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"Top Design" Review by Danielle 02/17/07

Top Design

'Top Design' is a new show on Bravo airing Wednesday nights at 10PM ET. A final group of 12 designers was chosen from thousands of entries to be on the show. The 12 designers all live in a loft together while on the show.

Todd Oldham, most known for his appeal to the college aged group, hosts this reality competition. Each episode features a new secret client that the designers must design a room for. Some of the competitions require the designers to work as partners while others are individual events.

Each designer (or set of designers) are given some clues as to what their client is like and are given a specified amount of time to put their ideas down on paper in the form of notes and drawings. The designers are given a budget and the run of the vast showrooms at the Pacific Design Center to pick their lumber, paint, and furniture from. Each designer gets a model room that is basically a large white box that with the help of a carpenter, they must transform into the assigned room including painting, flooring, assembling some of the furniture, and finally decorating. All painting and flooring must be done on the first day and the assembling of furniture and final decorating must be done by the end of the second day. Designers learn the identity of their client after proceeding through the bulk of their plans and the client's critique of their rooms gets factored into the judges' decision.

Todd walks around offering advice while the designers are working, but the final decision is left up to three judges plucked from the interior design industry.

At the end of each episode, one designer (or team of designers) is eliminated and must also leave the loft. The goal at the end is for the last remaining designer to win such lavish prizes as $100,000, a new car, and a magazine spread in "Elle D├ęcor."

I found this show surprisingly enjoyable, partly because I like seeing shows about interior design, but I also enjoyed the challenge aspect.

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Updated 02/17/07


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