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Grey's Anatomy Trivia Quizzes

Provided by Suzanne

Quiz yourself on the show!

Trivia Quiz #1

(Mostly about first season)

1. Where did we first see Derek?

a. operating
b. Waking up naked on Meredith's couch.
c. dancing
d. kissing Izzie.
e. none of the above

2. Dr. Webber is this.

a. Chief of Surgery
b. Head of pediatrics
c. Resident
d. Head of the ER.
e. none of the above

3. What is Dr. Bailey's nickname?

a. Attila the Hun
b. The Bitch
c. The Nazi
d. McSteamy
e. none of the above

4. Who gave Derek the nickname "Dr. McDreamy"?

a. George
b. Christina
c. Izzie
d. Meredith
e. Alex

5. How did Izzie pay off her medical school bills?

a. dancing
b. dealing drugs
c. waitressing
d. stripping
e. modeling

6. Which character got syphilis?

a. George
b. Christina
c. Izzie
d. Meredith
e. Derek

7. Which type of pregnancy did Cristina have?

a. hysterical
b. twin
c. high risk
d. lupus
e. ectopic

8. Who left Cristina at the altar?

a. Alex
b. Burke
c. Derek
d. Mark
e. Richard

9. Who did Meredith have a disastrous one-night stand with?

a. Alex
b. Mark
c. George
d. Izzie
e. Richard

10. Who does Izzie live with?

a. Cristina
b. Derek
c. Alex
d. Meredith
e. none of the above.


1. b
2. a
3. c
4. b
5. e
6. a
7. e
8. b
9. c

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