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OC Milestones

The OC wins for Guiltiest Pleasure at VH1'a big in 2003 award

The OC lands the cover of TV guide magazine.

The OC lands the cover of Entertainment Weekly magazine.

The OC featured in Entertainment magazine.

The OC is nominated for a People's Choice award, best new drama.

Marissa & Ryan's first kiss was highly publicized.

The OC Cast lands the cover of YM.

The OC Cast on MTV's TRL.

Rachel Bilson lands a spot in stuff magazine.

Mischa Barton featured in Enrique Iglesias's Addicted Video.

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The O.C. Year in Review

2003 is gone.  It was a good year for television, especially for the O.C.  The OC premiered on the Fox Network in August of 2003 and has been a favorite for people all around the US to enjoy.  The start of the 2004 year has even caught the OC with worldwide dreams, as the show will be premiering in countries all around the world within the year.

there was Ryan Atwood, a kid from the wrong side of the tracks, who by chance and sympathy came to live with the Cohens.  HE found a home there with Sandy, Kirsten and Seth.  In the process he fell in love with Marissa Cooper the girl next door, who was going through her own family problems as well.  Her father Jimmy, ripped off his clients and broke the law and his family apart.  His money grubbing wife left him and later went on to date Cabel Nickel, Kirsten father.  The year ended with their relationship beginning to bloom.  Marissa on the other hand, almost died when she OD'd in Mexico.  She began the down spiral after Luke, her boyfriend, cheated on her with her friend Holly.  She has found solace with Ryan and has since gotten better, but will the influence of new guy Oliver have any effect on her.  2003 was also a year of love triangles, The Seth, Summer, Anna triangle was an addictive effect of the show.  Seth Cohen, who has been in love with Summer Roberts for the longest time has finally gotten back her affection, but she was too late because Seth has set his sights as on new girl Anna Stern.   2003 also saw marital problems for Sandy and Kirsten, including Caleb and Jimmy who made attempts to break them up.  Luke himself had problems this year, he has joined the ranks of the outcasts in Newport because of a catastrophic revelation that his father is gay...

The Pilot

Ryan Atwood is caught stealing a car, and so begins the Newport journey.

The Gamble

Ryan's mom comes back only to leave again, Ryan's stay becomes permanent.

The Debut

The Truth about Jimmy is revealed, that he stole from his clients.

The Outsider

Luke was shot in the arm by Donnie, a co worker of Ryan's at a party.

The Girlfriend

Seth and Summer shared their 1st kiss, after they bonded over memories.

The Girlfriend

Luke and Marissa 1st slept with each other after Marissa caught Ryan with Gabrielle.

The Escape

Marissa forgives Ryan after a long and eventful trip to Tijuana.

The Escape

The Famous Seth & Summer breakfast, incredibly funny, Summer starts to melt.

The Escape

Luke cheated on Marissa with Holly on their trip to Tijuana.

The Escape

While helping painting his apt., Jimmy kissed Kirsten on a whim.

The Escape

After Marissa OD'd on pain killers, Ryan found her, saving her life.

The Heights

While helping Seth win over Summer,  Anna showed her true feelings to Seth.

The Heights

Marissa and Ryan shared their 1st kiss on a Ferris wheel at the school fair.

The Perfect Couple

Julie and Caleb's relationship is revealed, shocking Newport.

The Perfect Couple

Rachel came on to Sandy while they working on a deposition.

The Escape

Seth was busy Thanksgiving, kissing Summer and Anna.

The Secret

Luke's dad's secret was revealed to the world that he was gay.

The Secret

Summer and Anna become friends and bond over their comMonalities.

The Secret

Luke joins the ranks of the outcasts, overdosers and Seth.

The Best Chrismukkah Ever

As a Christmas present, summer dressed up as Wonder woman for Seth.

The Best Chrismukkah Ever

Ryan finally gives in and celebrates a memorable Chrismukkah.

The Countdown

Marissa tells Ryan that he loves her and Ryan replies Thank you.

The Countdown

After being locked in the pool house Seth becomes claustrophobic.

The Countdown

Unbeknown to them, Kirsten and Sandy go to a swingers New Year's party.

Dawn Atwood - Ryan's Mom Trey Atwood - Ryan's Brother Anna Stern - Seth's Friend/Ex-Girlfriend Rachel - Sandy's coworker Caleb Nickel - Kirsten's father
Oliver Trask - was in love with Marissa Hailey Nickel - Kirsten's sister Carson Ward - Luke's Dad Donnie - Shot Luke in Arm Holly Fischer - Marissa's ex-friend

There are many questions left unanswered as the year closes.  The biggest question however is Who does Seth choose... Summer or Anna.....  Its a question that is left unanswered, The OC has been a keystone in Entertainment this year, and only the future can tell us what to expect in the next year....

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