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The Larry Sanders Show Episode Guide

The Larry Sanders Show episode descriptions


What Have You Done for Me Lately?
(w/Robert Hays; Larry fights with the network about live  commercials)

(w/Dana Delaney, William Shatner; Larry is annoyed that David Spade is  booked on another show and Hank's fan club visits)

The Spider Episode
(w/Jon Lovitz; Carol Burnett and a spider expert visit the show, making Larry nervous)

Guest Host
(Larry is worried that Dana Carvey is after his job)

The New Producer Episode
(w/Ian Buchanan; a new producer tries to take Arthur's place when he gets sick)

(w/Michael Richards; Larry's wife gets jealous when he flirts with Mimi Rogers on the air)

Hank's Contract
(w/George Foreman, Robin Williams; Hank's contract is up for renewal)

Out of the Loop
(w/Peter Falk; Larry wants to get more involved in the running of the show)

The Talk Show
(w/Billy Crystal, Catherine O'Hara; Larry and his wife fight on and off the set)

The Party
(Jeannie invites Larry's co-workers to their house for dinner)

The Warmth
(w/Richard Simmons; Larry uses focus groups for his show)

A Brush with (the Elbow) of Greatness
(w/Bob Saget, Earl Holliman, T. Bone Burnett; The tabloids learn that Larry ran into a  woman in the supermarket)

Hey Now (Pilot)
(w/Bob Saget, Ray Coombs, T-Bone Burnett; Larry argues with Hank, who's been snoozing during the show)


The Breakdown
(w/Los Lobos, Teri Garr, Kathy Ireland, Helen Hunt, Dana Delaney, and Michael Ovitz; Larry has a heart attack)

The List
(w/Daniel Baldwin and Ed Begley, jr.; Larry learns that Francine had an affair with his guest, Alec Baldwin)

The Stalker
(w/Corbin Bernsen, Phil Hartman; Larry thinks he's being stalked by a fan)

Larry's Agent
(w/Doc Severinsen, Barry Levinson, John Pleschette, and Tommy Newsom; Larry gets a new agent)

The Hankerciser 2000
(Hank forces Francine to try the Hankerciser, which is faulty)

Life Behind Larry
(w/Kevin Nealon, Steven Wright, Bobcat Goldthwaite, Tom Snyder; Larry and David Letterman battle at the Emmys)

Artie's Gone
(w/Steven Wright, Bruno Kirby, and Porno for Pyros; Paula has to take over when Artie is stalled in traffic)

Larry Loses Interest
(w/Joan Embry and Suzanne Somers; Larry is feeling insecure about his career)

Larry's Partner
(w/Eric Bogosian; Larry's old partner shows up)

Broadcast Nudes
(Hugh Hefner and Hank want Darlene to pose for Playboy)

Larry's Birthday
(w/Sugar Ray Leonard; Larry has a birthday and fires one of the  writers)

Being There
(Hank fights with the new bandleader and Larry fights with Francine)

The Performance Artist
(w/Roseanne and Tom Arnold, George Segal, Jay Leno, and Tim Miller; Larry wants more exciting guests)

Hank's Wedding
(w/Adam Sandler, Ed McMahon; Hank gets married, with Alex Trebek presiding)

Off Camera
(w/Elizabeth Ashley, John Ritter, Gene Siskel, and Warren Zevon; Backstage chaos ensues while a reporter is present)

The Grand Opening
(w/Martin Mull; Hank's restaurant opens, he has a nervous breakdown, and Larry tries to go on vacation while  Burt Reynolds, Jerry Seinfeld and others guest-host)

N.Y. or L.A.?
(w/Howard Stern; rumors of Larry moving to New York and contract negotiations lead to Larry quitting the show)


(w/ Bernadette Peters, Robin Williams, David Warner; Larry returns to California)

You're Having My Baby
(w/Mimi Rogers; A woman from Montana claims to be having Larry's baby)

Would You Do Me a Favor?
(w/Jason Alexander; Larry's father visits)

People's Choice
(w/Elvis Costello, Rita Moreno; When Artie is producing the awards show, he and Larry have a falling out)

The Gift Episode
(w/Danny DeVito, Jimmy Walker; Larry worries about quakes and Paula worries about guests)

Hank's Night in the Sun
(w/George Wendt, Shadow Stevens; Hank gets to host when Larry is out sick)

Office Romance
(w/Bob Saget; Larry and Darlene date)

The Mr. Sharon Stone Show
(w/Sharon Stone, Julianne Phillips; Larry dates Sharon Stone)

