.98 SRP). Lionsgate hasn't formally announced these titles to the press so far, but the studio has reached out to retailers and shown off the package art - the outside box alone, and again with the inside contents - of The Complete Collection gift set.
    We've got that (ahem) advertisement for you below, and as you can see there are a pair of tumbler glasses included with the discs! There are no new details yet, really, but the disc counts we reported before (32 DVDs, 23 Blu-ray Discs) are confirmed, as is the date, and the cost in the U.S.A. will also be $209.98 SRP (well, a penny less than that for the Blu version). English subtitles, closed captioning, and Digital Copies of the episodes are also included on board for both versions. No other info as of yet, nor is there info or artwork for The Final Season, Part 2 at this time. Stay tuned for updates, however!
  • From tvshowsondvd: Mad Men - Date for 'The Final Season, Part 2' and 'The Complete Collection'
    Blu-ray and DVD listings found for both titles at the Canadian branch of Amazon
    Lionsgate Entertainment hasn't announced any of it to retailers yet, but nevertheless the Canadian branch of the biggest online retailer - - is showing a number of pre-order listings slated to be available on October 13th:
    Mad Men - The Final Season, Part 2 {3 discs}
    Mad Men - The Final Season, Part 2 (Blu-ray) {2 discs}
    Mad Men - The Complete Collection {32 discs}
    Mad Men - The Complete Collection (Blu-ray) {23 discs}
    Amazon Canada's listings for The Final Season, Part 2 are both priced at CA$39.98 SRP, and both entries for The Complete Collection are similarly priced the same, at CA$209.98 SRP. Package art and details, including new extras (if any), haven't been revealed so far. Stay tuned for updates, as further developments occur!
  • What the Cast is Doing Next
  • Matthew Weiner video: He talks about the show ending
  • An Interview With the Real-Life Ad Man Who Created That Coca-Cola Commercial
  • Rich Sommer (Harry) and a puppet sing the theme
  • Mad Men Fans React to Series Finale
  • ‘Mad Men’ Creator Matt Weiner on Turning Early Critics’ Barbs Into Success
  • 'Mad Men's' Matthew Weiner greets the end with exhilaration, woe
  • What I'll Miss Most About Mad Men
  • What Did Mad Men Really Tell Us About American History?
  • Growing Up on ‘Mad Men’: A Conversation With Matthew Weiner and Kiernan Shipka
  • Watch Don Draper’s Kodak Carousel Project Seven Seasons of Mad Men Memories
  • Interview with Danny Strong, writer, Executive Producer, and Co-creator of "Empire" on FOX 3/12/15 (He played writer Danny Siegel 2010-2013)
  • January Jones: My Confidence Disappeared When I Got 'Pretty'
  • Five Things We Just Learned About 'Mad Men'

  • Mad Men: the Final Season-Part 1 DVD Review
  • Jon Hamm’s Million Dollar Arm Bloopers; Elisabeth Moss on Marie Claire Branché Cover
  • Mad Men - Lionsgate Announces 'The Final Season, Part 1': Date, Extras, Trippy Box Art
    The first half of the seventh and last season is confirmed for late October
    MAD MEN: The Final Season, Part 1, is the beginning of the end for television's most celebrated show-four-time Primetime Emmy winner for Outstanding Drama Series and winner of three consecutive Golden Globes. Set in the captivating world of 1960s New York, MAD MEN continues to follow iconic ad man Don Draper (Golden Globe winner Jon Hamm), his colleagues and his family.
    Cast: Jon Hamm, John Slattery, Elisabeth Moss, January Jones, Vincent Kartheiser, Christina Hendricks, Michael Gladis, Aaron Staton, Rich Sommer, Kiernan Shipka, Kevin Rahm, Christopher Stanley, Jay R. Ferguson, Ben Feldman, Mason Vale Cotton. Loaded with Special Features: Commentaries, interviews and innovative special features examining the time period and culture of the Mad Men era.
    At the end of last month, we passed along word that there was a possible release date - October 21st - for the first half of the 7th and final season of the hugely popular show. Now Lionsgate has verified this street date to retailers for Mad Men - The Final Season, Part 1 on DVD (3 discs, $39.98 SRP) and high-def Blu-ray (2 discs, $39.97 SRP). Besides the extras mentioned at the end of the studio description quoted above, and the UltraViolet digit copies of each episode mentioned on the package art shown below, the studio also mentions to retailers the following (special features may not be finalized yet, and could be subject to change):
    "Gay Power" Featurette
    "The Trial of the Chicago Eight: Parts One and Two" Featurette
    "The Best Things in Life are Free" Featurette
  • Matthew Weiner on reworking 'Are You Here,' ending 'Mad Men'
  • 'Mad Men' happy hour with Don Draper oysters, Betty's wedge at Nick + Stef's
  • Matthew Weiner Talks 'Mad Men': Don Draper, Dick Whitman And The Series Finale
  • 'Mad Men' Theory: Peggy & Joan Will Become the New Don & Roger By The Series Finale
  • ‘Mad Men's’ Christina Hendricks on a Peggy-Joan Spinoff: We Joked It Would Be Like ‘Laverne & Shirley’
  • Here's why Roger Sterling is the best character on 'Mad Men'
  • Elisabeth Moss: Shooting The 'Mad Men' Finale Was 'Like A Funeral'
  • When 'Mad Men' Season 7 Comes Back Peggy & Stan Must Hook Up... Like, Immediately
  • Christina Hendricks Says Agency Dropped Her When She Agreed to Play Joan in Mad Men
  • Things Get Messy Between Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon
  • Top Moments: Mad Men's Nip Snip, Castle Goes Up in Flames 5/15
  • "Time Zones" Sunday, April 13, 10:00pm
    The Final season of Mad Men begins this Sunday 10/9c!
    Video: Then and Now: Don Draper: Mad Men
    Q&A - Jon Hamm (Don Draper)
    Pandora Launches Mad Men Station
    Q&A – Matthew Weiner (Series Creator and Executive Producer)
    Ten Ways to Get Ready for the Premiere of Mad Men'
    Get a New Season 7 Avatar With the Updated Mad Men Yourself
  • Jon Hamm mocks '90s dating show appearance on 'Late Late Show
  • Time Spotlights Mad Men; TV Guide Learns Matthew Weiner’s Season 7 Thoughts
  • From Twitter: Indulge with us. Watch full episodes of instantly:

