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Raising Hope cast

"Raising Hope" season premiere  by Suzanne
On FOX Tuesday 9/8c September 21.

I saw this preview in a hotel room in Atlanta. They had a free preview on their TV on Demand channel.  I am still not sure, but I think they should have paid me for watching it. The show was not very funny. It was very weird. I hate to judge a whole TV series by one episode, but it was pretty bad.

Watching this farce was really like watching a car wreck. I just could not stop watching because I couldn't believe someone would put it on the air, or that these many fine actors would sign up to be in something so awful.

I don't even know where to begin. Every character in the show is awful. They are all losers and terrible, trashy people, like you would see on the Jerry Springer Show.  Worse than anything you ever saw on "Married with Children".

Martha Plimpton, who is a great actress from way back, is totally wasted here as the trashy mom. She did have one of the funnier lines in the show. She works for a house cleaning service, and when her ride, another maid, honks her horn to tell her to hurry up, she gets in the car and says wryly, "What, didn't anyone tell you we're going to clean toilets?"  Yep, that's the funniest it gets. Mostly it's just horrifying to watch. There were some other funny bits when they reminisce about what a bad mother she was and we see flashbacks to when she didn't have a car seat. That was about it, though.

Her hapless son, Jimmy, hooks up with a murderous convict who has his baby and then is electrocuted by the state. Ha ha, hilarious. So he is stuck with this baby and has no idea what to do. The family advises him to get rid of it, but he insists on being responsible, unlike the rest of them. Then suddenly the show tries to be cute and make you go "Awww", but at that point, you are totally horrified and disgusted at the whole thing.

Another very fine actor, Garret Dilahunt, plays his loser father, and Cloris Leachman plays the Alzheimer's-inflicted grandmother.  I just don't know what FOX was thinking with this show. You would have to be a truly warped, tastless or twisted person, without a very good sense of humor, to like it.

I am still offended that they canceled "Dollhouse" and "Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles", but now I'm really offended.  "Sons of Tucson" was way better than this. I can't believe that Greg Garcia, who was so funny when writing "Ugly Betty", would write this.

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Updated 8/27/10 


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