Headwriter Phil
(w/Dave Thomas; Phil becomes headwriter)

Like No Business I Know
(w/Bobcat Goldthwaite, Jay Leno, Regis Philbin; Hank gets another job offer)

Larry Loses a Friend
(w/Jon Lovitz; Hank tells Jon Lovitz that Darlene is a lesbian)

Doubt of the Benefit
(w/Pauly Shore, Richard Belzer, Rob Reiner; Larry tries not to do any more benefit performances)

Hank's Divorce
(w/Wayne Rogers, Joan Embry; During the 7th anniversary show, Hank and his wife break up)

The Fourteenth Floor
(w/John Ritter; Larry makes fun of the network)

Next Stop Bottom
(w/Sarah Jessica Parker, Mary Gross; Hank deals with his divorce)

Arthur's Crisis
(w/Clint Black, Kris Kristofferson; Artie takes a long lunch and Larry is suspicious)

End of the Season
(w/Roseanne, Pat Sajak, Jeff Cesario; Roseanne helps Larry with his drug addiction)


Roseanne's Return
(w/Roseanne, Chevy Chase, Charles Cioffi; Larry avoids having Roseanne on the show because he's embarrassed  about her dumping him)

Hank's New Assistant
(w/ Dana Carvey, ; When Darlene writes she's not returning, Hank hires Paula's friend, not realizing he's  gay.)

Arthur After Hours
(w/ Ryan O'Neal, Sandra Bernhard, Joan Embry; Artie, annoyed at Larry, gets drunk in the studio with a janitor)

The Bump
(w/ Jeff Cesario, David Duchovny, Rob Lowe, Vendela; Larry keeps bumping his friend Jeff Cesario)

Jeannie's Visit
(w/Megan Gallagher, Tatyana Pattiz; Jeannie returns and ends up sleeping with Hank)

The P.A.
(w/ Colin Quinn, Chris Isaak, Larry King; Larry hires Artie's son as p.a.)

Hank's Sex Tape
(w/Henry Winkler, Norm MacDonald; Just as he's about to sign a big advertising contract, a tape of Hank's  sexual exploits with two women makes the Hollywood rounds.)

Nothing Personal
(w/Jeff Goldblum, Marg Helgenberger; Garry tries to get one of the network women to go out with him.)

Brother, Can You Spare 1.2 Million?
(w/Paul Willson, Molly Hagan; Larry finds out his accountant has been stealing from him.)

Conflict of Interest
(w/Jennifer Aniston, Beck; Paula dates Larry's agent and suddenly the guests are not very good.)

I Was a Teenage Lesbian
(w/Brett Butler, Susan Gibney;  Paula finds a lump in her breast while Hank's agent has a stroke.)

Larry's Sitcom
(w/ Chris Elliot, Kevin Nealon, Jennie Garth;  Larry tries to develop a sitcom deal with the network)

Larry's Big Idea
(w/ David Letterman, Courtney Cox; Larry copies Letterman by having his people act on the show.)

Beverly and the Prop Job
(w/Paul Mooney, Dick Anthony Williams, Victoria Principal; Beverly tries to get Larry to hire more black  people on the show)

(w/ Shawn Colvin, John Stamos, Juliet Tablak; Larry dates the new intern, who's VERY young)

(w/ kd lang, Farrah Fawcett, Ryan O'Neal, Fred De Cordova, Mandy Patinkin, Pat O'Brien, Rosie O'Donnell, George Segal,  Noah Wyle; During the anniversary show, Larry tries to go to the  bathroom and Artie tries to keep things running smoothly)

Larry's on Vacation
(w/ Sandra Bernhard, Julianna Margulies, Gloria Steinem, Doug Ballard;While Larry goes on vacation, he's  worried that the network is trying to replace him.)


Everybody Loves Larry
(w/David Duchovny, Jon Stewart, Elvis  Costello, Charles Nelson Reilly; Guest Duchovny has a crush on Larry.)

My Name is Asher Kingsley
(w/   ; Hank converts to Judaism.)

Where Is the Love?
(w/ Sally Field, Sting, Jake Johansen,  Tom Shales  ; Larry feuds with critic Tom Shales.)

Ellen...Or Isn't She?
(w/Ellen Degeneres; Larry wants Ellen  to admit she's gay on his show to boost his ratings.)

The New Writer
(w/Kevin Nealon, Sarah Silverman, Todd Barry, and Shawn Colvin; Phil feels threatened by the new female writer  while Hank feels threatened by Kevin Nealon.)

