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Howard Stern Show Episode Guide

Howard Stern Show episode descriptions!

This is the episode guide for The Howard Stern Show AKA his WWOR or New York Show.

  1. Premiere July 14, Jessica Hahn Richard Belzer

  2.  {Raps on Larry King, Stuttering John interviews Walter Mondale & Allison Steele, Jessica Hahn on hidden camera (Ted the Janitor, Fred the Elephant Boy) News with Richard Belzer (his wife Harlee McBride), Gay Parade, Zodiac Killer, Kenneth Keith Kallenbach - Blows smoke through his eyes}
  3. Celebrities July 21, 1990 Sam Kinison Joe Walsh David Brenner {King Howard talks about his reviews; Sam Kinison; David Brenner talks to a critic; Billy West - Frank Sinatra Alzheimer skit; Monkey drinks Snapple; Stuttering John interviews Roy Scheider & Joey Ramone; News of Mrs. Salaam & Central Park Rape trial, Lucy Try-outs; Lie Detector - Did Howard Stern slip Jessica Hahn the tongue? Joe Walsh & Sam Kinison - Desperado}

  4. Overweight July 28, 1990 Richard Simmons Young MC (Marvin Young) Amy Lyn Baxter (Penthouse Pet) Felix Cavalieri (Young Rascals) {Roseanne Barr sings National Anthem parody; Sternac; Richard Simmons (Tape parodies) with Rosemarie & Michael; Billy West - Ed McMahon star search parody; Young MC & Amy Lyn; Amy Lyn stripping; News of Roseanne Barr & Tom Arnold & Bush signs disabled law; Stuttering John interviews Paul Harvey & Mrs. Edgar Bergen; Felix Cavalieri - I Been Lonely too Long, Young Rascals medley}

  5. Last Show? August 4, 1990 Sukreet Gabiel (sp?) Pat Cooper Doctor Joyce Brothers Moody Blues {George Steinbrenner parody; Women wrestling; Billy West & Sukreet Gabiel - Saddam Hussein parody; Pat Cooper; Billy West - Leona Helmsley Parody; News with Pat Cooper about Tawaana Brawley & Al Sharpton Man saves Gorilla, Golf Ball licking; Stuttering John & Doctor Joyce Brothers; Stuttering John interviews Dick Clark & John Amos; Moody Blues - Tuesday Afternoon; Moody Blues with Sukreet Gabiel dancing}

  6. Kallenbach Returns August 11, 1990 Kimberly Taylor (Penthouse Pet) {Billy West - Larry Fine parody; Live commercial: Nutri/system - Old pics of Howard & Robin, blowflute; Hidden camera on Kimberly Taylor (Penthouse Pet); Kenneth Keith Kallenbach - Blows smoke through his eyes; Billy West - Father Bruce Ritter parody; Dartman; Live commercial: Brother P-Touch - Sandi Corn & Kimberly Taylor; Boy Gary wears wedding veil; Stuttering John interviews Tom Landry & Ted Williams; Live commercial: Nutri/System - Larry Fine and sheep; Bill Young - Necklace through his nose; Glenn Notice - Sucks up popcorn}

  7. Lisa Sliwa Acts August 18, 1990 Elliot Gould Lisa Sliwa Ronnie Spector {Howard & Robin biological clock parody of Maury Povich &Connie Chung; Fred Norris parody - Internal Affair; Boy Gary wears an arab face veil; Lisa Sliwa; Elliot Gould - Barbra Streisand impersonator; Live commercial: Snapple - Hawaiian Hula dancers; Howard & Robin & Elliot & Lisa; Fred Norris parody - JFK Jr, Babes & Books; News of South Africa; Drug spray; Curtis Mayfield; Stuttering John interviews Ted Williams, Margot Kidder, Phil Donahue; Ronnie Spector (Poor Connie Chung, Be my Baby) }

  8. Gilbert Dice Gottfried August 25, 1990 Gilbert Gottfried Gay Jaffee (?) Cohen Ramones Cowsills {Billy West - George Bush; Howard holds Nielsen families hostage; Gary in beekeeper's hat; Gilbert Dice Godfrey; Live commercial: Nutri/System with harp; David Dinkins school of Speech (Ted the Janitor, Fred Norris, Billy West); Gay Jaffee Cohen - Gay comedian; Live commercial: Brothers P-Touch III; George Bush (Billy West) plays golf with the Ramones; Ramones interview; Live commercial: Snapple; News - Bush (including Billy West sportsman parody); Tom Grooms interviews Wash DC citizens about Marion Berry; Stuttering John interviews Melanie Griffith; Cowsills (Howard Stern Show Song, Hair)}

  9. Howard's Makeover Sept 1, 1990 Penn Gillete Kid & Play {Billy West - Leona Helmsley (That's Entertainment); Gary wears a knight's helmet; Stuttering John interviews Z.Z. Topp; Billy West - Kitty Dukakis - sober hills; Howard Stern makeover (ski clothes); Live commercial: Brother P-Touch III backed by Accordian; News - Arab community on Iraq; Leona Helmsley sings "God Bless America"; Paula Abdul nose surgery; Sinead O'Connor; Live commercial: Snapple; Penn Gillete - pea trick; Nutri/system - Penn Gillete & Jackie Martling play the accordian; Tattooing; Morty Ghandi - Indian comedian; Stuttering John interviews Sue Simmons (WNBC-TV anchor); Marc Christian (sued Rock Hudson), Judy Carne, Michael Musto; Kid & Play (Kid & Play rap)}

  10. World of Rock Sept 8, 1990 Angie Bowie Iggy Pop Mai Pang Tony Visconti {Billy West - David Dinkens (US Tennis Open); Howard Stern as Larry King; Gary wears a diving helmet; Billy West - Bob Hope - Don't Shoot Me I'm 86; News - Jay Leno wants to entertain in the Persian Gulf ; Paintball; Brother P Motley Crue, Sinead O'Connor, Susan Day, David Cassidy, Janet Jackson, Madonna; Live commercial: Snapple; Iggy Pop (I Wanna be your Dog); Nutri/System commerial; Angie Bowie, Mai Pang & Tony Visconti; Stuttering John tries to interview Eddie Murphy}

  11. Morton Downey Sept 15, 1990 Judy Carne {Howard Stern ad; Elvis Presley; Gary wears a Bazooka Joe turtleneck; Stuttering John interviews Morton Downey ; Live commercial: Brother P-Touch III with pan flute; Live commercial: Nutri/System; Judy Carne; News - Robin's earring; Interviews NYers by the Port Authority; Larry King & Miss Pennsylvania - Marla Wynne; Darryl Strawberry's haircuts}

