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Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 7 DVD cover

 Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Complete Seventh Season

  Review by Suzanne 5/31/10

I must confess that I had watched some of this show in a previous season and didn't like it. Either that was not a fair assessment, or it has gotten way better. I really enjoyed watching this DVD. It was almost like watching "Seinfeld" again!  It was hilarious.

The show is about Larry David, who wrote "Seinfeld". He stars as himself, and he also writes the show. The joke is that he is just like the characters in Seinfeld (especially George). It's as if George Constanza were a rich and famous guy.  Famous people are his friends, and they wander in and out of his house.  It's just a really funny show. Like Seinfeld, though, it is sometimes very hard to watch because it has a lot of embarrassment humor. You really can't believe anyone would act like these people would act, and it is HBO, so it's far more extreme than Seinfeld was. Still, it's hilarious! You can't not watch. Oh, and apparently everyone in L.A. is an asshole. At least that's how it seems in this show!

The best reason to buy the DVD, though, is to see the long-awaited reunion of the Seinfeld cast, who appear in this season's episodes. I don't want to spoil it for you, but it's well worth the wait!

There are only ten episodes. I guess that's how they keep the show so funny.  No straining to find enough jokes for a whole season.  Besides the episodes, they have some great bonus features, like a feature about the Seinfeld reunion, and how they had to rebuild the sets, and talking about Larry as George, etc.  It's very good and chock full of fun!  Of course the episodes also have many great celebrity guest-stars.

Now I am going to have to rent seasons season 1-6 to see what I have been missing!

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Updated 5/31/10  


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