The Matchmaker
(w/Harvey Fierstein; When Hank tries to cheer up his gay receptionist, he gets a reputation he doesn't want.)

Make a Wish
(w/Ben Stiller, David Paymer, James Belushi; A  sick boy's last wish is to visit the show.)

Arthur & Angie and Hank & Hercules
(w/Angie Dickinson;  Don Rickles, Laura Leighton; Arthur can't get Angie Dickinson out  of his blood, while Hank auditions for the new Disney cartoon.)

The Prank
(w/Lori Loughton, Jon Stamos, and the Butthole  Surfers; Larry gets ripped off by a guest, Phil uses his job to get  dates with models, and Hank dates a non-Hollywood type.)

The Book
(w/Dana Delaney, Brooke Shields, Bruno Kirby,  Marlee Matlin, and Dr. Joyce Brothers; Larry tries to write his  autobiography.)

Pain Equals Funny
(w/Paula becomes producer, much to  Artie's dismay, and Phil gets a new girlfriend, which affects his  comedy-writing.)

The Roast
(w/Jon Stewart, Carl Reiner, David Paymer, Bob  Odenkirk, Bill Maher, Bruno Kirby, Al Franken, Norm Crosby, Carrot  Top, Kip Addotta; When Larry gets roasted, Hank gets drunk.)

Larry's New Love
(Season Finale) (w/Paul Westerberg, Daisy  Fuentes, Jeff Foxworthy; Larry falls for an ambitious woman.)


Another List
(w/Jon Stewart, Winona Ryder, Smashmouth; Larry pursues Winona Ryder, who has a thing with Jon Stewart, whom the network is interested in for taking over Larry's job. Meanwhile, Hank wants to buy the "Hey Now" license plate from his biggest fan.)

The Beginning of the End
(w/    ; The show gets a "creative liaison who wants to make big changes in the show while Larry's agent works on his contract.  With Hank's input, Larry decides not to renew his contract.)

As My Career Lay Dying
(w/  ;  Larry and his staff try to figure out what they want to do when the show ends, especially Hank, who interviews with Pat Sajak and guest-stars on "Caroline in the City".)

Pilots and Pens Lost
(w/  ; Larry gives Artie an expensive pen, leaving him to scramble to find a suitable return gift.  Meanwhile, Phil lies that he's mentally ill to get out of work so he can work on a new sitcom.)

The Interview
(w/  ; Larry cries during an interview and tries to get Artie to get it cut.  Meanwhile, Mary Lou hits Hank's car but doesn't know how to tell him, so instead she gets a date with him.)

Adolph Henkler
(w/   ; While Larry's on vacation, Jon Stewart guest-hosts but has trouble getting his material by the network, especially a skit where Hank plays Adolph Hitler.  Larry's brother visits but he just wants to get Larry involved in a get-rich-quick scheme.)

Beverly's Secret
(w/Drew Carey, Michael Bolton, Eriq LaSalle; Beverly shares that she's pregnant, leaving everyone to guess who the father is.  Larry narrows it down and ends up insulting Michael Bolton, the wrong guy.  Meanwhile, Hank does a bit for the show where he stays with an average American family, but it goes awry.)

I Buried Sid
(W/Laura Dern, Jerry Stiller; Hank insults Sid the cue card guy after he does a skit in rehearsal.  When he dies, Hank blames himself.  Larry dates Laura Dern but tries to keep it a secret.)

Just the Perfect Blendship
(w/Sarah Silverman, Gina Gershon, and Jeff Goldblum; writer Wendy tries to get a standup spot on the show, with Mary Lou's reluctant help.  Larry dates guest Gina Gershon but finds it awkward because of her past relationship with friend Jeff Goldblum.)

Putting the "Gay" Back in Litigation
(w/Ileana Douglas, Bruno Kirby, Ed Begley, Jr., Drew Barrymore, Sarah Silverman;  Brian sues Phil for sexual harrasment.  Hank makes a goodbye tape for Larry.  Larry worries about Ileana's appearance on his show.)

(w/ David Duchovny, Warren Beatty, Clint Black, Bruno Kirby, Tom Petty,  Jim Carrey, Jerry Seinfeld, Carol Burnett, Ellen Degeneres, Tim Allen, Greg Kinnear, Sean Penn, Jon Stewart;   Garry tries to get a big guest for his last show, even trying David Duchovny who still has a crush on him.  Everyone prepares for the end of the show.)

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Updated 9/23/14  


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