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Classic Primetime Comedy TV Links J-Z

You can find many of these shows at TV Guide's Show Guide Site and

Note: These are fan sites unless otherwise stated. These are mostly US shows.

We are updating this page in the next month or so, so stay tuned!

The Jack Benny Show

Tim's TV Showcase


Jake in Progress

Official ABC Site

John Stamos Official Site

The Unofficial John Stamos Homepage


Official NBC Site

Matt LeBlanc Online

JKX: The Jamie Kennedy Experience

Official Paramount Site


Jeeves and Wooster (British) 

TV Comedy Index

At The Hat Sharpening Shopw


The Jeffersons

The Jeffersons Home Page


Jennifer Slept Here

DS Pages


Joanie Loves Chachi



Tim's TV Showcase


Just Shoot Me

Official NBC Site

The Original Just Shoot Me Website

Hank's Just Shoot Me Page

Bang!: The Just Shoot Me Guide


Just the Ten of Us

De Woon's Page


Kate & Allie

Tim's TV Showcase


Kids in the Hall

Headcrusher's Ball

Barb's Kids in the Hall Page


Kitchen Confidential

Official FOX Site


NickBrendon The Official Site

Nicholas Brendon-The Devotion


Less than Perfect

Official ABC Site


Sarah Rue

Official Andy Dick Site

Andrea Parker Fan Page

The Official Eric Roberts Website

Living with Fran

Official WB Site

Ben Feldman Online

Ryan McPartlin Homepage


The Larry Sanders Show

picture The TV MegaSite's Larry Sanders Show Site


Laverne and Shirley 

Tim's TV Showcase


Leave it to Beaver

The 1st Leave it to Beaver Website

Tim's TV Showcase


The League of Gentlemen

BBC America


The Life of Riley

Tim's TV Showcase


Life with Bonnie

Official ABC Site

Life With Bonnie Online

The Bonnie Hunt Home Page

Mark Derwin Website


Life with Father

Tim's TV Showcase





Listen Up

Official CBS Site


Love, Sidney

Tim's TV Showcase


The Love Boat

Love Boat Unofficial Home Page


Love Boat: The Next Wave

Unofficial Home Page


Love That Bob

Tim's TV Showcase


The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour

Tim's TV Showcase


The Lucy Show

Tim's TV Showcase



The M*A*S*H 4077th Home Page


Mad About you

picture The TV MegaSite's Mad About You Site



Make Room for Daddy

Tim's TV Showcase


Malcolm & Eddie



Malcolm in the Middle

Official FOX Site

Malcolm Mania

The Official Frankie Muniz Site

Man Show, The

Official Comedy Central Site

Fan Page



Official BBC America Site


The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis

Tim's TV Showcase


The Married With Children Page 


Al Bundy-Saturday Night Fever (site is in both English and German)



The Martin Fanpage


The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Fan Page

Pat's Home Page



The Tuckahoe Terror


Mayberry RFD


McHale's Navy

Tim's TV Showcase


Men Behaving Badly (British)

Totally Unofficial Page


Method and Red

Official FOX Site


The Mickey Rooney Show

Tim's TV Showcase


The Milton Berle Show

Tim's TV Showcase





The Monkees


Monty Python's Flying Circus (British)




Moonlighting In The 21st Century


Mork and Mindy

picture The TV MegaSite's Mork and Mindy Page


The Mothers-in-Law

Tim's TV Showcase


Mr. Adams and Eve

Tim's TV Showcase


Mr. Bean (British)



Mr. Belvedere

Tim's TV Showcase


Mr. Ed

Tim's TV Showcase


Mr. Peepers

Tim's TV Showcase


Mr. Show

Official Mr. Show Site

Girlie Mr. Show


Mr. T and Tina


The Munsters

Official Site


Murphy Brown

Tim's TV Showcase


My Favorite Martian

Tim's TV Showcase

Fan Page


My Friend Irma

Tim's TV Showcase


My Hero

Official BBC America Site


My Little Margie

Tim's TV Showcase


My Mother the Car

Tim's TV Showcase


My Sister Sam


My Three Sons

Tim's TV Showcase


My Wife and Kids

Official ABC Site


The Nanny


Ned & Stacey

Brasilian page (in English)


The New Leave it to Beaver

The First New Leave it to Beaver Web Page



Official WB 'Nikki' Page

The Unofficial Nikki Online Guide Nikki Page



Norm on TV Norm Page


Northern Exposure

The Moose's Guide to Northern Exposure



Nurses Tribute Page



Official Oxygen Site


The Odd Couple

The Odd Couple Homepage


Oh Baby



Oliver Beene

Official FOX Site


One Day at a Time

TV Guide Retro 

Tim's TV Showcase


One on One

Official UPN Site

Out of Practice

Official CBS Site

Paula Marshal Fan Site

Only Fools and Horses


Chris' Only Fools and Horses Home Page


Our Miss Brooks

Tim's TV Showcase

Yahoo Group for the show and actors

1950's TV Series Page


Out of the Blue



Parker Lewis (Can't Lose)