  • Mad Men's Kiernan Shipka Shows Off Her Style Savvy At LA's Hunger Games: Catching Fire Premiere
  • Mad Men Actors Take to the Big Screen This Winter
  • 'Mad Men' Actor Christopher Stanley Signs With APA (Exclusive) (Henry)
  • VOTE for Jon Hamm for Favorite Dramatic Movie Actor, and for Bert Cooper for Favorite TV Character We Miss Most in the People's Choice Awards!
  • From Question: How will Mad Men‘s split season impact how Matt Weiner writes the final 14 episodes? For example, will he view Episode 7 as a season finale, and treat it accordingly, or will it be just a regular episode? —Dave
    Ausiello: It’s a great question, and I tried to coax an answer out of the typically tight-lipped auteur at Sunday’s Emmys (shocker: I think I succeeded.) “I’m interested in entertainment and I want the audience to be glued to it and I want them to be addicted and I want them to come back,” he said. “So I will do everything I can in those seven episodes to tell a story where they’ll be like, ‘What is the rest of this?’” (Click here to watch the full Weiner Q&A.)
  • ‘Mad Men’ Final Season To Air In Two Batches ala Breaking Bad
  • Mad Men Spinoff - Not Moving Forward
  • 'Mad Men' Spoilers: John Slattery Jokes That Matt Weiner Threatens Cast About Leaks (VIDEO)
  • From The first 2013 Primetime Emmy Awards were handed out this afternoon at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards ceremony at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles.
    Matt Weiner, whose Mad Men suffered a historic shutout last year with 17 nominations and no wins, was optimistic heading into the ceremony. “Ya know what, anything would be great,” he said. “I would love to see one of our (guest) actors recognized. Linda (Cardellini), Harry (Hamlin), Robert Morse. None of our actors have been recognized (with wins). We’ve never won an editing or cinematography award.” Asked whether Mad Men would possibly do a Season 8 if the price was right, Weiner said: “No, no, it’s not about the deal. I want to wrap the show up. I have a good vibe for what we’re doing in this last piece and that’s the way to go. Will there be more TV and film in my life? I hope so. I’ve written a play. I don’t expect this (the Emmy sensation) to happen again. That would be greedy.”
    Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner and series’ nominated guest actress Linda Cardellini came out to present several Emmys for hairstyling, and the chrome-domed Weiner recognized the irony. “I want you to be honest,” he said to Cardellini. “I think (my hair is) thinning a little bit.” Cardellini went on with the gag before a still flashed onscreen showing Weiner with a horrid wig, drawing a few guffaws from the crowd inside the Nokia.

  • Mad Men is nominated for an Emmy this year for Outstanding Drama Series. Elisabeth Moss (Peggy) is nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series, Jon Hamm (Don) is nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, and Christina Hendricks (Joan) is nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series; Robert Morse and Harry Hamlin are both nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series.  Linda Cardellini (Sylvia) is nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series. Also, Elisabeth Moss (Peggy) is nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie for "Top Of The Lake". The Emmys air September 22 2013 at 5:00pm on CBS.

  • Mad Men "In Care Of" Sunday June 23 10:00pm
    In the Season 6 finale, Don has a problem.
    Next on Mad Men: Episode 613
    Six Ways to Get Ready for the Mad Men Season Finale This Sunday
    Mad Men's Season Finale, directed by Series Creator/Executive Producer Matthew Weiner, airs this Sun., Jun. 23 at 10/9c. Looking for ways to occupy the hours until then? Here are six ways to get ready for the Season 6 Finale, "In Care Of."
    The Mad Men Fashion File - Evil Twins
    Don't adjust your television set: Each of these outfits has an evil twin that costume designer Janie Bryant ties back into the character's story arc.
    Jon Hamm Talks His New Film With Sporting News; Linda Cardellini Visits Daily Show
    Plus, Vincent Kartheiser, Kevin Rahm and Kiernan Shipka discuss their characters.

  • Writers Guild Names 101 Best-Written Shows Ever: What Made the List? What Got Snubbed?

  • Mad Men Recap: Signs and Blunders

  • Q&A - Christopher Stanley (Henry Francis) In this interview, Christopher Stanley (Henry Francis on AMC's Mad Men) explains why he prefers Betty as a blonde.
    Elisabeth Moss Chats with THR Emmy Roundtable; EW Calls Betty Mad Men's Secret Hero

  • Mad Men's Bob Benson: Good Guy, or Some Kind of Spy? View the Evidence and Make the Call

  • Interview | Jessica Pare (Megan Draper) Q&A - Jessica Pare (Megan Draper) In this interview, Jessica Pare, (Megan Draper on AMC's Mad Men) reveals how she feels about "the old Don" and why her character isn't the "easy choice."
    Features Elisabeth Moss Receives Critics' Choice Award Nom; Aaron Staton Talks Tap Dancing With NYT

  • Mad Men Interview Q&A - Christina Hendricks (Joan Harris)
    Jon Hamm on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart; Matthew Weiner Discusses Season 6 with NPR
    Q&A - Christina Hendricks (Joan Harris)

  • Q&A - Vincent Kartheiser (Pete Campbell)

  • Q&A - Elisabeth Moss (Peggy Olson) In this interview, Elisabeth Moss, (Peggy Olson on AMC's Mad Men) discusses what advice she'd give her character and the most emotional scene of her career. 
    Features Jon Hamm Heads to Sesame Street; Alison Brie in Esquire Photo Shoot
    Deepen Your Mad Men Experience Six Ways to Get Something More From Mad Men Every Week
    Feel like you can never get enough Mad Men? Check out these six ways to enhance your Mad Men experience week after week! Also, be sure to check out the full episode of the Mad Men Season 6 premiere online now through Tue., Apr. 30.
    What's Your Favorite Quote from Mad Men Season 6 Episode 4? Vote Now
    Brian Williams Interviews Mad Men Cast; Matthew Weiner, John Slattery Chat with CBS
    This week, NBC's Brian Williams moderates a Paley Center panel of Matthew Weiner and several members from the Mad Men cast, while CBS This Morning speaks with Weiner and John Slattery. Plus, Christina Hendricks visits The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and January Jones jokes around on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

