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Gotham Appearances Page

Where to see your favorite "Gotham" stars!

  • Natalie Alyn Lind (ex-Silver) stars in "Gifted" on FOX, which airs Mondays, 9/8c starting 10/2.

  • James Remar (ex-Frank) has a ton of movies coming out and stars in "Black Lightning" Tuesdays on The CW.

  • Carol Kane (ex-Gertrude) appears on "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" on Netflix.

  • (Harvey) is filming a new movie, "We Only Know So Much."

  • (Bruce) has 2 new movies coming out this year.

  • (Alfred) is in the new movie "Howl."

  • (Edward) has a new movie coming out, "Carol."

  • (Renee) has 2 new movies due out this year.

  • (Carmine) has a new film out, "Geezer."

  • (Jason) has 2 movies coming out this year and next. He stars in "This Is Us" Tuesdays on NBC.

  • (Butch) appears in the new NBC show "Aquarius" and has a bunch of new movies coming out.

  • (Mayor Aubrey) stars in "Red Oaks" on Amazon and may also appear on "Curb Your Enthusiasm" again on HBO.   He guest-stars on "The Goldbergs" Monday, 2/12 on ABC.

  • (Sal) has 3 new movies out this year, including "Ride."

  • (Leslie) has 2 new movies coming out.

  • (Aubrey) has a bunch of new movies coming out.

  • (Ivy) has 3 new movies coming out.

  • (Gertrude) has filmed "Dynamite: A Cautionary Tale."

  • (Gerald) has 4 movies out this year.

  • (Loeb) also appears in the TV show "Girls" on HBO.

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Page updated 2/12/18

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