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Catching Up with Bradford Anderson (Spinelli)
Laurie Bedigian

(Photos courtesy of Keith Munyan)

Recently, I had the privilege of interviewing one of my favorite General Hospital stars, Bradford Anderson, via email.   Bradford was very open and honest when he answered my questions.  All of you General Hospital fans know Bradford is a gifted actor.  What many of you may not know is that Bradford is a funny and insightful person as well.   I hope you enjoy his answers as much as I did.

1.  Aside from acting, what other jobs, have you had?

Toy demonstrator, holiday elf... Busboy, waiter, waiter, waiter, waiter...   I really enjoyed being a waiter... I liked the interaction.  Each table was a fresh start; new people, new experience.  At times it was really rewarding.  At times it was mind bogglingly frustrating.  It definitely builds character... Iím so grateful for those experiences.

2.  I read that you were only six when you first started acting in the theater as Tiny Tim in a production of ďA Christmas Carol.Ē    What is your most vivid memory about that experience? 

Being the only actor who played on Cratchitís shoulders and saying the famous last line, ďGod Bless Us Everyone.Ē   My sister was in it as well; she played my SISTER of all things.  Iím sure my mom was in it too.  That community theater was such a blast.  Theyíre still doing plays, and I think a lot of the same people that were doing them back then are still doing them now!

3.  In your opinion, why is Spinelli such an endearing character?

Heís sincere.  Heís honest. And heís incredibly earnest.  As ďout thereĒ as he can be sometimes when it comes to the way he relates to the world at large, heís not wishy washy.  He faces an everyday struggle, to relate to people in as sincere a way as he can in a world that he doesnít necessarily fit in.  I think when people see that struggle you canít help but feel bad for him sometimes.  Spinelli always means the best, but sometimes things get lost in the translation.

4.  Are you disappointed that Spinelliís relationship with Georgie never developed into a romance?

Heck yes!  I canít wait to see how Spinelli reacts in a relationship.  Weíve seen him pine after girls, but what happens when he actually gets one?  I know Iím interested to find out.  Beyond that, Iím sad I wonít have the opportunity to gaze into Lindzeís beautiful eyes on a regular basis.  We all miss her.

5.  You were amazing in the scenes where Spinelli found Georgieís body in the park.  They were very real, very emotional, and very hard to watch.  Your performance was heartbreaking.  How difficult were those scenes for you?

Itís weird seeing your friend ďdead.Ē  I remember working on the material in my dressing room and thinking about how was I going to approach the emotional stuff.  When I got up on stage and saw Lindze crumpled on the stairs, I didnít have to work at all, it was just there.  Sometimes rather than being Łber-technical, itís best just to allow things to happen.  And that day, Lindzeís last day, there was plenty of emotion to be foundÖthere was no need for me to have to create it.  

6.  Do you have a favorite actor or one whose work you admire?

I really enjoy watching Gary Oldman.  I always knew I liked him, but it was when I watched "Batman Begins" and then "The Professional" all in the same week that I realized why.  Every character is built from the ground up.  Physically, vocally, every character is a specific creation.  If you ran into him on the street, youíd have no idea what heís like, because every time you see him in a movie, heís a completely different being.

7.  I love the humor you add to your character.  Do you have any comedic influences?

In terms of comedy I really enjoy watching Paul Rudd.  Itís his complete commitment to what heís doing that makes him hysterical.

8.  If you werenít an actor, what would you be doing?

Not much, I donít really have many skills. Iím good at a fair amount of things, but not great at very many. 

9.  I read that youíve done a lot of theater work.  Iíve also read that you sing and dance.  Is Broadway a goal for your future?

I try not to have any goals.  It makes me appreciate more whatever I happen to be doing at the time.  Would I enjoy doing a Broadway show?  Absolutely.  I miss New York, I miss singing and dancing.  Is it a goal?  Nope.  The only thing that falls in that category is being happy and healthy. All the other stuff is extra.

10.  Iíve been told that youíre very friendly and accommodating with the fans.  Do you enjoy taking part in all of the fan events?

Of course, I enjoy taking part in fan events.  How amazing is it that I have the potential to make someone smile?!  Thatís pretty neat.  The fans are wonderful people that spend a good portion of their time watching our faces on the TV.  Itís only fair that we get to see their faces too!

11.  Whatís the biggest misconception people have about you?

Well, Iím not as big of a dork as people might think I am.  I am pretty wicked dorky, but Iím pretty cool too.  Yeah, thatís it... thatís the misconception.  Iím cooler than people might think.  I think just saying that makes me more of a dork.  Sweet. 

Thanks so much, Bradford.  I so appreciate that youíve taken the time to talk with me.  Have a happy holiday.

My pleasure, Laurie... Happy New Year!

Thanks, Bradford

As I mentioned already, it was a pleasure to interview Bradford.  Thanks to Bradfordís publicist, Shannon, and her team for being so accommodating.   Most of all, thanks to Bradford for allowing me to share this interview with all of you. 


(Click on the photos for a high-resolution version)

Visit the Official Bradford Anderson Website!

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