  • Mad Men Interview Q&A - Jon Hamm (Don Draper) In this interview, Jon Hamm (Don Draper on AMC's Mad Men) discusses the nature of change and his biggest hope for his character this season. 
    Features New York Times Analyzes Mad Men Season 6; Mad Men Tops THR's Power Rankings

  • Interview with Rich Sommer (Harry)

  • Hilarious! Fat Betty

  • Download Episodes from Seasons 1 thru 3: iTunes and Amazon

  • Mad Men: 2013 Wall Calendar

  • Enter to win a trip to Hawaii and more from AMC's Mad Men Ends 5/7
  • 'Mad Men' Creator on Le Cirque Gaffe: 'It Was a Terrible Error'
  • January Jones on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" 4/23/13. January Jones on NYC, South Dakota Jimmy asks January about South Dakota accents.
    January Jones on "Mad Men" Jimmy asks January about what it takes to transform her into Betty Draper on "Mad Men."
  • Don't miss an all-new episode of Mad Men this Sunday at 10/9c on AMC.  Mad Men Full Season Premiere Episode Online
    Video - Mad Men Season Premiere Episode Now Online - 
    AMC's Mad Men returned with a special 2-hour Season 6 premiere episode last Sunday. Whether you missed it or want to re-watch it, is now streaming the full episode in its entirety for free. Take note: The premiere will only be available online for a limited time.
    Show Your Mad Men Spirit With a New Season 6 Avatar or Wallpaper 
    Who doesn't fantasize about joining Don and Megan in Waikiki? Well, now you can make that dream a virtual reality -- with the Mad Men Yourself app. Simply create a new avatar then choose illustrator Dyna Moe's new Season 6 backdrop which transports you post haste to a tropical beach with Don and Megan drinking a Blue Hawaiian. Don't forget to share your new avatar on Facebook afterwards.
    Click here to get the new Mad Men Season 6 background
    Click here to download a desktop wallpaper of Dyna Moe's new illustration.
    Q&A - Matthew Weiner (Series Creator)
    Featured Video Inside Episode 601 & 602 Mad Men: The Doorway
  • ‘Mad Men’ Season 6 Premiere Review
  • Mad Men Season 6 Premieres This Sunday
    In the Season 6 two-hour premiere, "The Doorway", Don spearheads a new campaign, Roger gets some unsettling news, and Betty takes in a houseguest. Featured Video
    Six Ways to Get Ready for the Mad Men Season 6 Premiere Sun., Apr. 7
    Anticipation is mounting for Mad Men's return this Sunday with a special two-hour premiere at 9/8c on AMC. Looking for ways to keep busy until then? Here are six things to do to get ready for the Season 6 Premiere, "The Doorway." Watch video trailers for the new season.  Check out ten sneak peek photos from Mad Men Season 6. Download Mad Men Facebook timeline images, IM icons, and desktop wallpapers from the Season 6 gallery photography.  Play a Mad Men-themed game: Which of Don's Women Are You?, Which Mad Man Are You?, and the new SCDP Job Interview. Enter the Mad Men Mod Weekend Sweepstakes, which gives you a chance to win a weekend in NYC. Sign up for the Mad Men Memo newsletter to keep up-to-date between episodes and possibly win some swag. You can also join the ongoing conversation with fellow fans in the Mad Men Talk forum.
    Mad Men returns this Sun., Apr. 7 with a special two-hour premiere at 9/8c on AMC.
    New Mad Men Job Interview Game Just in Time for Season 6
    Peggy left. Megan quit. Lane's gone. Want to join Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce just in time for Mad Men Season 6? Find out in just seven questions if you've got what it takes to be a senior partner, an art director or a mail room clerk. Apply now.
    Dyna Moe's Mad Men Illustrations Give a Snapshot Recap of Season 5
    Don't have time to sit through the entire Mad Men Season 5 but want a refresher course on some signature moments? Check out these illustrations by Mad Men's go-to illustrator Dyna Moe, which should bring back memories in record time. Want more? Check out Dyna Moe's Tumblr account or buy her book, Mad Men: The Illustrated World.
    Featured Video A Look at Season 6: Inside Mad Men
    Follow Mad Men Facebook  and Twitter
    Follow AMC Facebook  and Twitter

  • On HuffPost Live: Mad Men's Ben Feldman Dishes on New Season, Jon Hamm's Junk, and more
    To kick off the new season airing this Sunday, Mad Men's Ben Feldman -- aka Michael Ginsberg -- appeared on HuffPost Live to talk about the new season , Jon Hamm's junk and which character he'd play if he were to play anyone else. (It's Pete Campbell.)
    Check out the segment on *HuffPost Live.
    Highlights: - On the new season: "There were a lot of surprises this season, you learn a lot about the people and this world they live in this season." - On learning what will happen this season: "I like the experience of not knowing anything that's going to happen on a show." - On why he'd play Pete: "I like playing dicks, I would like to think it's playing against type but a lot of my friends would disagree."

  • MAD MEN is Back on April 7! Date sent: Wed, 20 March
    April 7 marks the highly anticipated return of the hit series Mad Men, and there is no better time to show your love for Don Draper and the gang. To get you and your friends ready for a season full of secrets, scandal and debauchery, head on over to the Gold Label Mad Men online store powered by CafePress, where licensed and user-designed merchandise is available for purchase.
    Check out some of our favorite items below:
    * Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce mug
    * Mad Men Pop Art iPhone case
    * Mad Men journal
    * Mad Men Lies Mousepad
    * Mad Men logo t-shirt
    Whether you're a Don, Roger, Joan or Peggy fan, CafePress, the World's Customization Engine(r), lets you be a part of the mad, ad world.

