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"Bones" season premiere review by Suzanne
Thursdays 8/7 c on The CW starting Sept. 23rd.

FOX is great for my site, and for many others'...they let us watch their shows ahead of time, so that we can review them for you. I wish more networks would do that! Some of the cable ones will do that, and I am guessing that some of the other nets do, but only if they think you are "worthy", and so far I have not been deemed such. Oh, well. It doesn't matter...I will continue to review all of the new shows as well as any that they want to let me see ahead of time, or not!

I was very happy to watch "Bones"' season premiere, since it's one of my favorite shows. There may be some spoilers here, so please don't read it if you don't want to get spoiled.

First of all, Temperance has a new hair cut, which I like a lot. And it's about time! She and Daisy are in Peru or wherever the heck they went at the end of last season, and they share a very funny scene. The judge, Caroline, brings the whole team back together in order to help Caroline solve a case. Booth gladly returns from Iraq or Afghanistan, wherever he went off to. His reunion with Temperance is great, but of course things are not so romantic between them any more. They always have to have that push-and-pull between the leads (or at least they think they do). In fact, Seeley has a new girlfriend, whom we will meet in the second episode.

Sweets comes back, and Angela and Hodgins return from Paris. She is not too happy about coming back to all the death. She and Hodgins have a great surprise. They all work to solve the mystery, but of course, as usual, the main story is about the characters and how they interact. In that way, it's a very good season premiere. It is all we could hope for (except maybe having Zack return).

You can see a full description of the episode on our spoilers page, plus photos. For now, though, just take my word for that it is as good as ever, even though they are starting their 6th season.

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Updated 9/20/10 


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