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Earth 2 Episode Guide

The following guide was originally from The Itchy and Scratchy BBS; unfortunately, we don't know who wrote it (if you find out, please let us know). We only put it here because it is the one Suzanne uses. The last few episode descriptions were written by Suzanne.

First Contact 11/06/94 (The colonists of the Eden Project leave Earth for their new home, but crashland when they arrive. Devon Adair's son Ulysses is abducted by Terrians and healed. The commander is paralyzed and buried.) 

The Man Who Fell To Earth (Two) 11/13/94 (Astronaut Gaul, abandoned on Earth 2, kills the Commander. Alonzo Solace has more Terrian dreams.) 

Life Lessons 11/20/94 (Criminal Gaul tries to disrupt the camp through John Danziger's daughter, True.) 

Promises, Promises 11/27/94 (Gaul abducts Terrians and the last Terrian enlists the colonists' aid to free his tribe. Gaul disappears beneath the ground.) 

A Memory Play 12/04/94 (The Colonists find a third escape pod with diseased people. Grendler saliva is the cure. The disease is caused by an implanted government neural chip that programmed a woman to sabotage the ship.) 

Water 12/11/94(Adair and Danziger leave camp to look for water, but the Terrians are guarding the only source. Julia Heller, M.D. questions her service/mission for the Council.) 

The Church of Morgan 12/18/94 (A marital spat between Morgan and Bess Martin ensues. Heller tries to remove Uly's pineal gland as ordered by the council. Ulysses has become an evolutionary step to the Terrians.) 

The Enemy Within 01/08/95 (Julia Heller injects Uly's DNA into herself. After going through erratic personality changes and kidnapping Morgan, she is caught by the group and left behind.) 

Redemption 01/22/95 (Thanks to Alonzo, Julia rejoins the group. They capture a genetically enhanced killer called a Z.E.D.) 

Moon Cross 02/05/95 (Alonzo finds a human, Mary, among the Terrians. The Terrians claim Ulysses to act as a link between them and the humans) 

Better Living Through Morganite 02/19/95 (Yale starts to regain his memory. Morgan freezes a claim of glowing rocks and a Terrian.) 

Better Living Through Morganite Part 2 02/26/95 (Yale, Bess, Morgan are taken captive. Yale learns he is not a criminal. The glowing rocks release the earth. Mary saves Yale from Terrian punishment.)

Grendlers in the Myst 03/05/95 (Colonists track down a "killer" only to discover that he is the long-abandoned son of the real killer and his wife, now holograms.) 

The Greatest Love Story Never Told 03/12/95 (Danziger stumbles on a colony of reformed criminals. Adair meets a lover from her dreams on the station.)

Brave New Pacifica (Danziger, Devon and Alonzo find a cave that shelters a transporter powered by spiders; Julia also finds it,thanks to some Grendlers that drink blood. They are all led to a coast that they think is New Pacifica.)

After the Thaw (Danziger is inhabited by the spirit of an evil Terrean.) 

The Boy Who Would Be Terrean King 4/23/95 (Ulysses travels from the future to get Devon to hide some of his DNA blood in the cave of an unfriendly tribe of Terreans; meanwhile, True and Yale help an injured creature.) 

Survival of the Fittest 4/23/95 (Danziger, Alonzo, Julia, and Morgan are stranded when they accidentally crash a rover while searching for other survivors. When they come back, they act strangely and it is revealed that Danziger killed a Grendler and they all ate it so they wouldn't starve.) 

All About Eve 5/20/95 (The colonists are dying of some strange disease. Led by Morgan, they find a stranded ship with two living survivors in cold sleep whose computer may hold the key to the disease's cure.)

Natural Born Grendlers 5/27/95 (In an out-of-sequence episode, Alonzo has trouble dealing being planet-bound and becomes depressed; Devon uses Bess' trading skills to food and other supplies from a friendly grendler; and Morgan copes with the loss of his VR equipment but is glad to get a geolock.) 

Flower Child 5/14/95 (The anticipation of spring has the colonists preparing to leave the biosphere and continue their journey. Meanwhile, Bess and Danziger exhibit strange symptoms after a colorful flower sprays them with a pollenlike substance.)

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Updated 8/23/06  


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