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The O.C. Episode Guide

The  - 3.25
aired 5/18/06

Julie and Marissa

By Kasey 

Ryan watches TV and Kirsten folds clothes. Seth comes and visits Ryan. Sandy tells Kirsten that Seth denied everything. Seth tells Ryan that it was an accident. Sandy tells Kirsten that he would ordinarily believe Seth, and Seth speculates to Ryan how bad the truth would sound. Sandy and Kirsten talk about how to deal with the situation. Seth tells Ryan that he wants to go sit in the car, but Ryan stops him, and goes out to get the car himself. 

When he goes outside, Volchok stops him and tells him that he has to get out of town. He insists that Ryan help him. He says that if he goes down, Ryan will go down with him. Ryan refuses to help him, and Volchok runs off. 

Summer, Taylor, and Marissa get ready for graduation and talk about Seth. Julie visits Marissa and gives her something from her dad that he shipped in for her graduation. Marissa excuses herself. 

Dawn arrives at the Cohen’s. She hugs Ryan and Kirsten. 

Kaitlin arrives at Neil’s house and says that she is there for Marissa’s graduation. After she leaves, Neil and Julie comment on how nice it was for her to come. 

Seth and Sandy talk about graduation. Sandy tells Seth how proud he is of him. Seth confesses what actually happened at the Newport Group, and Sandy tells him that he appreciates him coming clean. Sandy apologizes for not having been there. He also says that nothing is going to come in the way of his graduation day, and the two hug.

Marissa tells Summer that instead of going to college, she is going to go boating with her dad for the next year as a crew member. Marissa tells her that it is only for a year, and she says that she needs a new life. Summer is sad, especially when Marissa says that she will have to fly out the next night. Summer says that she will be okay with it if Marissa promises to sail to Rhode Island. 

Volchok hangs out in his van when Heather comes and drops off his clothes. Heather tells him that she thinks he hasn’t left yet because he is still thinking about Marissa. She asks him if he is going to try to convince Marissa to go to Mexico. 

Seth tells Ryan how great it is that they are finally getting out of Harbor. Summer and Marissa join them, and Marissa asks Ryan if she can talk to him for a second. 

Marissa having told Ryan her plan, he tells Marissa that her plan sounds great. They comment on how different they have become, and Ryan asks Marissa if he can drive her to the airport. She says that she was going to ask him the same thing. 

Marissa and Ryan join the other graduates. 

At the graduation ceremony, Taylor gives her speech, while the whole gang graduates and the parents cheer their kids on. Afterwards, everyone takes pictures. 

Sandy gives a toast to the graduates as they all eat dinner together afterwards. Sandy tells everyone that they are all family.  

Summer tells Seth how sad she is that their lives are so changed. Seth tells her that they will make things work out with whatever happens. 

Marissa goes to tell Julie that she is leaving, but Julie already knew. Jimmy had run the idea by her already. Julie says that she needs to let Marissa go. Kaitlin tells them that she knew too, and decided to come home for good so that Julie would have another daughter to worry about. The three girls hug. Julie gives Marissa her graduation gift—a pearl necklace. 

Dawn gives Ryan his graduation gift—a car! Ryan is thrilled. The two hug, and Dawn asks Ryan for a ride home.  

Taylor joins Seth and Summer and tells them that she is leaving for the summer. Seth tells her that she can join their inner circle, and Taylor is thrilled. 

Volchok calls Marissa, who doesn’t want to talk to him, even though Volchok says that he wants to make things up with her. He threatens Ryan if she doesn’t meet with him. 

Marissa confronts Ryan, who tells her that Volchok wants money to get out of town. Marissa asks to help Ryan get rid of Volchok, and the two agree to work together for one last time. 

The next morning, Dawn wishes the Cohens farewell. Ryan tells her that he will see her soon. Everyone waves goodbye after she gets in the cab, and Seth is shocked to hear that Ryan got a car. 

Kaitlin gets Marissa’s room redecorated, since she is moving into the room. Julie chats with her, and Kaitlin says that she is going to rule Harbor without Marissa there. 

Ryan picks up Marissa, who gives him her pearl necklace to get money to give Volchok. Ryan agrees to take Marissa with him to the pawn shop. 

Sandy stops by his old office at the public defender law firm. He discusses with a current employee how much he loved working there. Sandy leaves to chat with the DA. 

Kirsten visits Seth, and she tells him that the fire was the best thing that could have happened for them. She tells him that Sandy is talking to the lawyers now. She gives him a letter from RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) that came in the mail. 

Ryan gives Volchok the money. Volchok demands to talk to Marissa, and he sees her picking up Ryan. Unfortunately for Volchok, Marissa won’t stop the car, and the two drive off and leave him. 

Julie visits Marissa and the two say goodbye. Julie says that she has done everything for Marissa to try to give her a better life. Marissa tells Julie how much she loves her. Kaitlin tells Marissa that Ryan is there to pick her up. The three girls hug one more time. 

Marissa, Ryan, Seth, and Summer decide to go hang out together instead of going to the school party. 

Sandy gives Kirsten flowers and tells her that Seth is in the clear. He tells her that he wants to go back to his old office instead of working at the Newport Group. The two discuss how great life will be like having an empty nest. They kiss. 

Seth, Summer, Ryan, and Marissa go to the model home and decide to hang out there since it is deserted. The four go for a swim and talk about how different life would be if Ryan hadn’t come to town. Marissa says that she should go. Summer hugs her goodbye, and the two agree that they will be best friends forever. Marissa and Seth hug goodbye. Marissa leaves to get changed. 

Inside, Marissa starts crying. Ryan comes to her and comforts her. Marissa asks Ryan if he ever thought they would get together when they last came to the model home. Ryan asks her if she is saying things are over, and the two agree that you never know. Marissa apologizes for all the craziness, and Ryan says that he wouldn’t have done anything differently (except for Oliver). 

Marissa and Ryan drive off, and Volchok and Heather watch them. Volchok turns on the car, and Heather asks to drive. Volchok refuses. 

Seth shows Summer a giant box in his room. She crawls in and finds his acceptance letter for RISD—he starts in January. The two kiss. 

Ryan asks Marissa if she is okay. The two agree that they are both terrified about the future. They agree to stay in touch. Volchok drives up behind them and begins bumping into them. Marissa yells at Volchok to stay away from them, but they can’t pull over. Ryan accidentally drives off a hill as Volchok keeps cramming into them.

Ryan, okay, finds Marissa unconscious. He notices that the car is about to set on fire, and he carries Marissa out. Marissa wakes up, and asks Ryan to stay with her. He does so. Marissa dies in his arms as Ryan remembers their past together.

Photo from Screencap Paradise

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