  12. Joe and Kimberly Sept 22, 1990 Joe Piscopo Kimberly Driscol Larry Holmes {Howard Stern as Casey Kasem, Fred Norris as Jeanne Kasem (Top Arabs); Gary wears a paper bag; News - Saddam Hussein target; Indians vs Canadian Army; Live commercial: P-Touch III - guy playing a saw; News - Leona Helmsley; US govt takes over the Mustang Ranch; Live commercial: Snapple; Joe Piscopo; Live commercial: Nutri/System; Eddie Murphy parody (pop out eyes); Joe Piscopo & Kimberly Driscol; Larry Holmes (Raps)}

  13. Stuttering John Sept 29, 1990 Sally Kirkland John Philips Kadeem Haddison {Cindy Adams & Jennifer Valope on 9BP; Gary wears a lampshade; Promos; Brother P-Touch III - man playing washboard; Sally Kirkland; Kadeem Haddison; Reshowing of Stuttering John interview with Morton Downey Jr.; Stuttering John interviews Dhali Lama & Richard Gere; Stuttering John interviews Connie Chung; Papa John Phillips (California Dreamin', Monday Monday, Kokomo, Elegant Jew)}

  14. The Munsters October 6, 1990 Grandpa Al Lewis Kimberly Conrad Sandi Corn Amy Lynn {Dan Forman talking through his picture; Kimberly Conrad, Sandi Corn, & Amy Lynn (Penthouse Pets) jumping; Gary wears wrestling helmet & mouth guard; News - Channel J (35) Al Goldstein, Robin Byrd; Harle Walk of Fame - Freddie Jackson; Vegeterian protest at McDonalds; Live commercial: Nutri/System - harmonica music; Jackie "The Jokeman"'s bellybutton; Live commercial: Snapple; Howard (as Herman Munster) with Grandpa Al Lewis; Out of the Closet Munsters; Stuttering John interviews Cindy & Joey Adams; Live commercial: Brother P-Touch III; Breast examination of Jackie Martling; Stuttering John interviews Anthony Quinn}

  15. Sexorcist October 13, 1990 Linda Blair {Jennifer Valope & Reg Wells; Gary wears 125x helmet - Gumblocker 2000; Billy West - Dinkins Escape From NY parody; Live commercial: Snapple; Linda Blair; Nutri/System; Sexorcist; News - John's 50th Birthday; Live commercial: Brother Fax; Boy Gary at Strawberry Fields (David Peel)}

  16. Grossanne October 20, 1990 Judy Tenuta {Gary wears an irrigation helmet; Judy Tenuta; Live commercial: Brother Fax (Topsy Curvey); Grossanne at Home; News - Howard Stern eats cat food; 2 Live Crew obscenity; David Dinkins - Headboard ; Live commercial: Brother Fax; News - Get out and Vote (Madonna); Rev Al Sharpton - new hairdos; Nadia Comanche; Stuttering John interviews Liz Smith (Al Roker)}

  17. In a Car Trunk October 27, 1990 Bob Geldof {Dan Forman's Trick or Treat scene; Shantay Fernandez Day Care Center (locked kid in the car); Gary is locked in a car trunk; Bob Geldof; King Janitor (Ted the Janitor); Bob Geldof is locked in a car trunk & sings The End of the World; Live commercial: Snapple; News - St. Irene the crying painting; Live commercial: Brother P-Touch III; News - Dan Forman crying picture; Evander Hollyfield beats Buster Douglas; Cincinatti Reds sweep World Series (Chris Sabo & Rob Dibble); Nutri/System; Celestine (no arms or legs) feeds herself; Spokesmodel vote; Celestine plays the organ}

  18. Halloween November 3, 1990 Joan Rivers Rae Stern (Howard's mother) {Cast goes trick or treating teaser; Rae Stern critiques Howard Stern's speech at his niece; Sharon's bat mitzvah; Snapple - spokesmodel Donna; Joan Rivers & Rae Stern; Brother P-Touch III; Joan Rivers & Howard Stern on hidden camera; Howard Stern goes trick or treating; Live commercial: K-Rock; Howard Stern continues trick or treating}

  19. Vanna White November 10, 1990 Vanna White {Yearbook pictures teaser; Howard Rosenberg (reviewer) shrine; Live commercial: Brother P-Touch III (Spokesmodel: Sandra); Yearbook pictures; Plotting how to handle Vanna White; Live commercial: Snapple; Vanna White on Satellite (Robin plays Kristy McNichol, Fred plays Bruce Willis); News - Magician dies buried alive; Roseanne Barr pictures;:Live commercial: K-ROCK; Stuttering John interviews Justine Bateman}

  20. Lesbian Dating Game November 17, 1990 Joe Piscopo Kimberly Driscoll Rev Al Sharpton
    {Joe Piscopo & Kimberly Driscoll announce their engagement; The Lesbian Dating game; Live commercial: K-Rock; The Lesbian Dating game continues; Snapple; Rev Al Sharpton; Live commercial: Brother Fax; Rev Al Sharpton continues}

  21. House Party November 24, 1990 Enuff Znuff Dr King the hypnotist {House Party Show; Live commercial: Brother Fax; Howard chooses the girls to be hypnotized; Pilgrim (Dan Forman) chases turkey (Gary); Tour of the house (lesbians, massage room); Live commercial: K-Rock; massage room; Dr King hypnotizes; Lesbians; Enuff Znuff - Nowhere Man, New Thing; Howard's shaved belly; Live commercial: Snapple; Sammy Davis Jr. Impersonator; Becky the mental patient as Cher}

  22. The Kennedys December 1, 1990 Marla Wynne {Howard's shaved belly; Spokesmodel Ronnie's breast implants; Live commercial: Brother Fax with piano; Ted & Joan Kennedy (both played by Howard Stern); Live commercial: Snapple; Madonna's "Kiss Me in Paris"; Live commercial: K-Rock; Lesbian Love Connection; Marla Wynne (Miss Pennsylvania-America 1991) - Ventriloquism}

  23. Decency Debate December 8, 1990 Dick Cavett Cheryl Baker (spokesmodel) {The Milli Vanilli Story (Howard Stern, Fred Norris & Dan Forman); Live commercial: Snapple; Dick Cavett Decency Debate- Dick Cavett moderates between Howard & a lady who complained about him to the FCC; Live commercial: K-Rock; Live commercial: Brother Fax; Stuttering John interviews the cast of Lost in Space}

