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Alias Character Stats

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  • Sydney Bristow
    Career Status: CIA officer
    Romantic Status: formerly involved with Michael Vaughn who is now married to Lauren Reed, still very much in love with him
    Family Status: Father- Jack Bristow, another CIA agent, Mother: Irina Derevko, former Russian Intelligence
    Possible Weakness: her caring quality, her loved ones, humanity is her main weakness
  • Jack Bristow
    Career Status: CIA leader
    Romantic status: Although still pining for his former wife, recently became involved with her sister, Katya
    Family Status: Sydney’s father
    Possible Weakness: the love for his daughter and his overprotection for her safety, also still a bit intrigued by his former wife, Irina
  • Michael Vaughn
    Career Status: CIA officer
    Romantic Status: Although still very much in love with Sydney, now married to Lauren Reed
    Family Status: Father killed by the Irina Derevko, married to Lauren Reed Possible Weakness: his extreme attachment to Sydney
  • Irina Derevko
    Career Status: former Russian Intellegance Agent
    Romantic Status: formerly married to Jack Bristow, who she entrapped into marrying her for info on the CIA
    Family Status: Sydney’s mother, also mother to Nadia
    Possible Weakness: her love for her Sydney, although that hasn’t stopped her before
  • Arvin Sloane
    Career Status: former head of SD-6, status as of season three unknown
    Romantic Status: formerly married to Emily Sloane, recently involved with the CIA psychiatrist Judy Barnett
    Family Status: father of Nadia, Sydney’s half sister
    Possible Weakness: his quest of Rambaldi’s prophecy, his love for Nadia
  • Julian Sark
    Career Status: Head of North American branch of the Covenant
    Romantic Status: Involved with Lauren Reed
    Family Status: son of Russian Diplomat Andreas Lazarey
    Possible Weakness: Lauren Reed?
  • Lauren Reed
    Career Status: Co-Head of North American Branch of the Covenant
    Romantic Status: married to Michael Vaughn but involved with Julian Sark
    Family Status: daughter of Senator George Reed and his wife Olivia, also works for the Covenant
    Possible Weakness: her mother
  • Marcus Dixon
    Career Status: Head of the CIA
    Romantic Status: once married to Diane Dixon who was killed by Sloane
    Family status: has two children: a girl, Robin, a boy, Steven
    Possible Weakness: his children, Sloane hits a nerve as he killed Dixon’s wife
  • Other Characters
    Eric Weiss: another CIA officer, friend of Vaughn and Sydney’s
    Marshall Flinkman: CIA tech guy, married to Carrie, has a baby son named Mitchell
    Judy Barnett: CIA psychiatrist, once romantically involved with Arvin Sloane
    Nadia: Sydney’s half sister, daughter of Sloane and Irina 

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