  • NYT Mag: Elisabeth Moss on What Peggy Won't Do This Season on 'Mad Men'
    The New York Times Magazine: Elisabeth Moss on What Peggy Won't Do This Season on 'Mad Men'
    The actress reveals her hopes for the Don-Peggy relationship and her plans for what comes next. Magazine Q&A 
    Excerpts: On if she thinks the Don-Peggy relationship will be consummated: "I hope not. Anyone who sleeps with Don does not have a long road ahead of them. It's like the kiss of death to sleep with Don. I really think it would be jumping the shark to do that."
    On being a Scientologist: "It doesn't bother me, but I don't want to talk about it. For me, you gotta make up your own mind about anything in your life, whether it's a relationship or a job or religion - or Pilates."
    On the lessons she learned from being married to Fred Armisen: "Oh, God. I learned so much. Not to be at all Oprah on you, but it is one of those things where you are kind of glad to have learned those lessons at an early age - to get them out of the way."

  • Get Set for Mad Men's Season Premiere-Reminisce Unveils Retro 60s Pop Culture Ads
    With Mad Men Season 6 set to debut on April 7, Reminisce -North America's top-selling nostalgia magazine-raises a glass to the show and 1960s pop culture, unveiling a slideshow of fun, eyebrow-raising vintage ads .
    From bombshell-emblazoned shaving cream spots to risqué sock promos, these advertisements truly capture the essence of the era.
    A sampling of these retro ads is included below and you can check out the full slideshow.
    For more fun-to-read features inspired by the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, early 70s and beyond, pick up the latest issue of Reminisce or download digital editions for the Nook, Kindle or Google Play & Android.
    Mad Men: 1960s Pop Culture in Ads Photos
    Don, Roger and even the nebbish Peter Campbell know: No Barbasol, no babes! It's just that simple, Dreamboat.
    Apparently, nothing quickens a woman's pulse quite like a quality over-the-calf sock. Who knew these were the secret weapon behind the dating success of men like Don and Roger?
    Aside from visible stitches, the only thing missing from this dapper gentleman's Van Chick shirt is some lipstick on the collar. Just make sure to clean it off before the train ride home, Buddy.
    Ahh, the electric typewriter: a friend for working girls everywhere (though not ladder-climbing Peggy Olson. Added bonus: Fatigue-free secretaries mix better highballs come happy hour.

  • From The Credits: The Midas Touch: From Mad Men and Breaking Bad to Copper, Christina Wayne's on a Roll
    Wanted to share our latest Meet a Maker video with you-it's a spotlight on the unsung heroes behind our favorite Hollywood projects.
    Christina Wayne is the TV executive known as having the Midas Touch within industry circles-she greenlit Mad Men despite every other studio passing on it for eight years. Wayne's four years at AMC, from 2005-2009, helped lift the channel from the basic cable hinterlands to one of the premiere destinations to witness some of the golden age of TV's best work.
    Finding, supporting, and producing Mad Men and Breaking Bad a career does make.
    Check out our interview with Christina, now currently the President of Cineflex. She's a cool, young, smart woman who sees compelling material where others see risk.

  • Are Jon Hamm’s private parts distracting the cast and crew of ‘Mad Men’?

  • Season 6 returns April 7. More

  • Mad Men Q&A Charlie Hofheimer (Abe Drexler)

  • AMC Interviews With Mad Men's Jon Hamm Over the Years

  • Q&A- Mad Men's Ronald Guttman (Emile Calvet)

  • Nov. 26 Cyber Monday Mad Men Style
    Cyber Monday Shopping? Here are Five Popular Mad Men Products to Consider
    Featured Video Mad Men Rules
    Features Kiernan Shipka Kisses E.T. for Harpers Bazaar; Independent Reveals Jon Hamm's Inner Nerd

  • Nov. 19 Six Ways to Dine Like a Mad Man This Holiday Season
    The arrival of Thanksgiving this week means there's no better time to celebrate the joys of a full stomach. Whether you're looking for the traditional feast or just a good meal with great friends, here are six ideas for dining Mad Men-style.
    Featured Video Inside Episode 505 Mad Men: Signal 30
    Features People Names Jon Hamm, John Slattery Sexiest Men Alive; Jessica Paré Is THR Top Beauty

  • Nov. 12 Q&A - Michael Gladis (Paul Kinsey)
    Michael Gladis (Paul Kinsey on AMC's Mad Men) speaks to in this exclusive interview about returning to set after a year away and shaving his head for the role.
    Featured Video Inside Episode 510 Mad Men: Christmas Waltz
    Features THR Photo of Jon Hamm, Daniel Radcliffe Sharing a Bath; Buzzine Calls Mad Men King

  • Nov. 5 How Well Do You Know Robert Morse? Play the Ultimate Fan Game to Find Out
    You may be an expert when it comes to Mad Men's eccentric Bert Cooper, but how much do you really know about the acting legend behind the bow ties and quirky charm? Do you know what quality Morse admires in Mad Men co-star Jon Hamm? Or which Harry Potter star reprised one of Morse's signature roles? Play the Robert Morse Ultimate Fan Game to find out, then challenge your friends on Facebook to win badges!
    Mad Men encores air Sunday mornings at 6am/5C.
    Featured Video Inside Episode 512 Mad Men: Commissions and Fees
    Features Huffington Post Recommends Mad Men; Photos of Elisabeth Moss' New Look in StyleBistro

  • The Mad Men Fashion File - Season 5's Greatest Hits
    Thanks to encores on AMC, we can re-experience Mad Men's Season 5 storylines -- and its brilliant array of period costumes. But honestly, some of the characters' outfits never left our minds. (Can't you just squeeze your eyes shut and still see Megan's peeping hemlines and Sally's after-school sweatshirts?) To honor this season's most iconic moments, I've selected one costume MVP for each episode. Click through to see the picks, including a scandalous cocktail dress, a retro fur stole, and (of course) the dinner jacket visible from space.
    Episode 501-502, "A Little Kiss": Megan's Zou Bisou Bisou Dress If anything reflects the generation gap prying Don and Megan apart, it's her jaw-dropping performance at his birthday party. First, Megan invites everyone to the new apartment -- a move that completely breaches Don's intense need for privacy. Then she reveals her many talents with a sex-kitten performance that was sweet, sultry, and completely inappropriate in a room full of co-workers. Megan's oblivion -- and utter glee -- shine through her costume, a diaphanous black dress that's so short it nearly doesn't qualify as a dress. Black fishnets, low-heeled pumps, and incredible Cleopatra eye makeup complete the look. (If you'd rather sing the song than wear the dress, that's okay, too.)
    Featured Video Janie Bryant on Costumes in Episode 513: Inside Mad Men
    Features Matthew Weiner Named THR Top Showrunner of 2012; Christina Hendricks on Glamour UK Cover