  24. Celebrity Bowling December 15, 1990 Young M.C. Pat Cooper Frank Stallone Grandpa Al Lewis Mark & Joey Ramones Marilyn Michaels Lloyd Lindsay & George Lindsay Young Cheryl Baker Tyrone Frasier Jessica Hahn {Celebrity Bowling Show; Frank Stallone (Xmas parody-Howard the Big Nose DJ); Howard bowls a strike; Live commercial: Snapple with spokesmodel Lisa Costella; Young M.C. & Pat Cooper discuss Milli Vanilli; Gary dresses as a reindeer; Live commercial: Brother Fax; Young M.C. & Pat Cooper bowl; Grandpa Al Lewis; Tyrone Frasier; Kenneth Keith Kallenbach - Blows smoke through his eyes; Marilyn Michaels; Frank Stallone & Jessica Hahn; Lloyd Lindsay & George Lindsay Young; Mark & Joey Ramones; Live commercial: DAT's Incredible; Father Bruce Ritter (Billy West); Young M.C. & Pat Cooper bowl; Frank Stallone & Jessica Hahn bowl; Howard sings his Christmas song}

  25. Birthday Show January 5, 1991 Run-DMC Jackie Stallone {A Night at the Movies with Howard; Run-DMC; Gary goes on camera by accident; Spokesmodel Pamela Rains; Live commercial: Snapple; News - Mayor Dinkin's sweating; Aids commercial; Jackie Stallone & boyfriend Jack, Frank Stallone; Live commercial: Ultimate VISA; Stuttering John interviews Tony Bennett, Tiny Tim, Leona Helmsley, Helen Gurley Brown, Jackie Mason, Imelda Marcos, Joan Rivers, Neil Sedaka, Bess Myerson, Sidney Biddle Barrows, Liz Smith, Regis Philbin, Donald Trump, Marla Maples; Howard Stern Birthday cake}

  26. Gulf War/Super Bowl January 19, 1991 Rocky Cleaver (NY Jets) {Howard Stern Gulf War Update with Fred the Elephant Boy; News- war update sand box, Gas mask, Barbara Bush (Billy West), sports woman; Spokesmodel Pamela Rains & her boyfriend Ferg; Rev Al Sharpton hospital visit (Mary Murphy-WCBS-TV News); Rev Al Sharpton hospital visit parody (Ted" the Janitor" Green); Super Bowl Party auditions - Fat Sal, Pig Vomit, Mike Gange, Wayne Segal, Neil Drake, Towncar Jack, Ronnie Munn the Limo Driver, Scott Salem the Engineer, Rocky Cleaver; Live commercial: Brother Fax; Super Bowl Party auditions - Tony O, The Girls; Live commercial: Snapple; Super Bowl Party auditions - The Girls}

  27. This is a Life? February 2, 1991 Art Fleming Dee Snyder {This is a life?; Johnny Mendola (neighbor); Mr. Chestnut (Gym teacher); Rae Stern (mother); Jerry Dickowitz, Margie Sickle (Electric Comic Book); Ben Stern (father); Rita Karasack (Boston U girlfriend); Ellen Dunn (sister); Ann Whitehead (girlfriend); Live commercial: Snapple; Hank Senate (Boston U radio); Live commercial: Brother Fax; Dee Snyder (Twisted Sister); Live commercial: NY Giant Superbowl Coin; Allison Stern (wife) }

  28. Tourette's Syndrome February 9, 1991 Spokesmodel: Girls of the 5th Bikini Open; The Mayor with X-Ray Eyes; Gulf War Update - Howard Yankoff Press Conference; Howard's appearance on the Joan Rivers Show; Live commercial: Brother P-Touch; Howard shines NY Giant Leonard Marshall's shoes & kisses his butt; Gary picks his nose; Live commercial: Snapple; Live commercial: NY Giant Superbowl Coin; Don with Tourette's vs stuttering John; Stuttering John interviews Bernadette Peters; Don with Tourette's interviews porn stars (Scott Baker), Henny Youngman, Lou Jacobi}

  29. Swinger's Dating Game February 23, 1991
    Bernadette Peters at the Grammies; Spokesmodel: Angela (does the opening credit); Howard visits 9BP; Live commercial: Snapple; Sinead O'Connor employment opportunity parody; Live commercial: Beatle Coin; Swinger's Dating Game; Lloyd Lindsay Young; Swinger's Dating Game continues; Live commercial: Crash and Burn Rock Videotape; Swinger's Dating Game continues}

  30. Chrissie Hynde Marilyn Michaels {General Howard Yankoff; 1-800-52-Stern - Crucified by the FCC; Howard Stern horse race; Spokesmodel: Chelsea; Live commercial: Snapple - twisters; Howard Stern horse race continues; Live commercial: Brother P-Touch; Howard Stern on 9BP; Live commercial: Crash and Burn Rock Videotape; Chrissie Hynde with Zsa Zsa Gabor (Marilyn Michaels); Live commercial: Beatle Coin; Swingers Hookup}

  31. Out of the Closet March 16, 1991 Siskel and Ebert Meat Loaf {Please Don't Call me Baba Booey; Barbie-Booey doll; Awakenings Parody; Live commercial: Brother P-Touch; Out of the Closet Stern interviews Meat Loaf ; Live commercial: Dennis Adams You Auto Swap Auction; Don with Tourette's vs Stuttering John results; Stuttering John interviews George Foster, Pete Rose}

  32. NBT&A Basketball April 27, 1991 Nils Lofgren Russ Salzberg Curly Neal Walt Frazier Aja Lloyd &George Lindsay Young MC {N.B.T.&A. Basketball Game; Howard gets a massage; Russ introduces Nils, Howard, the Cheerleaders & Baba Booey; Game predictions - Jerry Seinfield, Al Sharpton, Judy Tenuta; Joe Franklin; Nils & Howard preparation tape (Harlem Globetrotters); Baba Booey as the Metaluna Alien; Lloyd & George Lindsay Young & Kenneth Keith Kallenbach; Columbia University Marching Band; Aja sings the national anthem, the coin toss; Game Predictions - Geraldo Rivera, Gilbert Gottfried, Curtis & Lisa Sliwa and Sandi Korn; 1st half Nils-12 Howard-4; Live commercial: Snapple; Half-time (bikini fantasy); Robin interviews Lloyd & George Lindsay Young; Postgame wrap-up - 1-800-52-STERN Live commercial; 2nd half - final Nils-34 Howard-4; Brother printer Live commercial; Nils Lofgren sings "Sticks& Stones"}

  33. Female Feud May 4, 1991 {Teddy Kennedy; Live commercial: Karen (spokesmodel) - Indianapolis 500 coin; Superbowl party massage; N.B.T.&A. Cheerleaders; Gary picking ear wax; Love Spit Love; Brother printer Live commercial; Stuttering John picking up hookers; Live commercial: Snapple; Female Feud - hookers vs call girls & transsexual; 1-800-52-STERN Live commercial}