Fan Page


Parkers, The

Official UPN Site

Official Paramount Site

The Parkers Fan Page

Official Jena von Oy Site


The Partridge Family

The Unofficial Homepage

Tim's TV Showcase


The Patty Duke Show

Tim's TV Showcase


The Paul Lynde Show

Tim's TV Showcase


Perfect Strangers

The Legacy Continues

Lisa's Site


Petticoat Junction

The Hooterville Hillbillies Page



Phyllis Online

Tim's TV Showcase


Pilot Season

Official Trio Site


Pitts, The

Official FOX Site


Please Don't Eat the Daisies

Tim's TV Showcase


Police Squad

picture The TV MegaSite's Police Squad Page

The Files of Police Squad


Politically Incorrect With Bill Maher

Official ABC 'Politically Incorrect With Bill Maher' Page

WCHS - ABC Affiliate



The Novak: A Popular Website

The Popular Source


Private Secretary (aka Susie)

Tim's TV Showcase


Punky Brewster

Punky Brewster: The Web Page



Official WB Site

Remember Wenn


WENN on the Web

The Green Room



The Unofficial Mary Tyle Moore and Rhode Page



Official ABC Site

Roger That!

The Official Roger That Fan Page


The Ropers


Rowan and Martin's Laugh-in

Tim's TV Showcase



Official WB Site

Official Paramount Site

Sabrina the Teenage Witch News Network


Sanford and Son

Tim's TV Showcase


SCTV (Canadian)


Second Time Around

Official UPN Site



         Matan's Homepage

         Seinfeld Forever


Sergeant Bilko (The Phil Silvers Show)

Sgt. Bilko's Barracks

Tim's TV Showcase


Sex and the City

Official HBO Site

Dollchild's Sarah Jessica Parker Page

Simply Sarah

I Heart NY

Leslie's Sex and the City Homepage


Silver Spoons

Silver Spoons Online

Tim's TV Showcase

Ricky Schroder


The Single Guy

The Jonathan Silverman Web Page



picture The TV MegaSite's Sledgehammer Site

The Sledge Hammer! Arsenal


Small Wonder

The Semi-Official Small Wonder Home Page


So Graham Norton

BBC America Official Site

Channel 4 Site




Tim's TV Showcase


Sonny & Cher Show

TV Party


Son of the Beach

Official FX Site


Spin City

Official ABC Site

The Official Unofficial Spin City Site Spin City Page


Sports Night


Sports Night on ABC


Square Pegs

Clifford's Page



Official FOX Site

Pamela Anderson Official Site and Fan Club

Another Unofficial Christopher Lloyd Web Site


Tim's TV Showcase



Official FX Site


Official Website


Step by Step

The Step by Step Homepage


The Steve Harvey Show

Official Steve Harvey Show Site


Still Standing

Official CBS Site


Strangers With Candy

Tony's Page


Suddenly Susan

         Suddenly Susan



Fan Page



Fan Page


Teen Angel

Cloud 66


That 70's Show

Official Site

Washi's 70's Page

That 70s Show Page of Grooviness

That Girl

THAT GIRL on the web!  

Tim's TV Showcase


Three's a Crowd


Three's Company

As Told by Heffray

Tim's TV Showcase



Official FOX 'Titus' Page Titus Page


The Tom Green Show

Offical Website


The Tony Randall Show

Tim's TV Showcase



Tim's TV Showcase


Tracey Takes On

Official Site

Totally Tracey Online


Trigger Happy TV

Official Site


TV Nation

picture The TV MegaSite's Awful Truth / TV Nation Page



Official WB Site

The Unofficial Sara Gilbert Fan Page

Molly Stanton Online

Two Guys and a Girl

The Unofficial Two Guys and a Girl Website

Amy's Two Guys and a Girl Page


The Wayans Brothers

The Official Unofficial Wayans Brothers Page


Unhappily Ever After

The WB Unofficial Page

Nikki Cox



Official HBO Site

Krista Allen Website

The Unofficial Frank Langella Fan Site


Upright Citizens Brigade

UCB Internal Communications Board

The Very Unofficial UCB Site


Veronica's Closet

Tim's TV Showcase


Wanda at Large

Official FOX Site

Official Warner Brothers Site


Watching Ellie

Official NBC Site


We'll Get By

Tim's TV Showcase




Welcome Back, Kotter

Inner Mind

The Network and TV Guide site


Welcome to New York

Official CBS Page



What's Happening

The What's Happening Page


What I Like About You

Official WB Site

The First WILAY Fan Site

Official Amanda Bynes Website

The Official Jennie Garth Homepage

Who's The Boss?

Tim's TV Showcase



Official NBC Site

ACME Whoopi!


Will & Grace

Official NBC Site

Rob's Will & Grace Web Page

The Essential Will & Grace Page


Jason's Page (no longer updated)


Wizards and Warriors

Fan Page 2


WKRP in Cincinnati

Tim's TV Showcase


Women of the House 

Women of the House Tribute Site


The Wonder Years

      Fan Page

      Fan Page 2

      Peter's Fan Page


Yes, Dear

Official CBS Site


Yes Minister / Yes Prime Minister (British)

James Ogley's Page


The Young Ones (British)

TV Comedy Index

The Young Ones FAQ

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