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Hollywood Heights Appearances Page

Where Else to See Your Favorite "Hollywood Heights" Stars!

Alimi Ballard (Detective Ferrantino) guest-stars on "Mom" Thursday, Nov. 29 on CBS.

Yara Martinez (Kelly) has a recurring role on "Jane the Virgin" Mondays on The CW and on "Bull" Tuesdays on CBS.  She guest-stars on a re-run of "Bull" Tuesday, Sept. 11 on CBS.

Shannon Kane (Traci) has a recurring role on "Code Black" Wednesdays on CBS.

From Soap Opera Digest:

Robert Adamson (Phil) now plays Noah, Haley King (Adriana) plays Summer, Melissa Ordway plays Abby on The Young and the Restless! Both shows share former executive producer Jill Farren-Phelps and many writers in common. UPDATE: Adamson is on recurring now. King also appears in "Life in Pieces" on CBS. Phelps is no longer running Y&R. Haley goes by the name Hunter now.

Robert Adamson (Phil) also has 3 movies out this year.

Haley (who now goes by the name Hunter) also has a new movie coming out in 2014.

Melissa Ordway has a new movie coming out this year.

Brittany Longwood has a new series on the Web, "Youthful Daze", which is available at http://blip.tv/youthfuldaze

Brandon P Bell (Jake) has 3 new movies out this year! 

Meredith Salenger (Lisa) has 2 movies coming out soon.

Carlos Ponce (Max) has 3 new movies out this year.

Laura Niemi (Cheryl) has 2 new movies coming out in 2014.

Oscar nominee James Franco (Osbourne) is very popular and in demand, so he always has lots of movies and other projects coming out.

Joe Reegan (Steven) has a new movie coming out in 2014 and has been on several primetime shows.

Brian Letscher (Gus) has a recurring role on "Scandal" Thursdays on ABC.

(Don) appears in the pilot episode of the new Fall show "Gotham" on FOX as Thomas Wayne (Bruce's father). It may be a recurring role.

Merrin Dungey (Ellie) stars in "Big Little Lies" Sundays on HBO and also appears in "The Resident" Mondays on FOX.

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Page updated 11/10/18

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