  34. Rock 'n' Roll May 11, 1991 Heather Hunter Sandi Korn {Stuttering John tries to interview Madonna; Madonna Truth or Dare parody; Stuttering John interviews Tommy Lasorda; Live commercial: Heather Hunter - Snapple; Live commerical: British Knight; Sandi Korn & Suzy the Transsexual; Brother printer Live commercial; Rock n Roll Fantasy makeover - Lisa; 1-800-52-STERN Live commercial; "If I Close my Eyes Forever" - Lisa & Howard; "Wild Thing" - Robin & Howard}

  35. Heroes of Desert Storm May 18, 1991 Joe Piscopo Kimberly Driscoll Judy Tenuta AmyLynn
    {Howard Stern Salutes the Heroes of Desert Storm; Bob Hopeless; Boy Gary as the Statue of Liberty; Penthouse Pets - Giselle & Brandy; Howard Stern tours McGuirre AFB with Penthouse Pets - Amy Lynn Baxter & Susan; Joe Piscopo & Kimberly Driscoll; General Larry Fine; Live commercial:
    Snapple; Judy Tenuta; Brother printer Live commercial; 1-800-52-STERN Live commercial; "Let's See Robin's Mammaries" - Robin& Howard}

  36. What's My Secret? July 13, 1991 Bob Hope Dr. Ruth Westheimer Kitty Carlisle Hart Arlene Francis {Stuttering John interviews Roy Scheider; Howard does a Bob Hopeless monologue for Bob Hope; Howard interviews Bob Hope; Howard & Robin interview Dr. Ruth; Live commercial: Snapple; Sex Talk with Dr Ruth - analyzes Howard & Allison Stern; Live commercial: Brother P-Touch; What's My Secret with Arlene Francis, Kitty Carlisle Hart, Robin Quivers}

  37. Defending Your Show July 20, 1991 {Defending Your Show: Howard dies during nose surgery. In heaven he is asked to defend his show: Howard Stern's celebrity impersonations; Richard Simmons, Rae Stern; Live commercial: Snapple - stenographer Chesty Love; Celebrities; Spokesmodels; Stuttering John; Live commercial: Brother P Touch 3; Game shows; Gross}

  38. Karaoke July 27, 1991 Audrey Landers Judd Nelson Denny Terio Bill Paxton {Demi Moore Vanity Fair cover parody; Judge Clarence Thomas parody; Howard interviews Audrey Landers; Live commercial: Snapple with a pregnant spokesmodel; Bill Paxton & Judd Nelson; Live commercial: Brother P Touch 3; 1-800-52-STERN Live commercial; Denny Terio interview & karaoke; Stuttering John interviews Marsha Mason, Keith Hernandez, Jim Bouton, Pia Lindstrom}

  39. Pee-wee's Playhouse Aug 3, 1991 Herve Villechaize Carol Alt {Mistress Phlegm; Carol Alt; Live commercial: Brother P Touch 3; Live commercial: Members Only - Dusty Busty; Herve Villechaize; Live commercial: Terminator 2 coin; Pee-wee's Play With Yourself Playhouse; Live commercial: Snapple; Cowboy Spike & Joie; Baby Kevin, Rosemary and James the Human rug; Crucified by the FCC commercial; The rubber suit}

  40. 2nd Season Oct 5, 1991 Tony Bennett Mistress Anyssa Todd Bridges {Rick Dies & Johnnie B on the Noose; Kevin and Stuttering John; Crucified by the FCC commercial; Tony Bennett & his son Danny-Tony sketches Howard, advertises his CDs; New producer John Lollos; Refused Show: Sid Caesar, Mori Amsterdam, Traci Lords; Spokesmodel - Anyssa "The Oriental Spanking Girl"; Snapple Commercial ; Stuttering John interviews Cher, Arsenio Hall & Sylvester Stallone; Brother Fax Commercial; Out of the Closet Stern with Todd Bridges; Letters (Aja, Chesty Love)}

  41. Crown Heights Jeopardy Oct 12, 1991 Lori Loughlin John Stamos Paula Abdul AmyLynn Baxter Chill Tyrone Frazier Lori Loughlin & JohnStamos {The boom microphone; Stuttering John interviews (Duff [Guns'n Roses], Sally Jesse Rafael); Spokesmodel: Kayla Cleavage - Snapple commercial; Howard Stern as Larry King with John Stamos, Amy Lynn Baxter & Paula Abdul; Crown Heights Jeopardy - (Chaim Goldwasser (Dan Forman?); Officer Roger Drewel, Chill & Tyrone Frazier); Crucified by the FCC commercial; Refused Show: Phyllis Diller, Gabe Kaplan, J.J. Walker; Letters - Madonna, Sexy pose of Robin}

  42. You Bet Your Ass Oct 19, 1991 Tina Yothers Hyapatia Lee {Happy & Peppy entrance; Jackie Martling's toes; Boom mike interference; Brother P-Touch commercial; Spokesmodel: Hyapatia Lee (Star Trek Coin); Tina Yothers; Refused show: Don Adams, Abe Vigoda, Justine Bateman; You Bet Your Ass with Howcho (Wizard of Oz skit); Spokesmodel: Hyapatia Lee& husband (Snapple); Stuttering John interviews (Mary Tyler Moore, Ed Asner); Spokesmodel: Hyapatia Lee (Crucified by the FCC); Halloween Show promo; Letters - Female Feud (Ray Combs), amateurish, swinging dating game}

  43. Lesbian Dating Game 2 Oct 26, 1991 Robert Vaughn {Stuttering John interviews Ed Begley Jr;. Gary Dell'Abate's MTV screen test; Gary cuts his hair; Snapple commercial; Spokesmodels - Morell Twins (Brother P Touch); Justice Clarence Thomas parody with Robert Vaughn; Stuttering John interviews Robert Vaughn; Lesbian Dating Game # 2; House Party promo; Refused Show: Heavy D, Ray Walston, Redd Foxx; Crucified by the FCC}

  44. $20.00 Pyramid Nov 2, 1991 Halloween Show Chuck Norris Shadoe Stevens {Who does Gary Dell'Abate look like; Entrance with Dan Forman masks; Butch Lust kisses a rat, Bikini girl, Ukraine wood carver, Elvis; Spokesmodel: Sandi Korn pop quiz (Snapple Commerical); Bikini Girl, Kenneth Keith Kallenbach (eats his hair); Spokesmodel: Sandi Korn pop quiz (Brother P Touch); House Party promo; Kenneth Keith Kallenbach & his father, Rapper, Albino, fat stripper, Teeth remover; Stuttering John interviews Larry King; Spokesmodel: Sandi Korn pop quiz (Fortunoff); The $20.00 Pyramid - Chuck Norris & Nancy Poznack vs Shadoe Stevens & Kenneth Keith Kallenbach; Stuttering John interviews Chuck Norris & Shadoe Stevens; Refused Show: George Burns, Oliver North, Dick Sargent; Howard & Robin addresses the crowd}

