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Catching Up with Bradford Anderson (Spinelli)
Laurie Bedigian

April 5, 2008 was a big day in Southeast Michigan.  Over a dozen daytime stars came to town for the ďTouched By A StarĒ charity event held at Villa Penna banquet center in Sterling Heights, a suburb of Detroit.  The ďTouched by A StarĒ charity was created to help children and their families with all aspects of terminal illnesses such as cancer. Josephine Vitale who lost her 13-year-old son, Angelo, to cancer, set up the foundation.  The actors in attendance included: Bradford Anderson, Matthew Ashford, Brandon Barash, Josh Duhon, Tyler Christopher, Steve Burton, BethAnn Bonner, Derk Cheetwood, Drew Cheetwood, Ambyr Childers, Jason Gerhardt, Carolyn Hennesy, Kim McCullough, Cynthia Preston, Sebastian Rochť, and Ignacio Serricchio.

I had the privilege of interviewing Bradford Anderson while he was in town for the event.  Even though he was pressed for time, Bradford took a few minutes to sit down with me and answer some questions.   Bradford is incredibly unique.  He made me feel like talking with me was the most important part of his day.  Bradford was interesting, funny, and very sweet.  He was an absolute joy to talk with and someone I wonít soon forget.    Hereís what Bradford had to say:

1.  In our last interview, you said you wouldnít be doing much of anything if you werenít an actor.  Seriously, you seem really intelligent.  What else are you good at?  Were you good in school?

Basically what happened is in college or leading up to college, I never found myself interested in anything else.  I was a pretty good student actually.   I excelled at things that I did.  I was good at math but I didnít stand out as a math student.  I got A's but it wasnít my passion.  I was top five in my class.  I was good at stuff but I never said ďThis is something not only am I good at it, but I would love to do it for the rest of my life.Ē

2.  Did you always want to be an actor?   

When my sister and I were both very young, we were involved in Community Theater. Being from central New Hampshire, no one gets on that career path at a young age, because thereís just nowhere to go.  Thereís not a regular pattern of people that do that.  You donít have any role models.  Thereís no formula for it.  You canít be a child actor in New Hampshire, letís say.  So it was just something I did as an extracurricular.  When I got involved in high school, it just kind of stuck. 

3.  Is it true that your mom didnít let you watch soap operas growing up? 

No, I wasnít allowed to.  There were two things - there were soap operas and MTV.  My mom is not overbearing or terribly strict.  I think she watched a Madonna video once, so she thought all videos were sex, and she thought soap operas were all sex.  I donít think she grew up with soap operas.  Maybe her mother instilled that in her mind.   But now my mom watches soaps everyday.

4.  The fans love you and find you so funny.  Are you surprised at how popular your character has become?

I hope they do. Itís so different.  Iíve gotten used to it now.  I continue to be grateful that they havenít gotten tired of me. At first it was great they could accept something a little different, and now itís great they arenít getting tired of it.   Iím still incredibly grateful for all the support.

5.  When you first came on, Spinelli was a smart guy who just talked a little strange, then you added the comedic element and made him so loveable.  How much freedom do you have with the character as far as what you say and do?

It depends Ö sometimes weíll try things out in rehearsal that may deviate from what has been planned.  We have very talented writers and very talented directors, so Iím always in great hands.  In the rare occasion that I have a great idea, they allow me to go for it.  Most of the time, Iím just heeding the good advice of the directors and the writers.

6.  Talk a little about when Spinelli lost his clothes Ė was it strange for you to be so exposed?

It was a little strange.  I had these little briefs on.  It was funny - these people I work side by side with everyday - and not really thinking about it until all of a sudden I was up there naked before them.  It was quite an experience.

7.  Do you think Spinelli will ever have a real relationship with a woman?

I hope so.  I think everyone understands that Spinelli does have a big heart.  Of course, whatever he does, humor will be mixed into it simply because thatís how it happens.  I hope he does have the opportunity to really explore a mutual relationship. Who knows to what extent it will be.  I think itís maybe the next step for that character to get a better idea of who he is. 

8.  Do you watch your own work?

Sometimes.  When I watch it itís very technical.  Itís like drawing a picture with your eyes closed, and then two weeks later someone shows it to you.    Itís kind of fascinating to watch, because from my inner eye itís hard for me to see.   I try not to watch too much, because I donít want to pick apart what Iím doing.  I want everything I do to be as organic as possible, but at the same time sometimes itís fun to see how things actually went.  Because when you see them, itís a lot different than when you actually were doing them.

9.  Youíre on the Emmy pre-nomination list.  How does that feel?

I am.  Itís incredible because especially for the pre-nominations itís all from your show.   Itís the people I respect and admire Ė my co-workers.  The pre-nomination is really gratifying, because itís your peers saying, ďWe think you did something good this year,Ē and thatís really gratifying.

10.  Do people approach you in public Ė outside of the fan events?

Rarely Ö because weíre in Los Angeles, and no one cares (laughs).  In Los Angeles itís not a big deal.  Even if they do recognize you, theyíre like, ďOh, thereís that funny-looking kid from GH.Ē  They have no reason to talk to you, because Hugh Jackman will walk down the street next.  Itís not a novelty Ė they see people that they recognize all the time.  In New York and Los Angeles, theyíre used to seeing people that they recognize.

11.  I love your version of Funny Valentine  - Is that the kind of music you like? 

I like all music.  I came from musical theater - singing standards, singing old Broadway - that is something Iím very comfortable doing.  That song particularly was interesting, because recording a song is very different than belting it to the back row.  Iíve never had the opportunity to nuance a love song like that.  I think it was an interesting choice.  The funny thing is, itís one of the most depressing songs.  Itís not like a funny, happy song; itís not a Spinelli song.  Iím not sure if that was intentional, or if they kind of just picked it because of the title.  It was new for me to do that too.  Iím used to doing comic up tempos.  Iím so thrilled that I got the opportunity to do that.

12.  I thought your performance on Broadway for the Broadway Cares AIDS Event was amazing.  You belong on the stage.  What was that like for you?

It was really cool just to kind of do a tribute to Lindsey.  I love being there.  I love being on the small screen too; thatís fun too.  The cool thing about our medium is that we have a lot of the freedom.  Thereís a kinship to stage work in daytime that I really appreciate.

Itís always interesting to meet an actor from a daytime soap.  What really made this opportunity special for me was to learn how modest and grounded Bradford Anderson is.  Heís an incredibly talented and intelligent young man.


To learn more about Touched By A Star, visit

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Visit the Official Bradford Anderson Website!

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