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Eerie, Indiana Episode Guide

Foreverware   9/15/91 (Marshall's family moves to a strange town and  his mother makes friends with women who are into tupperware-like containers,  including their next-door neighbor who seals her twin boys into them at  night.)      

The Retainer   9/22/91 (Marshall learns that the dogs in Eerie  are not what they seem, and they like to chase his friend with the retainer.)     

The ATM Machine   9/29/91 (Marshall's dad designs an ATM  machine with a personality that likes to give Simon money for nothing.)     

The Losers  10/6/91 (Marshall looks for his dad's lost  briefcase and finds a strange little man who is the keeper of all things  lost.)      

Scariest Home Videos  10/20/91 (On Halloween night, Simon's  little brother accidentally gets switched with the mummy in the movie he's  watching on t.v., so Simon and Marshall must rescue him. .)      

Just Say No Fun  10/27/91 (Marshal discovers that the school  nurse is using eye exams to hypnotize the children into being docile.)     

Heart On a Chain  11/3/91 (Marshall and another boy compete  for the heart of a new girl at school whose heart is faulty.)     

The Dead Letter  11/10/91 (Marshall and friends find ghosts in  the library.)     

Who's Who  11/17/91 (Marshall befriends an artistic girl who  hates her motherless family and whose art can become real.)     

The Lost Hour  12/1/91 (Eerie doesn't have daylight savings  time-and Marshall finds out why when he resets his watch and falls between  time.)      

Marshall's Theory of Believability   2/2/92 (Marshall and Simon  think a famous paranormal doctor believes their stories.)     

Tornado Days   3/1/92 (Marshall helps a meteorologist battle  Tornado Bob during Eerie's annual Tornado Days celebration.)     

The Hole In the Head Gang   3/1/92 (Marshal and Simon find a  strange kid with no past who lives in a barn haunted by a dead gunslinger.)      

Mr. Chaney   3/8/92 (When Marshall is made  the new Harvest  King, he must face a werewolf ) 

No Brain, No Pain   3/15/92 (Marshall and Simon help an odd  babbling homeless man who seems to be in trouble.)     

The Loyal Order of Corn   3/22/92 (Marshall and friends try to  find out the secrets behind Eerie's mysterious lodge and find a visitor from  another world.)     

Zombies In P.J.'s (Marshall wonders why everyone in town seems  to be drawn to shopping in the middle of the night.)     

Reality Takes a Holiday   4/12/92 (Marshall wakes up in a parallel  universe where Eerie is only a set and his family are all actors.)     

Broken Record  12/9/93 (Marshall worries about a friend who is  heavily into heavy metal music to avoid his dysfunctional family.)

Not shown:     

The Jolly Rogers (Marshall's house hides buried treasure hunted  by ancient pirates.)

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