  45. Lesbian Love Connection 2 Nov 9, 1991 Stevie Starr {Stuttering John interviews Oliver North; Niteline with Robin and David Duke; House Party promo; Spokesmodel Tempest (Brother Fax commercial); Stevie Starr (Eats objects); Spokesmodel Tempest (Snapple commercial); Trick or Treat with Howard (Dan Forman masks); Spokesmodel Tempest (Fortunoff commercial); Refused Show: Chad Lowe, Artie Johnson, Billy Dee Williams; Lesbian Love Connection; Crucified by the FCC}

  46. Spokesmodel of the Year Nov 16, 1991 Tula Lloyd Lindsey Young Mason Reese {Helen Stern Show - Tula and her mother; Dr Kerkorian "Dr Death" (Billy West); Spokesmodel Dixie Dynamite (Brother P Touch commercial); Stuttering John interviews Dixie Dynamite; Spokesmodel Dixie Dynamite (Fortunoff commercial;); Spokesmodel of the Year Contest; 1-Valerie (36D)
    2-Chelsea (33B) 3-Sandy (34D); 4-Donna (36D) : 5-Pamela (42D) 6-J.J. (36D); 7-Lisa (34B) 8-Lisa (34C) : 9-Anyssa (34A); 10-Veronica (36C) 11-Dina (36C); Introduction of the Judges - Lloyd Lindsey Young, Tula & Mason Reese; Spokesmodel Amy Lynn Baxter (Snapple commercial); Robin with Lloyd Lindsey Young; Talent portion; Robin gives some statistics; Robin with
    Tula; Spokesmodel Amy Lynn Baxter (2, 4, 5, 7, 8 & 9 eliminated); Howard Stern with the judges; Spokesmodel photo shoot and personality question; Stuttering John interviews Pamela (#5); Miss Congeniality (Lisa Costello #7); (Crucified by the FCC commercial); Gary Dell'Abate on horseback; #10 Veronica Rudolph removes her top for $500; #10 Veronica Rudolph wins Spokesmodel of
    the Year}

  47. House Party 2 Nov 23, 1991 Dr. King Mund (Stuttering John's Band) {Meeting the hosts - Throwing Bowling Balls at a car; Lesbians, Belly Dancer; "Heaven's Away" - Mund; Body painting; Chain sawing through the floor; Spokesmodel of the Year Veronica (Fortunoff commercial;) Dr. King hypnotizes a guy to come on to Gary; Spokesmodel of the Year Veronica (Snapple); Games - Bobbing for tampons, putting condoms on bananas, hot dog game; Spokesmodel of the Year Veronica (Brother power note); Crucified by the FCC commercial; Vinnie DiMico eats worms; Girls remove their bikinis}

  48. An Old Fashioned Christmas Dec 13, 1991 Cheech & Chong {Howard and Robin sing around the piano; Fred, Jackie and Gary visit; The Girls visit; Snapple commercial; Stuttering John visits; Homeless Guy makeover (Augustus); Augustus visits plays Lets Make a Bum Deal; Brother powernote commercial; Cheech & Chong visit (Christmas Story); Cheech& Chong roll joints; Fortunoff commercial; Happy Holidays - Stevie Starr, Spokesmodel Veronica, Becky & Heather; Mark Berglass visits; Mark Berglass runs the meeting; Crucified by the FCC commercial; Santa brings Fred a bachelor party with Allison; Live commercial: Wiz/Operation Live; Production number}

  49. Howard Stern Roast Jan 11, 1992 Richard Simmons Amy Lynn Baxter Sandra Bernhardt Pat Cooper Henny Youngman Richard Lewis Jamie Lee Curtis Geraldo Rivera Joan Rivers Maury Povich Larry King Steve Rossi Alison Stern Fred the Elephant Boy Kenneth Keith Kallenback Ben & Rae Stern {Ben & Ray Stern show video of Howard's childhood (marionette show); Toasts to Howard - Richard Simmons (in wig), Doug Bady (Muscular Dystrophy person), Geraldo Rivera, Pat Cooper; Live commercial: Snapple with spokesmodel Lesley; Toasts to Howard - Maury Povich, Fred the Elephant Boy, Augusto (homeless man), Kenneth Keith Kallenback, Henny Youngman; Live commercial: Brother P-Touch with spokesmodel Lesley; Toasts to Howard - Richard Lewis, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jackie Martling, Gary Dell'abate, Stuttering John, Larry King, Sandra Bernhard, Marc Berglass, Alison Stern, Howard Stern; Fred Norris sings "Do You Believe this Bozo"}

  50. Head Injury Club Jan 18, 1992 Denny Terio Geraldo Rivera Gary Busey Adam West {Breast eruption; Denny Terio's (Gary) suit against Merv Griffin (Howard); Denny Terio and his ex- girlfriend Patsy Folkerson; Howard becomes #1 in NY radio - Jill Brooks & Geraldo Rivera; Live commercial: P-Touch; Head Injury Club for Men (Gary Busey, Fred the Elephant Boy, Quentin the Stutterer, Kenneth Keith Kalenback); Live commercial: Snapple; Super Hero School - Adam West (Lady Chatterly's Lover), Fartman; Stuttering John interviews - Barbara Walter, Connie Chung & Maury; Not on Howard Stern -Steven Seagal, George Hamilton & Werner Klemperer; Stuttering John interviews - Connie Chung & Maury Povich, Dan Rather & Mike Wallace}

  51. Stern Trek Jan 25, 1992 Sabrina LeBeauf Sandi Korn {Howard auditions women to play Uhura in Star Trek sketch because Nichelle Nichols cancels; Live commercial: Snapple with spokesmodel Laura Fodor; Stern Trek - Uhuru's Final Mission; Black Folk with White Features - Howard Washington Stern & Sabrina LeBeauf, Ted the Janitor, Jeannie L'Que, Kessler; Live commercial: P-Touch with spokesmodel Laura Fodor; Not on Howard Stern -Robert Klein, Dana Plato, James Doohan; Couldn't Get into College Bowl with Marcus Absent, Sandi Korn, kid (Jessica Lico), Kenneth Keith Kalenback; Live commercial: 1-800-TRY-A-BED; Couldn't Get into College Bowl (continues); Can't show stuttering John interviewing James Brown because of time}

