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Law & Order Video Clips

Our favorite Law & Order clips

Here are some clips sent to me each week by NBC!

10/7 *Law & Order: SVU: Last night's highlight showcases an emotional scene as Benson tries to keep Stabler's head in the game when dealing with a personal case. This should go great with your recaps. And, Take a look ahead to next week when the detectives investigate a bizarre poisoning and Benson ends up in the hospital!

* Law & Order: LA: We have a ton of great stuff to pass along from last night's second episode! We have the two minute replay, a highlight clip and 3 BTS clips. These behind-the-scenes clips give you access to the FX on set, actress Teri Polo and Rene Balcer as he gives you the download on episode 2. Plus, we want to remind you that, for the first time ever, episode of a Law & Order series are available. Head over to the official site to see last night's "Echo Park" in its entirety: . We also have a promo for next Wednesday's episode included below.


Ep 1204: Close to Home

Benson warns Stabler that he can't take his latest case too personally. VIDEO

Next on SVU

The detectives find an unlikely motive when it comes to the poisoning death of a corporate executive. VIDEO


Two Minute Replay: Echo Park (10/6/10)

The murder of a former cult member has unexpected implications for Winter's wife Casey, a former LAPD detective. VIDEO

Ep 102: Bad Law, Good Politics

Dekker struggles to reconcile his integrity in the wake of a direct order from the boss. VIDEO

Set prep for fire FX - it's a whole lot more than just lighting a match. VIDEO

On the Set with Teri Polo
Behind the scenes with Teri includes scene prep, recession chic and
donuts. VIDEO

All-new SVU, Wednesday!
Benson, Stabler and Fin investigate the death of an abused teen on
Wednesday's all-new SVU! VIDEO

LOLA - Echo Park
The investigation of a vicious stabbing death of a murdering cult member hits close to home for Detective Winters. VIDEO/

Rene's Production Diary 2
Get the lowdown on the second episode, "Echo Park." VIDEO

Next On: Harbor City
A retired pro surfer is found murdered in his medical marijuana shop - inside job or robbery gone bad? VIDEO

Law & Order SVU/LOLA
Next on SVU
This time the case gets personal. Jennifer Love Hewitt guest stars in "Behave."

Law & Order: SVU: Jennifer Love Hewitt guest stars in Wednesday's emotional episode. We have five preview clips: a promo for the Wednesday night back-to-back pairing of SVU with newcomer Law & Order: LA,
sneak peeks at the episode and interviews with Mariska Hargitay and
Jennifer! Mariska shares some very high praise for Jennifer and talks
about the issue that "Behave" will be dealing with, one that's personally
important to her charity.
Next on SVU
This time the case gets personal. Jennifer Love Hewitt guest stars in
Mariska's Praise
Mariska Hargitay talks about working with Jennifer Love Hewitt.
Jennifer Love Hewitt Talks SVU
Jennifer Love Hewitt talks about her character on SVU. VIDEO

Law & Order: SVU: Included below is the highlight clip from the
second hour of the two-hour premiere episode last night - to make sure you readers are up to date with everything that went
down last night.
Ep 1202: Shaking Trees
The detectives resort to last-minute tactics to find a serial rapist.

We have another preview to pass along today! Take a look at the 2nd sneak peek at "Locum!" 

Next on- Conned
Watch a preview of Wednesday's all-new episode, "Conned."

Law & Order: SVU: Get a look at awesome guest stars Sutton Foster, Kathy Griffin and Mischa Barton with the two preview clips below! The first preview has Detective Benson confronting Mischa Barton and the second features Sutton Foster and Kathy Griffin. The second clip should give you some details on Kathy’s role and how her character will factor into the episode!

Benson's Observation

Benson notices a pattern of events. Mischa Barton guest stars in "Savior," Wednesday 10/9c.

Shocking Discovery

The detectives receive a blow to their case in "P.C." airing Wed. 9/8c.

Law & Order: SVU: We have the clip that you and your readers have been waiting for: Kathy Griffin’s guest spot! And not only that, check out the clip below for the kiss between her and Mariska Hargitay!

Sneak Peek of "P.C."

Watch Benson's surprise kiss in this preview of "SVU" airing March 3th, 9/8c.

Sneak Peek of "P.C."

Kathy Griffin pays the SVU a visit in an all-new episode, "P.C." Wednesday, 9/8c

Kathy Griffin on SVU

Watch Kathy Griffin's debut on an all-new SVU, "P.C." Wednesday 9/8c

Cabot Meets Babs

Watch a highlight of Kathy Griffin on an all-new SVU, "P.C." Wednesday, 9/8c

Benson's Straight Answer

Benson is faced with an awkward situation. Kathy Griffin guest stars on "P.C." Wednesday 9/8c

Law & Order: After the Olympics, Law & Order comes to Monday - preview the two-hour episode at a special time
Justice Comes to Mondays
The 2-Hour Law & Order event, Monday 9/8c after the Olympics.

  *Law & Order: Make sure you're caught up with the highlight from Friday's episode and get a look at the next episode with two previews of the gruesome murder Lupo and Bernard will be investigating!

Blackmail [3:50]

A video tape reveals that the blackmailer is being blackmailed.

Preview: Steel-Eyed Death [2:18]

Lupo and Bernard investigate a disturbing and bloody crime scene.

Next On: Haunted By The Past [0:31]

Lupo's past comes back to haunt him. All-new Law & Order, Friday 8/7c.

Law & Order: Get a sneak peek at tonight's case in the preview clip below.

Tune in tonight for a new exciting case on Law & Order at 8/7c!

Sneak Peek: Blackmail [1:23]

Check out a preview of the all-new episode, "Blackmail."


Law & Order: We have an early look at Friday's episode "Blackmail" in this sneak peek!

Sneak Peek: Blackmail [1:23]

Check out a preview of the all-new episode, "Blackmail."

Law & Order: SVU: This morning we have a ton of clips to get you ready for next week's ep which features guest appearances by Naveen Andrews and Sarah Paulson. There are two preview videos - one promo and one scene taken right from the episode! Then hear from the cast of SVU and the guest stars themselves about what you'll see next Wednesday; three interview clips are also below.

Preview: On Your Knees [0:31]
Naveen Andrews and Sarah Paulson guest star on an all-new SVU, next Wednesday 9/8c.


Preview: Working Together [3:13]

The detectives work with guest star Naveen Andrews to catch a murder suspect played by Sarah Paulson.


Interviews: Stars on Stars [1:14]

Check out interviews with Christopher Meloni and Ice-T to get the inside scoop about guest stars Naveen Andrews and Sarah Paulson on "Shadow."

Interviews: Watch Guest Stars Naveen Andrews and Sarah Paulson [2:55]

Take a peek from the upcoming episode "Shadow" with guest stars Naveen Andrews and Sarah Paulson.


Interviews: Interview with Sarah Paulson [1:57]

Watch an interview with SVU guest star, Sarah Paulson, talk about her character and more!


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