  • Five Ways to Get Ready for the Mad Men Season 5 Finale This Sunday
    Mad Men's Season 5 Finale, "The Phantom," airs this Sun., Jun. 10 at 10/9c on AMC.
    Chat Online About the Mad Men Season 5 Finale on Sunday Night
    Throughout this season, just as in seasons past, AMC viewers are invited to chat about the latest episode of Mad Men with friends and fellow fans on the Mad Men Talk forum.
    Want to join the conversation? Log onto the Talk forum then start chatting in the comments section.
    Mad Men Receives Three TCA Nominations
    Today the Television Critics Association announced their nominees for the 2012 TCA Awards, and Mad Men was honored with a total of three nominations in the Outstanding Achievement in Drama, Program of the Year and Outstanding Individual Achievement in Drama categories.
    The nominations are part of six total that AMC received this year, with Breaking Bad earning nods in the exact same categories.
    In the Drama and Program of the Year categories, Mad Men and Breaking Bad will face such competition as HBO's Game of Thrones, Showtime's Homeland, FX's Justified, and PBS' Downton Abbey.
    Jon Hamm received a nomination in the Outstanding Individual Achievement category (his fourth nomination after winning the award in 2011), for which he'll face Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston, Homeland's Claire Danes, Game of Thrones's Peter Dinklage and American Horror Story's Jessica Lange.
    The awards will be presented during a non-televised ceremony Sat., Jul. 28 during the TCA summer press tour.

  • Note: If you have DISH network, AMC has moved to channel 9609 because of a contract dispute between AMC and DISH.

  • Is MAD MEN's Pete Down for the Count? Vincent Kartheiser Weighs In on the Latest Low Blows

  • Confidential! Details about 'Ben Hargrove's' collection of sci-fi short stories, 'Still Life With Lazer Rifle'

  • Getting to know 'Mad Men's' Dawn, the office's first black employee

  • put together his fun (and short) infographic: From the Desk of Don Draper: The Cost of 1962, Today Link This is brought to you by Credit Sesame, the personal finance resource for free credit scores

  • Passing along a fun item from Xfinity TV about Jon Hamm, since Mad Men returned to television last night.  Kelly Lynch Recalls Jon Hamm's Days as a Bartender; Says Women Would Line Up to "See Him Shake His Martini Shaker" Last night, households all over the country gathered for the return of AMC's Mad Men and to watch Jon Hamm return as everyone's favorite Creative Director Don Draper. Before Hamm was throwing back drinks (an Old-Fashioned, of course) at the office, he was mixing them as a bartender at parties held by Kelly Lynch and her husband Mitch Glazer. recently spoke with Kelly Lynch, one of the stars of the upcoming Starz drama Magic City, who recalled how she and her husband used to hire Hamm to work all their house parties during his days of moonlighting as a bartender. "He was the most gorgeous and adorable guy we'd ever met," Lynch said. "All of the women would be lined up at the bar like alcoholics just to see him shake his martini shaker." Read more about Hamm's bartending days for Lynch and Glazer on Link  and be sure to visit starting March 31st to catch the first three episodes of Magic City before it premieres on Starz on April 6th. And for those who missed out on last night's two-hour Mad Men premiere, Xfinity has the episode available today on Link  (even if you're not a Comcast subscriber) and Xfinity On Demand. Xfinity will continue to have all Mad Men episodes this season immediately following the next day on Xfinity On Demand and on (note: only the first two episodes are available nationally, otherwise you must log in with your Comcast customer ID).

  • TV Guide Magazine sat down with the cast of Mad Men Link and series creator Matthew Weiner and got the scoop on Season 5:
    On what fans can expect from the new season (premiering March 25):
    Matthew Weiner: "It's about trying to make sense of the world as things change. We're deeper into the 1960s and everything's shifting. But I'm not spoiling anything by saying we did not get a new set. I would keep an eye on the hierarchy of the business."
    Jon Hamm: "Season 5 is about deepening what we started and trying to figure out if there's more to life. The fifth season is about putting the pieces back together."
    John Slattery: "There are some surprises coming this season that are so out of control, I wish we had cameras in people's houses and could watch them go, "No way!" as they watch the show."
    On how Betty Draper has affected her public image:
    January Jones: "I'm confused by the reaction. I read on the Internet that I'm an icy blonde in real life. I'm not icy."
    On playing Betty:
    January Jones: "I don't know if Betty knows what happiness means. She's not in touch with who she is. Selfishly, I hope Betty stays miserable, angry, and complex. It's more fun to play."
    On Don Draper's relationship with Megan:
    Matthew Weiner: "I think everyone only likes the beginning of things. [But] maybe Don's going to have a shot at happiness."
    On Sally Draper:
    Matthew Weiner: "I take her character very seriously. I never miss the chance to see the world through her eyes. Yeah, she's going to be growing up. Absolutely."
    On what Don Draper would think of the world today (he would be 86 years old):
    Jon Hamm: "I don't think Don's making it to 86, to be honest. I think he's long gone by then. The guy's just lived too hard a life."

  • Ten Ways to Get Ready for the Mad Men Season 5 Premiere This Sunday
    Mad Men's special two-hour premiere for Season 5 arrives this Sunday at 9/8c on AMC. Looking for ways to keep busy until then? Here are ten things to do in preparation.
    Mad Men Season 5 Premiere Online Party Planner
    The big night is approaching fast. Are you planning a Mad Men Season 5 Premiere Party? Have you considered getting '60s-style tumblers or arranging your living room just like Betty would? Whatever the scope of your soiree, the Mad Men Online Party Planner is here to make it easy. Click through for tips on how to decorate, how to dress, what music to play and what to serve -- both food and drink.
    Photos - Sneak Peek of Mad Men Season 5
    Each day, you're another step closer to Mad Men Season 5. Here's a preview of what's to come. Check out three sneak peek photos from the Season Premiere, "A Little Kiss."
    Tune in to the special 2-hour Season 5 Premiere this Sunday night at 9/8c.
    Where Season 4 Left Off: Inside Mad Men

  • Auction - Meet the cast of "Mad Men" Ends 3/31!