  52. Larry King Show Feb 1, 1992 Tawny Kitaen Sally Kirkland {Stuttering John interviews Gennifer Flowers; Ralph Cirella's character make up; Live commercial: Snapple with spokesmodel Lisa Ann; Live commercial: Rock Video Girls 2; Dr. Stern's Amazing Sexual Discoveries - Dr Ricardo Samatier on penis enlargement, Dr E Douglas Whitehead; Live commercial: Brother P-Touch; Refused Show: Jennie Garth, Josh Saviano, Bill Cosby; Live commercial: 1-800-TRY-A-BED; Larry King (Howard Stern) Show - Tawny Kitaen, Sally Kirkland; Denise Miller (Kielbasa Queen); Tawny Kitaen Dating Game - Fred the Elephant Boy, Quentin the Stutterer & Kessler the little person}

  53. Stern's Audience Feb 8, 1992 Brian Genesse {Superbowl girls - Teresa, Nicole, Zorina (64FF), Carmen, Israeli Girl rub down Howard, Fred, Jackie, Gary & Ronnie the limo driver; Brian Genesse; Refused show - Richard Dawson, Malcolm Jamal Warner, Dolly Parton; Live commercial: 1-800-TRY-A-BED with spokesmodel Wendy Lewis; Howard Stern talks to the audience - Don Rocco drives spike into nose, spokesmodel Wendy Lewis eats live lobsters; Live commercial: Snapple with spokesmodel Wendy Lewis; Howard continues to talk to audience - Kurt Engels makes fart sounds, Susan Muldowney (Underdog Lady), Stuttering John (Planet of Apes dance), Black Elvis, Black Tony Bennett (Ted the Janitor), Michael Lawrence (Jeffrey Dahmer toys), more Underdog Lady; Live commercial: Brother Fax with spokesmodel Wendy Lewis; Howard continues to talk to audience - Bruce Lenny, Chip will eat anything (from Gary's mouth), Michael Blakeman (Russian comedian), Pig Ear activist; Stuttering John interviews Underdog lady}

  54. Breast Implants Feb 15, 1992 Lita Ford {People talk to Stern continues - Mita dances, Todd eats glass; Live commercial: Brother Fax with spokesmodel Melissa; People talk to Stern continues - Mark Brown (obsessive compulsive); Write to get on Stern show; Live commercial: 1-800-TRY-A-BED with spokesmodel Melissa; Ralph's berry (puppet); Live commercial: Snapple with spokesmodel Melissa; Who's got the Cancer bags - Lita Ford, Robin Quivers, Zorina (64FF)}

  55. Howiewood Squares Feb 22, 1992 Underdog Lady David Peel J.P. Morgan Daniel Carver (KKK) Mark Harris Gene Rayburn {Howard as Elvis, Al Rosenberg as Elvis' mother; Live commercial: Snapple with spokesmodel Nicole; Stuttering John interviews Brian Wilson, Barbara Eden, Valerie Harper, Lee Iacocca, Sharon Gless; Live commercial: Brother fax with spokesmodel Nicole; Homeless Howiewood Squares - Daniel Carver (KKK), Underdog Lady, David Peel, Jaye P Morgan, Teresa Glover, Vinny D'Mico, Gene Rayburn, Lesbian Square (Jean Nat & Keisha), Mark Harris; Live commercial: NJ Public Auto Auction with spokesmodel Nicole}

  56. Howiewood Squares Continues Mar 7, 1992 Underdog Lady David Peel J.P. Morgan Daniel Carver (KKK) Mark Harris Gene Rayburn {Elvis stamp; Homeless Howiewood Squares 2 - Daniel Carver (KKK), Underdog Lady, David Peel, Jaye P Morgan, Teresa Glover, Vinny D'Mico, Gene Rayburn, Lesbian Square (Jean Nat & Keisha), Mark Harris; Live commercial: Snapple with spokesmodel Lorna; Homeless Howiewood Squares continues; Live commercial: Brother Fax with spokesmodel Lorna; Homeless Howiewood Squares continues; Phony commerical for 1-900; Homeless Howiewood Squares continues; Live commercial: TRY-A-BED with spokesmodel Lorna; Stuttering John interviews Daniel Carver, Teresa Glover & Mark Harris; Write to get on Stern show; Refused Show: Alan Alda, Kenny Rogers, Peter Fonda, Chevy Chase; Walking Daniel Carver to his car}

  57. From Here to Eternity Mar 14, 1992 Henry Hill Menudo Martha Quinn {Henry Hill interviewed by Dr Stanley Charles (Fred Norris), & Woman who's husband killed by Hill (Al Rosenberg); Live commercial: Snapple with spokesmodel Diana; Henry Hill continues (reveal prank); El Show de las Secaucus - Howard Sterno & Menudo; Live commercial: Try-A-Bed with spokesmodel Diana; Howard interviews Martha Quinn; From Here to Eternity; Stuttering John interviews Warren Beatty & Annette Bening, Marlo Thomas & Gloria Steinem; Live commercial: Brother Fax with spokesmodel Diana}

  58. Stern Illustrated Mar 21, 1992 {Twinight Zone - Stuttering John & Howard exchange roles; Live commercial: Snapple with spokesmodel Missy; Diane Welsh & Don the Security Guard talk
    about swimsuit issue; Try-outs - Boobsie Twins, Santana, Barbi, blonde mother, Ralph Cirella Taxi, Milli & Lilli, Red head, Devon, lip licker, Eschelle; Live commercial: Brother Fax with entire crew; Photo shoot - Barbi in dressing room, Milli & Lilli in the bathroom; Live commercial: NJ Public
    Auto Auction with entire crew; Photo shoot - Devon in frozen tundra, Eschelle in the jungle; Live commercial: 1-800-TRY-A-BED with entire crew; Final cut - Devon wins}

  59. Queen For Today Mar 28, 1992 Russ Salzberg Erin Moran Billy Gray Lauren Chapin
    {Alexander Michael presents Howard's replacement - Russ Salzberg Show; Monologue, Erin Moran; Live commercial: Snapple with spokesmodel Diane D'Nato; Queen for Today - Erin Moran, Billy Gray, Lauren Chapin, Erin discloses she was raped by a family member; Live commercial: Brother Fax with spokesmodel Diane D'Nato; Queen for Today continues - Erin discusses rape, Lauren Chapin wins; Live commercial: NJ Auto Public Auction with spokesmodel Diane D'Nato & talent coordinator Ellen Linder; Stern's People Court - Lady and the Tramps - Judge Howard Butensky, Ann Julian vs Howard Stern for mocking the homeless, Howard wins, also seen Letha Weapons as court stenographer; Stuttering John Llewelyn interviews Ann Julian}

