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General Hospital: Night Shift Cast List

Season Two



Dr. Saira Batra Azita Ghanizada
Jagger Cates Antonio Sabāto, Jr.
Michael "Stone" Cates** Cameron Boyce
Anna Devane* Finola Hughes
Dr. Patrick Drake Jason Thompson
Toussaint Dubois* Billy Dee Williams
Epiphany Johnson Sonya Eddy
Dr. Kyle Julian Adam Grimes
Dr. Leo Marcus Julian Ethan Rains
Robert Scorpio Tristan Rogers
Dr. Robin Scorpio Kimberly McCullough
Dr. Claire Simpson Carrie Southworth
Eric Whitlow** Chad Allen

*Recurring Role      **Guest Star

GH vets John Reilly (Sean), Sharon Wyatt (Tiffany) and Anthony Geary (Luke) joined the cast and reunited with Robert and Anna for the two-part season finale airing on October 14 and 21.

Leslie Charleson worked the "Night Shift" as Dr. Monica Quartermaine on October 7's "Truth and Consequences" episode.

Beginning on Tuesday, September 30, Finola Hughes (Anna) joined the cast of GH: Night Shift for the show's last three episodes of the season, dealing with Robert's medical problems as well as their daughter Robin's pregnancy. Also guest starring in that episode were Neill Barry (Will), Dylan Kenin, and Stephanie Nash.

Kathleen Noone (ex-Edna, Passions; ex-Ellen, AMC; ex-Bette; Sunset Beach) appeared as Drs. Leo & Kyle Julian's mother, Patricia, on "Brothers & Sisters" on Tuesday, September 23. 

Chad Allen, a gay-rights activist, is guest starring in three episodes beginning on September 23, as Eric Whitlow, a patient in need of a liver transplant who develops a relationship with first-year resident Kyle (Adam Grimes) while undergoing treatment. Also appearing in that episode are Robert Pine and Toni Sawyer as Eric’s parents, Barbara and Derry, and Christine Elise McCarthy as Sylvia, Eric’s sister.

Candace Edwards played a breast-milk donor on September 16's episode, "About a Dad."

Scott Healy and Clay N. Woods appeared on Tuesday, September 9 as FBI agents, who arrived at G.H. to investigate an organ donor smuggling ring. Other guest stars in the "Pay It Forward" episode included Lew Temple (Brett) and Joshua Snyder (Ryan McCormick).

John J. York appeared as Mac Scorpio on the show's 7th episode, "Listen to My Heart," which aired on Tuesday, September 2, when Robin has to make a painful decision about her father, Robert, as he goes under the knife again. Other guest stars in that episode included Ellen Bry (Maggie), Neill Barry (Will), Doug DeBeech (Lorenzo "Larry" Anthony Costa), Emily Liu (Grace), P.J. Marino (Groomsman), Christine Romeo (Mother in Support Group), and Joshua Snyder (Ryan McCormick) who encounters former schoolmate, Claire.

On August 26, "Playing With Fire" showcased guest stars Jeanette Brox (Moira Anderson) and Jared Hillman (Cyrus).

August 19's guest stars on "Family Values" included Reamy Hall (Alison), Greg Wayne (Alan Skinner), Gregory White (Dean Byron), and Rachel Winfree (Mrs. Byron).

Guest stars in the fourth episode "We'll Always Have Paris," airing on August 12, include Merritt Hicks (Danielle Forester), Annie M. Fitzgerald (Danielle's Sister, Yvette), Paul Keith (Senior Citizen), Bunny Levine (Estelle Lambert), and Greg Lewis (Mr. Davis).

Tristan Rogers (Robert) joined the cast during the third episode airing on August 5 when Robert faced a health crisis that brought him closer to Robin. "Fallen From the Sky" guest stars included Valerie Dillman as Lia Walker, Jeffrey Stubblefield as Roger Walker, Cheselka Leigh as Elisa, Joey Gray as Elisa's Roommate, and Ron Butler as the Ultrasound Technician.

Second episode guest stars were Amanda Carlin as Mrs. Hopkins, Craig Gellis as Trent, Blaise Baker as Kayla, Anne Marie Howard as Kayla's mother, Rick Kelly as Gary, and Greg Siff as Bobby Duncan.

In the first episode, guest stars included Laura Bottrell as Alice, Nick McCallum as Jerry, and Richard Gant as Dr. Russell Ford.

Antonio Sabāto, Jr. reprised his GH role of Jagger for the whole season. Also joining him was his 5-year-old son, Stone, who has autism. Young Stone is named for Jagger's late brother, Robin's first love, who died of AIDS in 1995.

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Season One

Here is the list of actors that are on the show besides the General Hospital actors.



Andy Archer Ron Melendez
Jolene Crowell Amanda Baker
Toussaint Dubois Billy Dee Williams
Leo Julian Dominic Rains
Leyla Mir Nazanin Boniadi
Pablo Danny Arroyo
Cody Paul Graham Shiels
Stacy Sloan Alla Korot
Regina Thompson Angel Wainwright
Roger Winters Rick Fitts

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