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Gotham Cast Page

Who plays whom

James Gordon - Ben McKenzie
Harvey Bullock - Donal Logue
Bruce Wayne - David Mazouz
Alfred Pennyworth - Sean Pertwee
Fish Mooney - Jada Pinkett Smith
Sarah Essen - Zabryna Guevara
Barbara Kean - Erin Richards
Oswald Cobblepot - Robin Lord Taylor
Edward Nygma - Cory Michael Smith
Renée Montoya - Victoria Cartagena
Crispus Allen - Andrew Stewart-Jones
Carmine Falcone - John Doman
Selina Kyle - Camren Bicondova
Dr. Leslie Thompkins - Morena Baccarin
Sal Maroni - David Zayas
Mayor Aubrey James - Richard Kind
Detective Alvarez - J.W. Cortes
Butch Gilzean - Drew Powell
Frankie Carbone - Danny Mastrogiorgio
Gertrude Kapelput - Carol Kane
Victor Zsasz - Anthony Carrigan
Nikolai - Jeremy Davidson

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Page updated 8/13/21

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