  60. You Asked Us For It Apr 4, 1992 Mark Harris {America's Really Wanted; Mark Harris tours his and Martha Ray's home with Caesar Romero, Rose Marie, Ruth Webb, Martin Martin; Live commercial: Snapple with spokesmodel Teresa Lynn; You Asked Us For It - Jack Often (Howard), Laurie D'Raffel sings, Michelle & Don Martelle lesbian fantasy with Becky Wreck; Live commercial: Brother Fax with spokesmodel Teresa Lynn; Lesbian From Here to Eternity - Michelle & Becky Wreck; Live commercial: NJ Auto Public Auction with spokesmodel Teresa Lynn; Stuttering John interviews at the St Patrick's Gay Parade; Refused show: Howard Cosell, Jane Fonda, Frank Sinatra; Live commercial: DIAL-A-MATTRESS with spokesmodel Teresa Lynn; Phony Ad for Helen Stern Show}

  61. Club Howie Apr 18, 1992 Corey Feldman {Stuttering John interviews Bea Arthur; Howard interviews Bill Darling who took his show off WNPL, Naples Fla; Live commercial: Snapple with Fred as Howard with spokesmodel Naomi; Bill Darling interview continues with Williana Morgan and Johnny Dee; Denise Miller (Kielbasa Queen), Honey Melons, Jean Nat; Club Howie - Right Said Howie (I'm too Sexy); Live commercial: Brother Fax with spokesmodel Naomi Seso; Club Howie - Corey Feldman - Drug scramble board; Live commercial: NJ Auto Public Auction with spokesmodel Naomi; Write to the Stern Show; Club Howie - Corey Feldman sings What's Up with the Youth; Live commercial: DIAL-A-MATTRESS with crew; Phony Ad -1-900 girls; Refused Show: Bob Costas, Buddy Hackett & Elizabeth Taylor; Stuttering John interviews Jerry Brown}

  62. Tribute to Breasts Apr 26, 1992 Mason Reese Michael Spink Jessica Hahn Sally Kirkland Jaye P Morgan Davey Jones Ramones Lloyd Lindsay Young {Howard Stern's Tribute to Breasts - Barbie's breasts, breast in art, foreign names, stuttering John interviews, Reese & Spink guess who's breast, Jessica Hahn; Live commercial: Snapple; Breast tribute continues - Dr Kalmar examines Al Rosenberg's breast, proving all breasts are different, Sally Kirkland; Live commercial: Brother Fax with Bra Bra Booey (pixs of Gary); Breast continues - Tino Trevino bra fashion show, breast in cartoons, Removing bra with 1 hand - Ashley Bust - Fred Norris, Zorina Dreams - Gary Dell'Abate, Stacy Stacks - John Martling; Jaye P Morgan; Live commercial: NJ Auto Public Auction with stuttering John; Breast continues - Angel Lee rings bell with breasts, Zorina uses breasts as a backboard, Marilyn (A-cup), Cindy (B-cup); Live commercial: DIAL-A- MATTRESS with crew with Al Rosenberg; Breast continues - Davey Jones picks best breasts - Angel, Cindy; Zorina, ?, Laura, Devon - picks Cindy & Laura; Breasts Feed The World - Michael Spinks, Mason Reese, Ramones, Kessler; Lloyd Lindsay Young, Uncle Floyd, John Melendez, Baba Booey; Jack Martling, Angel Lee, B Cups}

  63. Lesbian Love Connection May 2, 1992 Larry Linville {Howard interviews Larry Linville; Live commercial: Snapple with spokesmodel Crystal Hall; C*A*S*H - Larry Linville & Hawk Nose (Howard), Don the Security Guard (Klinger); Stuttering John interviews Morgan Fairchild, Paulie Shore, Bruce Springsteen, Chris Rock, Magic Johnson, Rick Dees, Betty White; Refused show: Burt Reynolds, Kristy McNichols, Ivana Trump; Live commercial: Brother Fax with spokesmodel Crystal Hall; Lesbian Love Connection - Michelle Martelle & Becky Wreck; Live commercial: NJ Auto Public Auction with spokesmodel Crystal Hall; Lesbian Love Connection continues; Live commercial: DIAL-A-MATTRESS with spokesmodel Crystal Hall; No- show Kenneth Keith Kallenbach; Stern's People Court revisited with Letha Weapons (66HH) & birthday cake for Gary}

  64. Last Tonight Show May 9, 1992 Zsa Zsa Gabor {4 girls in raincoats; Fred the Elephant Boy, Kessler & Ellen Linder play a prank on Zsa Zsa; Live commercial: DIAL-A-MATTRESS with spokesmodel Vanessa; Last Tonight Show - Ed McMahon (Al Rosenberg), Johnny (Howard), Doc (Dan Foreman); Live commercial: Snapple with Dan Foreman; Last Tonight Show continues - Sternac, Jody Carstern, Zsa Zsa Gabor; Live commercial: NJ Auto Public Auction with spokesmodel Vanessa; Stuttering John interviews Walter Cronkite, Chevy Chase; Live commercial: Brother Fax with spokesmodel Vanessa; Girls in raincoats strip - Trina, Letha Weapons}

  65. Scrapple in the Apple May 16, 1992 Geraldo Rivera Frank Stallone Tyrone Len Berman Michael Butler Jake LaMotta {Howard interviews Jake LaMotta; Al the Jew's odds; Live commercial: Snapple with spokesmodel Phyllis Osimado; Thoughts - Michael Olajide, Michael Spinks, Dan King (Dan Forman); Sumo Chicken Wrestling - Tempest & Jackie beat Tanya & Al; Frank Stallone spars with Big Pete; Live commercial: NJ Auto Public Auction with spokesmodel Phyllis; Geraldo spars - Johnny Dee; Round card girl try outs - # 4 of 6 wins; Amy vs Tammy; Lesbian oil wrestling - Tammy pins Amy, Quenton the Stutterer announcer; Howard learns to box from Tyrone Frazier; Live commercial: Brother Fax with spokesmodel Phyllis; Howard joins Len Berman to call the fight; Michael Butler - Lets get ready to rumble - ring announcer; Arthur McCanty - referee; Stallone unanimously decision over Rivera in scheduled 3 rounds, raised $10,200 for charity}