  • Which historical events are you most looking forward to seeing on AMC's Mad Men? ALSO: Watch Brian Williams' full behind-the-scenes report on Mad Men's new season:  Writing history the ‘Mad Men’ way

  • How Well Do You Know Jared Harris? Take the Ultimate Fan Quiz and Find Out
    On AMC's Mad Men, Jared Harris plays Lane Pryce, a partner at SCDP. As to Harris himself, the British actor has also found success on this side of the pond. He's headlined award-winning movies and starred in cultishly revered TV shows. How much do you know of his illustrious past? Do you know which ground-breaking artist he once played on film? Or which Oscar-winning flick netted him a Screen Actors Guild nomination? Find out how well-acquainted you are with Jared Harris in this Ultimate Fan Quiz.
    Mad About Style: Suits
    Features -Jon Hamm Interviewed by Esquire and Chatted up by Miss Piggy

  • Mad Men Season 5 Cast Photos
    The Season 5 Premiere is under two weeks away, and since you've already taken a look at Mad Men's Season 5 poster, you're probably more than ready for something new. Here you go: 14 Season 5 portraits of the iconic characters of Mad Men.
    Mad Men Season 5 debuts with a special two-hour premiere on Sun., Mar. 25 at 9/8c.
    Featured Video - On Air Trailer, The Wait Is Almost Over: Mad Men
    Features- Mad Men Season 5 Video Now on iTunes

  • Video - A Look Ahead at Season 5
    What can fans of Mad Men expect from Season 5? According to Jon Hamm, "some significant surprises." Check out this video of interviews with the cast and find out more about what series creator Matthew Weiner calls an "incredible new chapter" of Mad Men.
    Featured Video -Where Season 4 Left Off: Inside Mad Men
    Features You Could Win a Trip to the Mad Men Season 6 Premiere

  • Hey! Was Jon Hamm Ever on CSI: Miami? Yes, and Other AMC Stars Too
    On Mon., Jan. 2, AMC debuted the newest addition to its drama lineup: CSI: Miami. The show's lead detective, Horatio Caine (David Caruso), and his team of forensic investigators have been solving crimes since 2002. So you know what that means: good-guy, bad-guy, and dead-guy roles to fill for many years. This month, AMC viewers will recognize Mad Men's own Jon Hamm and Breaking Bad's Giancarlo Esposito in two episodes. They're not alone. See who else from AMC appears on CSI: Miami in January.Wed., Jan. 11, at 5PM | 4C ("Prey") Sam Page -- better known as Joan's husband, Greg Harris, to Mad Men fans -- plays Jeff Marshall, a much richer man. (He owns a yacht.)Thu., Jan. 12, at 6PM | 5C ("Felony Flight") Mad Men's Peyton List (a.k.a. Jane Sterling) guest stars on this episode about an escaped serial killer who sabotages a plane.Fri., Jan. 13, at 7PM | 6C ("Payback")None other than Mad Men's Jon Hamm suits up for a very different profession, playing the role of Dr. Brent Kessler.Fri., Jan. 20, at 7PM | 6C ("Rio")

  • Q&A - Megan and Alexis Stier (Eleanor and Mirabelle Ames)
    Twin actresses Megan and Alexis Stier, who play Eleanor and Mirabelle Ames on AMC's Mad Men, talk to about wardrobe malfunctions and crisis management.
    Featured Video - The Women of Mad Men Answer Fan Questions
    Features -Jaeger-LeCoultre Introduces Mad Men Themed Reverso Watch
    Seattle Times Fixated on Jon Hamm; WSJ Talks to Jared Harris

  • Mad Men Q&A - Sheila Shaw (Jeannie Vogel, Trudy's Mom)
    Actress Sheila Shaw, who plays Jeannie Vogel (Trudy Campbell's mother) on AMC's Mad Men, talks about how relationships have changed since the '60s and her own marketing schemes as a child.
    Video - Mad Men Rules: When God Closes A Door, He Opens A Dress
    Features - How Well Do You Know Jon Hamm? Take the Ultimate Fan Quiz and Find Out!
    How Well Do You Know Vincent Kartheiser? Take the Ultimate Fan Quiz and Find Out

  • Happy New Year! Mad Men's Most Memorable Kisses
    The beginning of a new year is always a cause for kissing. Mad Men features plenty of that particular activity. If you need a refresher, here is a random sampling of memorable Mad Men kisses to get you in a Mad Men frame of mind for 2012. Remember a kiss that isn't listed here? Share it in the comments section below.
    Don and Rachel Menken in Season 1, Episode 3, "Marriage of Figaro" With the Manhattan skyline as a backdrop, Don and Rachel share their first kiss on the Menken's rooftop. As a bonus, Rachel gets a doggie kiss from one of her German Shepherds.
    Pete and Peggy in Season 1, Episode 8, "The Hobo Code" Pete and Peggy arrive early for work at Sterling Cooper, which provides a perfect opportunity for whispered confessions and a morning tryst.
    Sal and Joan  in Season 1, Episode 12, "Nixon vs. Kennedy" Sal and Joan kiss while performing a reading of Paul's play at Sterling Cooper's election party. Afterward, Sal basks in the whistles and cheers while Joan casts her eyes downward.
    Featured Video Mad Men Rules: Live Like There's No Tomorrow
    Features The Most Read Mad Men Supporting Cast Interviews of 2011
    Candid Photos of Jon Hamm; Jared Harris Talks Lane Pryce With LA Times

