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Catching Up with Brad Maule (ex-Tony)
Laurie Bedigian
November 23, 2008

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Brad Maule spent 22 years on “General Hospital” where he played Dr. Tony Jones.  Tony survived tragedy after tragedy including blindness, divorce, and the death of his daughter, B.J.  Fans were saddened on February 11, 2006 when Brad and Tony checked out of “General Hospital” during the encephalitis outbreak story. 

Brad quickly became a favorite of mine, so I was hopeful when I requested an interview with him.  It’s been several years since Brad’s last interview, so I wasn’t sure he’d be interested or available.  Brad was gracious enough to talk with me recently and share some stories and memories of life on and off “General Hospital.”  Brad also shared some details about his life after “General Hospital.”  Here’s what he had to say:

Tell me a little about growing up on a farm in Texas.

We raised cotton and cattle.  In my eyes, I thought we were poor.  I was raised in a white stucco house with a wood stove on one end and a fireplace on the other, and a tin roof.  I always wanted to live in a brick house in town like all the people I knew did.  Later on when I grew up, I realized I was raised cooler than anybody could ever imagine.

Did you act in high school?

I went to a small school and there were only 11 people in my class. So, I was the Fine Arts department.  

You also sang professionally?

I was a backup singer for Bobby Gentry and Jim Nabors.  I worked with the Serendipity Singers.  I was also a backup singer for Don Ho. 

Tell me about auditioning for “General Hospital.”

I actually auditioned for the role of Frisco.  I tested for the role of Frisco with John Stamos as the person opposite me.  They said, “We have good news and bad news - you’re not right for this so we’re gonna make you his brother.”  His older, sweeter, kinder brother (laughs).  I didn’t know what I was doing, at all.  I’d never watched a soap.  I had acted but my acting was “Charlie’s Angels” and “Three’s Company” – a lot different than a soap opera.  It was a frightening experience for the first year.  They were gonna kill me after the first year, because I just didn’t fit the sexy soap person mold. 

So what happened?

I realized that I had connected with the audience – that they really cared about me.  I learned if you care, and you care deeply, then the people who watch you will eventually care too. 

Tell me about filming BJ’s death (on “General Hospital”).

We did that (scene) at the end of the day without any rehearsal.  I grew up in a house where my brother died; and while my brother was dying, I couldn’t live at home.  All I had to think about was putting my brother’s heart into another person and try to listen to it. 

You spent 17 years on contract and 5 years recurring.  Is it true you asked them to kill you off?

That is true.  I had moved to Texas – they were using me less and less.  So I told them, just use me or kill me off. 

Have you stayed in contact with anyone from “General Hospital”?

Stuart Damon (Alan) and I speak occasionally and through him I hear about Leslie (Charleston, Monica), and Tony Geary (Luke), and Kin Shriner (Scott). I haven’t seen Kin Shriner in years, but if I had to make a list of the top people I cared about, he would be in the top 5 or 6. I would have to say that I miss all my “wives" on GH - Hilary Edson, Lynn Herring, and Jackie Zeman.  They were all good friends of mine, and not many days go by that I don't think about them and all the good times we had. My children still miss Jackie's sweet kids. I love the people at “General Hospital.” There are certain people that will forever be friends of mine whether they know it or not (laughs).

Tell me about “7th Heaven.”  What kind of experience was that for you?

“7th Heaven” was a golden gift.  The producer was one of those blessed souls that liked me and “got” me.  I had a wonderful time on that show.  I was there three years.  Stephen Collins (Eric Camden) to this day is one of my heroes.  He deserves every single bit of fame he has and more.  I did 16 or 18 episodes of “7th Heaven” as Ashlee Simpson’s (Cecilia) dad.  It actually brought me a whole new audience.

Are your kids interested in acting?

No, I’ve been very successful at that.  My kids think that show business is the work of the devil (laughs).  They’re talented.  My kids could be and probably should be (in show business), but they have different interests in life.

So you teach at Stephen F. Austin State University in Texas, which is also your alma mater.  Do your students know or care about your time on “General Hospital”?

When I first came here, I was welcomed as just an oddity.  Now it’s a golden time in my life.  The kids all Google me, and they watch everything that I’ve done. 

What classes do you teach?

I teach Acting for the Camera and Beginning and Advanced Cinematography.  We do a minimum of 8 miniature films in the spring and one feature film in the summer. 

Tell me about your film “All Good Years.”  You wrote and directed it?  How long did it take you to write it?

I’ve written my whole life.  It took about six weeks to write (“All Good Years”).  They thought it was a good training exercise for me as a teacher.  It’s a feature film.  We’re editing and scoring it now – what we did last summer.  Then we start the publicity, and we have a big two-night opening at the art gallery here in March.

I watched the “All Good Years” trailer.  It looks like a sad story. 

It’s a pretty sad movie.  It’s about a kid that lives in a world of chaos.  But it’s also hysterically funny in parts.

Tell me about the television show you host – “Texas County Line.”

We’re a syndicated show that’s growing quite fast.  We film classic country music at places where people dance.  Workingman's places.  We go out and we film the honky tonks – and they’re usually very picturesque.  Older people and younger people like us.  The middle world of people doesn’t really “get” us yet. We film all over Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas occasionally.  We film concerts and interviews.  We have “classic” moments, and we just take people back in time. 

You’ll be doing talk radio soon too?

I start in January as “Maule in the Morning” on the local AM station for two hours a day. 

So you’ve become a regular guy out in the community.  Do you ever run into daytime fans?

Yep, the only time I sign autographs is at Walmart.  My fan base shops at Walmart, so if I need a fix, I go to Walmart and sign autographs all day as I walk around and shop for underwear and tires (laughs). 

Then life in Texas is all good?

I’m just happy.  I love my life.  I love what I do, and I live my dreams out here.  I do independent films, I teach, and I fish in the summer.   I can leave my house and be in my boat within five minutes fishing.  This place is undiscovered – it has a gentle spirit.  I fell in love with it.  The people are just the sweetest – it’s like living in Oz before the curtain was pulled back. 

Talking with Brad was an honor and a pleasure.  I truly enjoyed his honesty and his sense of humor.  He spent quite a bit of time with me and for that I’m grateful.  I hope to bring you more from Brad in the future. 


To see a glimpse of the feature-length movie “All Good Years," which Brad Maule wrote, directed, and co-starred in, please click here.  Previously named "Billy Stay," "All Good Years" will be released in March 2009.

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