  66. Sphinctie Awards May 23, 1992 Jon Bon Jovi Jerry Vale Andrew Dice Clay Frank Stallone Mark Harris Sandi Korn Gene Rayburn {Mark Harris welcomes Sandi Korn, Don Juechter (security guard), Letha Weapons, Denise Miller (Kielbasa Queen), Kenneth Keith Kallenback, Fred the Elephant Boy, Quentin the Stutterer, Veronica Rudolph spokesmodel of the year), Underdog Lady, Kessler Raymond, Becky Wreck, Heather (femme lesbian), Michelle & Don Martelle, Dan Forman, Gary Dell'Abate, Gene Rayburn, Jerry Vale, Andrew "Dice" Clay; 1st Annual Sphinctie Awards hosted by Howard Stern; Gene Rayburn explains the Sphinctie Awards; Most Outstanding Performance in a game show -Daniel Carver beats Magdela DeJesus & Sandi Korn; Most talented spokesmodel - Wendy Lewis; Live commercial: Snapple with spokesmodel Maria; Most Humilating Way in using a staff performer other than Dan Forman - Marc Berglass beats Ellen Lindor, Gary Dell'abate & Jackie Dan Forman's Best performance - Baby Jesus beats Danbe the Genie, Pilgrim & Halloween viking; Live commercial: DIAL-A-MATTRESS with spokesmodel Maria; Best topless appearance; Veronica Rudolph beats Devon (34D), Cheryl Baker, Leetha Weapons (66HH) & Al Rosenberg (52C); Most racist segment - Ted the Janitor beats Fred the Elephant Boy & Doug the Dwarf; Jerry Vale introduces the accounting firm of Haskin & Cleaver; Most embarrassing body part on a cast member - Howard's butt beats Howard's stomach, Jackie's stomach, Ralph's front tooth & Gary's teeth; Best use of a person with an infliction - Kenneth Keith Kallenback; Live commercial: NJ Auto Public Auction with spokesmodel Maria; Best original choreography - Underdog Lady beats Tempest, Stern's Kennedy Peepee Dance; Lifetime cleavage award - Robin Quivers; Live commercial: Brother Fax with spokesmodel Maria; Best lesbian kiss - Becky Wreck & Michelle beat Heather & Kate Boone, Denise & Ronnie, Felicia Gold & Angel Valentine, Jean Nat & Keisha; Bon Jovi presents best Stuttering John respondent - Imelda Marcos beats Ted Williams & Joey Adams; Jimmy Augustino accepts; Andrew "Dice" Clay as Max Cady - speech against Arsenio Hall}

  67. Hooker Howiewood Squares Jul 11, 1992 Mike Lookinland Susan Olsen {Live commercial: Snapple with spokesmodel Tempest; Kevin McMahon prowling for hookers; Hooker Howiewood Squares - Silver & Erotica, Barbi, Lesbians (Heather & Felicia Gold), Kathy, Peaches & Shakiyla, Red, Jim & Jane Madam, Daisy Do-It, Mistress Victoria & Slave Pooch; Contestants - Susan Olsen & Mike Lookinland; Live commercial: Dial-a-Mattress with spokesmodel Tempest; Hooker Howiewood Squares continues - Susan Olsen wins 1st game; Refused show: George Burns, Eric Clapton, Jonathan Winters; Hooker Howiewood Squares continues - Susan Olsen wins 2nd game; Susan Olsen removes Tempest's chasity belt; Live commercial: Brother Fax with spokesmodel Tempest; Live commercial: Wiz - Panasonic Celluar Phone with spokesmodel Stacy; Stuttering John interviews John Forsythe, Isabel Sanford}

  68. Name that Tuna Jul 18, 1992 Dawn Wells Bob Denver Dr Judy Kuriansky {Howard reads faxes; Dr Judy Kuriansky - Japan's Penis Festival; Live commercial: Snapple with spokesmodel Lynette; Name that Tuna -Guess the non-lesbian - Robin, Michele Monroe (porn star), & Ann Marie (lesbian uses name Bruce) question; Kelly, Ashley & Lauren; Live commercial: Brother Fax with spokesmodel Lynette; Name that Tuna continues - Kelly is the Heterosexual; Live commercial: Dial-a-Mattress with spokesmodel Lynette; Stuttering John interviews Penny Marshall, Chevy Chase, Sigourney Weaver, Glenn Close, Michael J Fox, Paul Simon, Diane Sawyer, Art Garfunkel, Liza Minnelli; Live commerical: Wiz - Panasonic Handicam with spokesmodel Elana; Elana kisses Kevin McMahon; Howard interviews Dawn Wells & Bob Denver; Gag Again's Island - Gilligan (Bob Denver), Ginger (Howard), Mary Ann (Dawn Wells), Skipper (Security Guard Don), monkey (Gary), Prof (Fred), Mr Howell (Al Rosenberg), Mrs Howell (Jackie)}

  69. Hooker Price is Right Jul 25, 1992 Stacy Galina Fred Berry {Robin plays mystery guest with Howard - his camp girlfriend Judy; Live commercial: Snapple with spokesmodel Maryann Levinson; Hooker Price is Right Mike Antangelo, Mark Basiano & Fred Berry, Howard as Bob Barker, supermodel Mathila, Hooker Iris, game won by Fred Berry also wins pricing game; Anthony Galufuri is next contestant; Hooker Miss B game won by Mike; Live commercial: Dial-a-mattress with spokesmodel Maryann Levinson; Hooker Price is Right Showcase - Mike beats Fred Berry; Live commercial: P-Touch with spokesmodel Maryann Levinson; Howard interviews Stacy Galina; Live commerical: Wiz - Panasonic CD player with spokesmodel Rachel; Spokesmodel Rachel hugs Ellen Lindor; Sterny Dancing - Johnny Vaselino (Howard), Johnny's partner (Crystal Hall), Max (Al Rosenberg), Father (Fred Norris), Scaby (Stacy Galina), comedian (Jackie Martling), baby Danby (Dan Forman)}

  70. Sternlywed Game Aug 1, 1992 Dr Ruth Westheimer {Sternlywed Game - Stuttering John & Karen Harris vs Howard & Alison; Stern vs Dan & Robin Forman vs Fred Norris & Allison; host is Robin Eubanks; Questions for men: 1. How many times a week you make whoopie? 2. What sexual act do you want to do but you wive won't? 3. How many sets of male genitals has your mate seen? Live commerical: Wiz - Kenwood CD system with spokesmodel ; Questions for women: 1. What is the first thing your man does after making whoopie? 2. Your maleness is ______ inches long. 3. What is the single most wildest thing you did? Bonus. Most # times made whoopie in one time? Prize is session with Dr. Ruth; Live commercial: Snapple with spokesmodel Bonnie Bauers; Things that didn't make it on the show - Clarence Thomas song, Robin Quivers tribute song to Howard, Blind man's blind date, Black Jeopardy; Live commercial: Dial-a-mattress with spokesmodel Bonnie Bauers; Things that didn't make it on the show Handicap defeat the clock, Chauncey stretches tongue, Kevin's ET encounter; Live commercial: Brother P-Touch with spokesmodel Bonnie Bauers; Things that didn't make it on the show - Draw Dan contest, Underdog Lady at home, Hidden camera on Dan, Jackie's toenails; Phony promo - Stern Claymation - not shown in NYC}

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