  • Mad Men Celebrates the Holidays All Year Round
    Over the course of four seasons, Mad Men's characters have seen the years fly by and during every one of those years, the characters have been celebrating many of the major holidays -- from New Year's Day to Thanksgiving to Christmas. Check out this list of some of the series' more noteworthy holiday experiences.New Year's Day Don Draper spends New Year's Day with Lane Pryce in Season 4's "The Good News" by marking the start of 1965 with a Japanese monster movie, a steak dinner, a comedy show and the company of a couple of "lady friends."
    Valentine's Day In the Season 2 premiere, a still-married Don and Betty book a romantic Valentine's Day at the Savoy but end up spending the night viewing Jacqueline Kennedy's White House tour on TV (despite Betty's black lingerie).
    EasterFather Gill asks Peggy's advice for his Palm Sunday sermon in Season 2's "Three Sundays," then gives Peggy an egg "for the little one" at the parish egg hunt on Easter.
    Featured Video
    The Making of MAD MEN Part 1
    Follow Mad Men
    Facebook  Twitter
    A Toast to the Great Drunk Scenes of Mad Men
    Mad Men Snags Fourth PGA Nomination; Hamm Featured in EW's Entertainers of the Year Issue
    Copyright 2011 AMC: The American Movie Channel, LLC. All Right Reserved. 11 Penn Plaza, 19th floor, NY, NY10001
    "AMC," the "AMC" logo and "The American Movie Channel" are service marks of The American Movie Channel, LLC.

  • The Mad Men Holiday Gift Guide
    As the year's end fast approaches, AMC can ease your holiday shopping anxiety with gift ideas for Mad Men fans. Whether you're shopping for a fashion junkie or a music buff, there's a gift idea for all types of Maddicts.
    For the Busy Maddict: Mad Men 2012 Calendar
    You'll never forget a date (or a Mad Men Sunday morning encore) when you've got Don Draper's face to remind you. Manage your daily life with this 16-month calendar featuring your favorite Mad Men characters from Season 4. From Don and Roger to Peggy and Joan -- the gang's all there.
    For the Mad Men Newbie: Mad Men: Seasons 1-4 DVD Pack
    Do you know anyone who has Mad Men on their list of must-watch shows but has yet to actually watch it? Offer them the gift of this complete DVD set. With all four seasons at their fingertips, they'll have no excuses (and love you forever after). Also available in Blu-ray.
    For the Obsessive Maddict: Mad Men: Season Four
    Gear up for Season 5 by re-watching all of Season 4, then keep going with special DVD features like "Divorce: Circa 1960s" and "How to Succeed in Business Draper Style." Completists will appreciate the audio commentary for all 13 episodes. Also available in Blu-ray.
    Featured Video - Inside Mad Men's Wardrobe
    Features -Hendricks in Leather. Staton as a Gumshoe. Five Video Games Starring Mad Men Actors
    Denver Post Eagerly Awaits Season 5; Jared Harris Talks Lane Pryce With NY Mag

  • How Well Do You Know Vincent Kartheiser? Take the Ultimate Fan Quiz and Find Out
    Vincent Kartheiser has been an actor for almost his entire life, but he's most recognized for the role of ad man Pete Campbell on Mad Men. You know all about his character on the show, but how much do you about Kartheiser himself? Do you know what his very first big-screen role was? Or how he changed the life of his Mad Men co-star, Christina Hendricks? How about which dancing legend he was compared to by The New York Times? Take the Vincent Kartheiser Ultimate Fan Quiz and prove it.
    Inside Mad Men: Creating the Pilot
    The Daily Show Brings Jon Hamm Into Politics; Steven Spielberg Casts Jared Harris in Lincoln
    Why Just Watch Mad Men When You Can Wear It Too?

  • Red Hot: Christina Hendricks was chosen for The 2011 TV Guide Magazine Hot List in this week's issue!

  • Hilary Duff, Jennifer Garner, January Jones: Three pregnant ladies!

  • January Jones finally has a costar in her unapproachable corner

  • Fit Moms We Love: Jennifer Garner, January Jones and More!

  • "Mad Men" won the Emmy for "Outstanding Drama Series" this year (2011)!

  • Other Emmy nominees were: Elisabeth Moss (Peggy) for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series; Cara Buono (Faye) and Randee Heller (Miss Blankenship) both nominated for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series; Robert Morse (Bert) nominated for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series; Jon Hamm (Don) nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series; Christina Hendricks (Joan) nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress; and John Slattery (Roger) nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor!

  • This Emmy season, "Mad Men" fans are cheering on Don Draper's elderly secretary and comedic relief "Ida Blankenship" played by chameleon Randee Heller who is Emmy nominated for "Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama." Dubbed "The Queen of Perversions" by Roger Sterling (John Slattery), Randee Heller starred as Don Draper's (Jon Hamm) incompetent yet snark-tastic bespectacled secretary-from-hell. Heller's memorable stint and unforgettable exit on the 4th Season of "Mad Men" earned her the praise: "An Emmy Nomination For Miss Blankenship Is A Win For Us All" by DLISTED.
    With a recurring role on this season of USA Network's "In Plain Sight" alongside Mary McCormack and Frederick Weller, Heller is also known for her iconic role as the mother of Ralph Macchio in THE KARATE KID and THE KARATE KID 3. She made history for playing the first lesbian ever on television in the series "Soap" alongside Billy Crystal. Heller's stage career parallels her astounding resume of television work including roles in "Grease," "Cabaret" and Bermuda Avenue Triangle," and most notably as Barbra Streisand's mother in the stage performance of Streisand's "Timeless" 2000 concert series.
    A breast cancer survivor, Heller is an active volunteer at the American Cancer Society's Reach to Recovery, a program that has helped people cope with their breast cancer experience. We would love to secure Randee Heller as a guest to discuss her road to the Emmy's and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

  • No bartender at the TCA Awards? MAD MEN Creator Matt Weiner takes matters into his own hands.

  • Jon Hamm does the voice-over for this commercial

  • MAD MEN Boss Matthew Weiner Talks Season 5 Delay, Possible Don/Betty Reunion.

  • MAD MEN, FRINGE, MODERN FAMILY, COMMUNITY, JUSTIFIED, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS Lead Critics Choice Awards. Jon Hamm, Elisabeth Moss, John Slattery, Christina Hendricks, and the show are all nominated. Watch the show Monday, June, 20 on VH1.

