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Gotham Characters Page

Character List

Ben McKenzie as Jim GordonJames Gordon - Detective Jim Gordon is a recently-promoted detective and a former army vet. He's a good person; a hero. He believes in the law and justice, and he fights against crime and corruption.
Donal Logue as Harvey BullockHarvey Bullock - Harvey is a world-weary, pessimistic detective who plays along with the corrupt police system in Gotham. He used to be a good cop. He thinks that Jim is too naive and green.
David Mazouz as Bruce WayneBruce Wayne - He's a young rich boy, grieving for his murdered parents. He's trying to figure out how the system in Gotham works and who's corrupt, and where Wayne Enterprises fits in.
Sean Pertwee as AlfredAlfred Pennyworth - Alfred is Bruce's loyal butler. He watches over the boy and has become like a surrogate father.
Jada Pinkett Smith as Fish MooneyFish Mooney - She's an evil, power-hungry woman-- a crime boss who wants to control all of Gotham. She uses and destroys anyone who gets in her way.
Zabryna Guevara as Sarah EssenSarah Essen - Not too much is known about her, but she seems to be a good person and a fairly good police captain. However, she's forced to put up with the corruption in Gotham for now. She tries to protect her squad and upload law and order the best she can.
Erin Richards as Barbara KeanBarbara Kean - She's Jim's fiancée, and a newspaper reporter. She's a very good person and admires his courage and honesty. She has a romantic past with Detective Renée Montoya.
Robin Lord Taylor as Oswald CobblepotOswald Cobblepot - He's evil, dangerous, manipulative and very smart.  People tend to underestimate him because he looks and acts funny, but he's very clever and a merciless killer. He's very twisted as well. His nickname is "The Penguin" because of the way he walks, which he doesn't like. He's doted on by his mother, Gertrude Kapelput (Kapelput is probably his real name). He worked for Fish's gang, but then she found out that he was an informant for the police, so she demanded that Jim Gordon kill him (as a sign of loyalty). Instead, Jim spared his life. Later, he returns to town and works for Sal Maroni. He rises in his organization. We find out later that he's really working for Sal's nemesis, Carmine Falcone.
Cory Michael Smith as Edward NygmaEdward Nygma - He's the county medical examiner, but he none of the cops like him because he's just very odd. He likes to say inappropriate things and seems to get very excited by the murdered bodies. He also delights in posing riddles.
Victoria Cartagena as Renée MontoyaRenée Montoya - She works for the Major Crimes Unit, partnered with Crispus Allen. They're trying to clean up the corruption in Gotham and get rid of dirty cops, but they fight a losing battle. She has a previous relationship with Barbara Kean, Jim's girlfriend.
Andrew Stewart-Jones as Crispus AllenCrispus Allen - He's Renée's partner in the Major Crimes Unit, helping her fight crime and corruption (even sometimes against other cops). He seems more jaded than she does.
John Doman as Carmine FalconeCarmine Falcone - He's the main crime boss in Gotham. He squabbles sometimes with the other bosses, such as Fish and Sal, but he appears to be smarter and more devious than anyone else. He thinks that there should be a balance of power between the police and the mobsters, and he works to make sure they all maintain this balance with a certain amount of cooperation (which is viewed by Jim and others as corruption). He has a new girlfriend that was put in place by Fish to keep his attention diverted.  He probably had the Waynes killed.
Camren Bicondova as Selina KyleSelina Kyle - She's a young thief that lives on the streets and apparently has no family. She steals not only for herself but for her cats. She's able to get around Gotham in a very slick way by jumping around on the roofs and fire escapes. Since she's small and good at hiding, people don't notice her. She witnessed the Waynes' murder and has been many other things in the city. She seems to trust Jim somewhat and has a little bit of a fascination for young Bruce.

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Page updated 9/23/15

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