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Hollywood Heights Episode Guide Page

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Episode 101: "Meeting a Rock Star"
Rock star Eddie Duran and girlfriend Chloe return to hometown LA for the last concert of his tour. Super-fan Loren and her best friend Melissa are able to talk their way into the show just as he hits the stage.

Episode 102: "Loren Catches Eddie's Attention"
During Eddieís performance, Loren is elated when his eyes meet hers. After the show, she sends him a lyric she wrote that catches his attention. Chloe sets Tyler straight.

Episode 103: "Eddie's Songwriting Contest"
Tyler meets up with Eddie to Chloeís dismay, but the two just end up arguing about the past. Melissa tells Loren about Eddieís songwriting contest Ė this is her big chance.

Episode 104: "Chloe's Secret"
When Loren hesitates, Melissa enters her song into the contest for her. Eddie comes dangerously close to uncovering a secret Chloeís hiding.

Episode 105: "Eddie & Chloe Take the Next Step"
Loren is distressed about her song being entered into the contest, but Melissa and Nora cheer her up. Eddie decides he wants to take the next step with Chloe.

Episode 106
Lorenís song makes it to the contestís top 25. Chloe keeps an incriminating photo from the press. Kelly starts learning the business from Jake.

Episode 107
When Loren receives a scholarship, she decides to focus on a more realistic future. Eddie hints at marriage in an interview.

Episode 108
Max begins to grow suspicious of Chloe, while Tyler hits hard times and gets an eviction notice. Phil helps Adriana cheat on a test.

Episode 109
Jake cuts Loren from the finalist list before sharing the songs with Eddie. Loren heads to the club opening with Melissa to give Eddie her song.

Episode 110
Loren and Melissa get into the club, but arenít able to give Eddie the song. Eddie sees a photo that may change his mind about Chloe.

Episode 111
Chloe convinces Eddie that the incriminating photo is a fake. Adriana and Phil plant evidence in Lorenís locker.

Episode 112
Eddie plans a new surprise for Chloe. Loren is suspended from school unless she can prove her own innocence right away.

Episode 113
Chloe tells Eddie that Tylerís been stalking her to explain the photo. Loren is proven innocent at school but doesnít make the contestís top five.

Episode 114
After Lorenís eliminated from the contest, Noraís boss Don helps her get the song to Max in an attempt at a second chance. Chloe finally gets what she wants.

Episode 115
Nora gets Max to listen to Lorenís song. Max shares it with Eddie and Loren just may make it back into the contest!

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