  • Scoop! MAD MEN Alum Lawyers Up for USA Network Series Abigail Spencer

  • Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks recently talked to about returning to the Mad Men set next month, the drama behind the show's hiatus, her years as a "goth" kid in high school, and much more more.
    Here are some highlights:
    Heading back to the 1960s for season five... "Yes, we're going to get back to filming next month. We don't have an exact date, but we're all very anxious and excited. I want to get the show back on the air because I know lots of people are waiting!"
    Any doubt that the series would get back on track? "I always had faith that everything was going to go fine. [Series creator] Matt Weiner is an incredible producer and writer and creator of our show. He's very passionate about it and really held firm to what he wanted and what was best for the show. There wouldn't be a show without him, so I knew it was going to work out. It just took a little while."
    Will both Christina and co-star January Jones be sporting baby bumps this season? "That's a good question! I don't know what's going to happen yet. I know the writers are in the room working away and I'm going to go in and try to get some hints, but generally we don't know what's going to happen until we get that first script. So that makes me really excited to find out because I don't even know."
    On having her own wish of becoming an actress come true... "I've always been sort of a ham. I was always attracted to the arts, even at a very young age. I was in dance classes and in theater productions. It's something that came really naturally to me. I was a little Goth kid in high school and dyed my hair purple, but I was still doing performances and acting. I just looked very dramatic with my purple hair!
    Here's the link to the full interview

  • MAD MEN Creator Signs Longterm Deal, Show Now Renewed Through Season 6.

  • from Mad Men's Fifth Season Will Return in 2012

  • MAD MEN fans: Are you Team AMC or Team Matt Weiner? Vote now

  • Emmy slugfest over best drama actor: Jon Hamm vs. Steve Buscemi

  • Funny Video: January Jones, Kristen Bell, NPH and Others Tout Kimmel Diet Plan. 

  • Why Mad Men Is So Popular 12/31/10

  • "Mad Men" star January Jones talks to AOL's Moviefone about the new season as Betty Draper and upcoming movies including Unknown (which opens this weekend) and X-Men: First Class (which opens in June). In her interview she also discusses the comparisons to Grace Kelly and her revealing costume in the new X-Men movie. Quote highlights are available below and to read the entire article you can click here.  
    Some quotes:
    On Grace Kelly comparisons: "The Grace Kelly comparison, I take that with a grain of salt. She was really beautiful and great and philanthropic. I don't know how I'm supposed to live up to that."
    On how revealing her Emma Frost costume in 'X-Men' is: "I'm naked. [Laughs.] In the comics, the costume is pretty much just painted on and she has a pretty unrealistic body. So it was a challenge for me. I literally went from 'Mad Men,' packed the next day and flew to [the set in] London -- so there wasn't any time for me to do a lot of toning up or getting fit. I just had to wing it.
    But we had a lot of fun with the costumes in that we wanted to make them very revealing and sexy, and they're always white and pearlized.
    We got that Emma Frost look, but with a '60s twist -- and a lot of sparkles, because she turns into a diamond. We did all the research from the comic books and took bits and pieces of her costumes from different time periods and meshed it all together. We did a lot of leather."
    On being involved in coming up with the costume: "Definitely. I have to feel good in it. I'm the one who's got to wear it 18 hours a day. It was a lot of boots, a lot of hair, a lot of boobs. You can't please everyone, but the goal is to not disappoint everyone."
    On what's next for Betty in 'Mad Men': "Everybody assumes I'd like to see her happy, but it's not fun to play out. [Laughs.] I never really think about that and I never really try to guess -- because I'm always wrong."

    January Jones (2/14/11)
    Jimmy and January talk about Valentine's Day and her new film, 'Unknown.' VIDEO
    Valentine's Crossbow with January Jones (2/14/11)
    Jimmy and January play Cupid and shoot arrows for points and shots of champagne. VIDEO 

  • 30 Rock live show vet and experienced host Jon Hamm makes it a treble this weekend as he hosts his third SNL on Saturday (10/30)! Even though he spends most of his time as super-serious Don Draper, I think we all know by now that Jon knows how to make us laugh, as proven by his first promo.
    SNL Promo: Jon Hamm
    Jon Hamm hosts SNL 10/30 with musical guest Rihanna.
    VIDEO  Monologue

  • Megan Fox Joins Jon Hamm, Kristen Wiig in 'Friends With Kids' VIDEO

  • Mad Men Creator Matthew Weiner Explains Last Night’s Finale, Defends Betty Draper

  • Watch the West coast version of 30 Rock's 2nd original LIVE commercial featuring Jon Hamm! VIDEO 

    Meredith Vieira
    Part 1: Meredith Vieira talks about Matt's practical jokes and flirting with Jon Hamm.
  • TV Guide: Could Jon Hamm Be the Next Superman? 
  • Jon Hamm: "I struggled with chronic depression"
  • Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: Jimmy was joined by Mad Men's January Jones on
    Friday. January dishes on the new season of the hit series and takes on
    Jimmy in a beer pong rematch! Friday's full episode is also available
    online: VIDEO .
    January Jones (7/23/10)
    The Mad Men star talks about the new season. VIDEO
    January Jones Beer Pong
    January and Jimmy face-off for a beer pong rematch!
  • Jon Hamm (Don) hosted Saturday Night Live... SNL Promo: Jon Hamm & Michael Buble -Jon referees Michael and Kristen in Studio 8H. Link:
  • MAD MEN Star Books Multi-Episode Arc on NIKITA.

  • Christina Hendricks guest-stars on "Body of Proof" 4/19 on ABC.

  • Elizabeth Moss (Peggy) stars in the new animated movie "Green lantern: emerald knights".

  • John Slattery (Roger) stars in the new film The Adjustment Bureau out 3/4.

  • Peyton List (Jane) guest-stars on a rerun of "Hawaii 5-0" 3/14 on CBS and has a new movie out in 2011.

  • Julie McNiven (Hildy) guest-stars on many episodes of "Stargate Universe" this season!
  • Sam Page (Greg) has a recurring role on "Desperate Housewives".
  • from Exclusive: The Leverage Team Goes After a Mad Man

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